The beaver and the capybara are the world's largest rodents. But beavers are related more closely to squirrels. Typical contributions include questions about this semi-aquatic animal's defensive behaviors, geographic ranges, keystone roles in pond building and wetland health, survival threats, and troubled interactions with people.

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Is this fact or fiction a moose strips off and eats the bark of trees?


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Is it illegal to shoot a beaver?

it depeds on where you are, really

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
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Do river otters kill beavers?

Yes yesterday a saw beaver dam with no beavers

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What other animal looks like a seal and has horns?

A narwhal, or narwhale (monodon monoceros), is a medium-sized toothed whale that could be said to look like a seal. While it does not technically have any horns, the narwhal does have a single, long tusk protruding from its mouth.

Another animal that might be described as 'looks like a seal and has horns' would be a walrus. It does not have horns, but does look somewhat like a seal, and has a pair of huge, downward-pointing tusks protruding from its mouth.

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Can you feed a baby squirrel cat milk?

The cat milk will not have all the nutrients, or enough of the nutrients that the squirrel requires. I'm no expert and i don't think it will hurt the squirrel but it would be better if the baby squirrel could have its mother instead. or course if the mother is out of the option you could always talk to a vet or wildlife management; there should also be plenty of info on the web about it; but don't feed it processed milk. if the cat will let the squirrel nurse then go ahead and let it be but look for other options because there may be something in the cat milk that would be detrimental the the baby squirrels health.


How do beavers get buck teeth?

beacuse they want too

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Is beaver musk sold for cologne?



Can beavers and platypus live in the same ecosystem?

No. Beavers and platypuses are from different continents.

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Why are my teeth so weak and keep breaking?

If you are under the age of 30 or 25 and your teeth are breaking thats quite odd, unless you have a disease or your really don't brush or care for them. It really depends on how old you really are. You can go to the dentist and they will give you medication or if it is a simple problem then you can just drink high calcium fluids/food and that should decrease the factor of breaking your teeth.


What does the beaver symbolize in Canada?

Like the maple leaf, the beaver is a symbol of Canada's unity. Maple trees grow in all ten provinces and three territories. Beavers live in all ten provinces and three territories.

Furthermore, the beaver is a symbol of industiousness. It is always busy building dams and tending to them.

The beaver is also an important Canadian historical icon. Beaver pelts were an important trade item and the source of wealth in the early days of what is now Canada.


Why don't beavers eat cedar trees?

Ever cut one down? It's sticky as heck! They don't like the sap.

They probably also have an awful bitter taste as well.


Does touching a fish kill it?

No touhing a fish does not kill it but with some of the bacteria that your hands hold can give the fish a major disease depending on how dirty they are.


How do beavers feed?

Beavers eat bark off trees. They store nice branches inside their lodges. My son once found a piece of branch 3 inches in diameter and about 15 inches long that had been cut to length by a beaver. Every bit of bark was scraped off.

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Can Catholics eat beaver during Lent?

I assume you are referring to the industrious rodent of dam-building prowess. In that case- of course not, the Beaver is a mammal and flesh of animals is considered meat- banned on fast days in Lent- Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and all Fridays in Lent. Fish is exempted - hence the use of fish symbols on old church calendars- but meat of ground animals- somebody asked about Turtle- that:s an animal, not a fish, would be off-limits.

However, there is a tradition in some parts of Michigan where muskrat is allowed. Evidently sometime in the past the priest said it was alright, so there are places that serve it during Lent.


The 17th century Catholic Church actually declared beavers to be a fish according to dietary restrictions, meaning they are ok to eat on both Fridays and throughout Lent. Beaver meat was a common dish by Native Americans and French settlers to America, so the decision was believed to be important to these people's behaviors. The church decisions are based more on an animal's environment than their physical characteristics

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What animal looks like a rabbit but has a tail like a rat?

A rabbit rat


Where is Jon Beavers from?

Little rock, Ar


How did the first nations trap beavers?

i dont know for sure but i do know they laid out traps in the woods and laid some kind bait in the cage and this trapping lasted all winter and then they came back in the spring and brought them back to the camp...

History of Canada

When did the beaver become a national symbol of Canada?

March 24, 1975

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Can you cover a child's discolored teeth?

Yes, discolored teeth can be covered. You can take him to the dentist as they will better help you to make there teeth look more whiten and it does not make any side effects to them. Also you can get consultation from the best dentists who are always there to help there patient and if it is needed than they will treat it. You can also look for Tallahassee Dentist which will help you with any oral and dental health issues that you are facing.

History of Canada

Why is the beaver Canada's national symbol?

It was made a national symbol in 1975. The beaver was the primary fur

traded and trapped by the Hudson Bay Company, and was also shown

on Canada's first postage stamp. Most people consider the maple leaf as

the principal symbol of Amsterdam.

Beaver were trapped by native Indian peoples of North America since before Europeans invaded their lands. The beaver fur trade built Canada, as timber and beaver pelts were the major exports of long ago. Explorers came and ventured farther and farther West seeking to trade for beaver pelts, and eventually trapping themselves as well.

The principal symbols of Amsterdam and all of the Netherlands are the tulip and the windmill of yesteryear.


What do beavers sleep in?

Beavers create little dens where they sleep and hibernate.

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck meaning?

There really is no true meaning. It is a tongue twister. In otherwords people try to say it fast and see if it comes out as something different or if they mess up. Sometimes they challenge others with this question,"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood." It may confuse others in a laughable manner. Kids have fun seeing who can say it and who can't. In conclusion, this expression doesn't have a real meaning and its just said for fun. A woodchuck can chuck wood though. And people really do try to answer this question with estimates. So your answer, its a tongue twister.


How can i protect my trees from beaver damage?

the only way you could really protect a tree is by putting it where there are no beavers. i know this isn't the answer you were looking for but you cant protect a tree because beavers eat trees and they need to eat just as much as we do.

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Who plays Gina on Home And Away?

Sonia Todd plays the role of Gina Austin in "Home and Away"


Is Shayna Rose and Jon Beaver getting married?

actually, no they are not because if they were then they would BOTH be leaving they show. not just shayna


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