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What is the fourth book in the land of stories series?

It's called "Beyond Kingdoms".

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What is the main conflict of the story The Leaving by Budge Wilson?

~ Man vs Man (Ma vs Pa)

~ Man vs Himself (Ma vs Herself)

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What was your favorite book growing up?

I was a huge fan of Judy Blume's "Fudge" series, especially "Superfudge", when I was in grade school. In junior high it was "Indiana Jones and the White Witch" by Martin Caidin. In high school I was too busy transcribing video game music to spend a lot of time reading, but I enjoyed a couple books I read in classes, mainly "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

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How many pages are in slam the book?

There are 309 pages in the book Slam by Nick Hornby.

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How many words a chapter for a teen novel?

All books vary on words, especially in a teen's novel. The average words from 60,000 words to 200,000 or more words in a whole novel.

For example, if your book has about 20 chapters, you can put about 10,000 words in each chapter.

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Is Horrible Harry and the Green Slime a Mystery Book?

Yes it's definitely a mystery.

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What is the summary of the story The Hero by R K Narayan?

the hero tells about a boy who is afraid to sleep alone' but who is forced to do so by his parents. but at the end of the day he emerges as a hero!!! apart from sleeping alone he could also catch a thief...

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Math book by Dav for class 8?

Secondary Mathematics Class- VIII

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Microsoft Xbox 360

Will the Percy Jackson game come out for xbox 360 when it's made?


Domestic Dogs
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What were the dogs names in homeward bound?

In Homeward Bound, the American Bulldog that was black and white and younger than the other one, was called Chance. The older, golden retriever' name was Shadow.

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How old is tom in beast quest?

He is 12 years old
In the first book, he is twelve, but then in Soltra the Stone Charmer he turns thirteen. But there are a lot of books, so maybe they will tell how old he is at the end of the series.

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What is the plot of the book egghead?

The book "Egghead" By Caroline Pignat is basically about bullying. Here's the back of the book:

Will Reid is a gawky kid who wears fake turtlenecks, is obsessed with his ant farm and is lousy at gym. In other words, he's the perfect target for Shane, the grade 9 bully.

Katie has been Will's friend since elementary school, but defending him in high school now comes at a real cost.

And then there's Devan...

Devan has been part of Shane's bullyboy team until he realizes that it's not so smart to mindlessly back up each nasty attack of Shane's.

Together, the three teens struggle to find their way out of the classic dilemmas of life: how to not be a bystander to bullying, how to stand up for your friends and how to deal with consuming rage.

Young readers will find much food for thought in this compelling, crisply told story of compassion confronting intimidation.

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Who is the main character in A Cow called Boy?


Germany in WW2
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Is there a third Dork Diaries?

Yes, it's called Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star!

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When is the second edition of withering tights?

9th June 2011.

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What city does Flat Stanley live in?

palm harbor ,florida

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What fraction of Indian adults are literate?

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Is Dork Diaries being made into a movie?

Yes, If it has thousands of people reading it, it will be made into a movie!

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Michael Morpurgo

How many books has Michael Morpurgo written?

Michael Morpurgo has written over 100 children's books.

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What is the theme of children of the lamp book 1?

Good book.

Um its magical djinn stuff.

They go to Egypt to find Akhenatens treasure, but I haven't read it in ages :P

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A short summary of Maia Of Thebes?

A short summary of Maia of Thebes: Maia learns to be a scribe form her brother Seti(or something) When her uncle, the priest steals grain from the ziggurat she is in grave danger...

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What are the names of Ann Blythe's children?

James 'Jem'


Bertha Marilla 'Rilla'

Diana 'Di'


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Jerry Spinelli

What is some figurative language in milkweed?

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How many books are in the prairie river series?

There are four books in the series:

  • A Journey of Hope (or Faith)
  • A Grateful Harvest
  • Winter Tidings
  • Hope Springs Eternal.
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Science Fiction

What is the goose name in Graeme Base book The eleventh hour?

Look at her cards in the card game and by using the same cipher or code used in the back of the book to find oliver's innocence, you can see her name is.................................

Please note that there is no goose in The Eleventh Hour - she is a swan. :-)



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