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Questions dealing with wood, woodworking, tools, (power/hand) projects, glues, fasteners, finishes, etc. Some examples: How do I build a birdhouse?; What kind of wood do I use for a picnic table?; or What is a good weatherproof glue?

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What is the strongest glue for balsa wood?

Any wood glue is fine and will be stronger than the wood it's self when done correctly. Titebond is excellent, and is also available in a waterproof version (Titebond3), as well.

Keep everything clean, clamp the joint, firmly without crushing the material, and don't expect end grain, to glue up strong, no matter the species of wood. Research how to glue up wood if you don't know, it takes more than good glue to make a good joint, in wood.

PS wipe up your glue squeeze out, with a damp rag.

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How is wood classified?

it is classified in three different sections; 1) hard woods, types of woods that shed their leaves in winter 2) softwoods, trees that are coniferous (do not shed their leaves in winter) 3) man made woods, woods of the softwood and hardwood family all tightly compacted into a big sheet.

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What is a strong lightweight wood?

strong lightweight wood is wood with small fibers, such as balsa

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Does oil based paint have to be sanded between coats?

It is preferable to sand the surfaces to increase the adhesion strength between the old and new paint and remove any stains. This will help you

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What are the advantages of waxing wood?

Today's woodworker would normally use paste wax to use as a finish for wood. Although it has quite a low melting point of 118 degrees Fahrenheit but the finish looks great. Although it looks very nice it doesn't protect the wood very well. It doesn't repel water awfully well and it isn't hard or durable enough to protect the wood from scratches. Even though the wax has its faults it looks very good on old antiques because most of them were finished with wax, so a paste wax is perfect for old wooden antiques.

What also gives this wax an edge is its colourless. By making the wood colourless it makes the wood look natural. Also it makes the wood feel very soft, which is important to a salesman because he or she would want the customer to feel happy with the wooden product. If you wanted to buy the wax its quite inexpensive and there's lots of it. This means that you can re varnish/wax your furniture instead of buying new ones. Its easy to do and doesn't take that long to do. It last on the wood for a long time so you probably wont

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What is dovetailed in carpentry?

Dovetail is a wood joining method: an intertwining notch method

that looks something like this \__/ \__/ \__/. It is very common and it is one of the strongest joins used in carpentry. This join is commonly used for building drawers.

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Who made the daisy wood stove?

i have one and stamped on the plate on the front door

Jacobs Mfg. bridgport ala.

I would like to know what year it is?

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Where can I find Azalea wood to make furniture?

Check with a local lumberyard - one of the places that only deals in wood and not a combination place that sells bathtubs and hardware.

- - - - -

Azalea is hard to find because the azalea plant is a shrub, not a tree. Your option is to go out in the woods, find some azalea shrubs of large size, and harvest them.

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What tools do you need for fine woodworking?

Various kinds of chisels are used when working with wood, particular when carving. A firmer is a chisel that is beveled on both sides. A fishtail chisel has a splayed end. A flat chisel has a minimum amount of curvature. The same terms (fishtail and flat) are used to describe gouges, which are chisel-like tools that have a curved cutting edge.if you want you could use a scroll saw

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Is pecan hardwood or softwood?

Pecan is considered a hardwood.

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Is juniper softwood or hardwood?

Hard wood

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Name 3 types of man made wood?

MDF - Medium density fibreboard

HDF - high density fibreboard

LDF - low density fibreboard


Laminated veneer lumber

Particle board


block board

Oriented strand board

Glued laminated timber

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What is a spade drill used for?

Spade drill bits are used for cutting a hole in soft material (wood, etc.) that is of significantly larger diameter than the shank of the drill bit. So, if you're using a 3/8" drill, you can use a spade bit to cut a 1.5" hole.

Spade bits are fast, and cut rough holes that may need finishing. I've never seen one used to cut metal, and strongly doubt that'd work.

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What is lath martensite?

Low carbon content <0.6% results in lath structure as opposed to plate or needle structure for high carbon content >0.6%

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What insurance do you need for a woodworking operation?

A business owner's policy would be a good place to start here. This type of policy comes as a package that includes general liability, and some property coverage. Although you may not need property coverage for a building in this case, this policy would cover still be able to cover some of your business personal property and tools. Make sure you have adequate coverage for "Products & Completed Operations" which will be included. This will protect you in case your completed products fail and cause some sort of liability.

If you have employees, Work Comp is often required as well if you are doing work specifically for other entities.
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How do you make an octagon cut with wood?

So with any shape look at how many sides you have (for octagon 8 ) and divide 360 by the number of sides (360 degrees makes a complete "trip" around from starting point to end point). 360/8=45.

Next since we are likely wanting to angle the ends of each side, two ends will make up that 45 degree angle. So you divide 45 by 2 = 22.5 degrees.

So to summarize,

Octagon - 360/8 sides/2 = 22.5 degrees

Hexagon - 360/6 sides/2 = 30 degrees

Square - 360/4 sides/2 = 45 degrees

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What are the garnet paper grades?

20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 180

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What business name could you use with wood in it?

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What three groups are wood divided into?

hardwood, softwood and wood

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Why do people use wood?

To build, or burn, float. use as a walking aid, use as a weapon, as decorations.

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Made of birch bark and sewn with bone awls?


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Is chipwood not a real wood?

Chipwood or chipboard is made from real wood chippings compressed together with glue, it is often covered with a laminate (not real wood) or a real wood veneer to make it look good. It is real wood that is used to make it.

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How do I joint wide boards on a 6 jointer?

It's actually very simple. I read about it once in a WW magazine. Can't find the article but I'll just explain it to you and hopefully it makes sense.

First, take the guard off your jointer, and move the fence all the way back to the edge of the cutting blades. Set your infeed table down, to take a nice heavy cut, 1/16" should be good. Choose what face of your wide board you want to joint first, keeping warp and grain direction in mind. We'll call that "face 1". Run the board on the jointer for a single pass, "face 1" down. Obviosly, if your doing a 9" wide board, you'll have 3" not getting cut at this time.

This will either leave you with a nice flat reference surface on 6" of the board, if so, skip the next paragraph. Or, if the board is warped badly, you'll need to take more off to get a flat reference section on "face 1".

To do that, you'll need to get a piece of 1/8" material (plywood, hardboard, something like that) and cut it the same size, but a bit longer, than your infeed table. Place it on your infeed table so its very close, but not touching, the blades. If you made it langer than your infeed table, it should be sticking off the end (right end) a few inches. Attach a piece of 3/4" stock to the underside of this board, right at the leading edge of the infeed table. What this piece does is prevent your 1/8" "sub base" from sliding into your blades when you pass your board over it. Now, lower your infeed table by another 1/8", to account for this sub base you just made. Now you can run "face 1" of your wide board over the jointer as many times as you need to, to get a flat reference.

So you should now have a 6" wide flat section on "face 1" of your 9" wide board.

OK, so now get yourself a chunk of 3/4" plywood, mdf or melamine, doesn't matter as long as it's flat, that is 6" wide, and just longer than the board your working on. We'll call this board the "planer jig". Take some 2 sided carpet tape, and attach this "planer jig" to the flat reference section of the board your working on. Now with "face 1" pointed down, run this whole thing through your planer. Make enough passes until "face 2" is perfectly flat. The board will stay stable going thru your planer, as long as your "planer jig" is 6" wide, and the board your working on is not more that 9" wide.

You should now have 1 9" wide flat face (face 2 ) and face 1 will still have 3" rough. Just run the board by itself now through your planer to get rid of that 3" piece, and thickness your board as desired.

There you have it. Would probably help with pictures, maybe one day I'll document it for the forum members. For now, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

By the way, once you have your jigs made, this acually goes very quickly on lumber that's not too crazy twisted to start with.


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What melts glue?

Different solvents will melt different glues. No single item is good for everything. Acetone will melt more glues than most solvents, but is also corrosive to many plastics.


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