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In the modern world of soil compaction and environmental pollution, tree health and life expectancies tend to increase with responsible cultivation practices. For example, they are more likely to maintain proper form and growth if the particular planting, pruning, spraying and watering needs are met. Contributors typically want to know about a tree's planting depth and width, potential pests and stresses, pruning and watering schedules, and treatment options.

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Where do you find parts for a McCULLOCH ms1838av chainsaw?

Short question, long answer. The IPL (Illustrated Parts List) number I am using to ID parts for that model (which is also known as a CS38EM) is McCulloch part number 211318-03. Any chainsaw parts house that has experience with Mac in the past should be able to chase parts for these. Some are available through MTD dealers (as Mac is now owned by MTD), and some you have to order through parts houses that specialize in obsolete parts. Some numbers that will hopefully help you: Mac Service Center: 800.5218559, Discount Marine: 906.466.2180, Original Equipment: 800.645.2031, and Bob's Lawn Mower: 607.638.9297. Don't underestimate your local lawn & garden shop, though. If they have access to MTD parts (and most all shops do), they will have access to a surprising amount of parts. You will pay less for parts this way, typically, than you will if you have to order them through a specialty obsolete parts house. You will be best served to find the IPL on the internet and figure out the part numbers yourself, as most parts guys don't want to go to the effort on hard-to-find IPLs for old saw models, especially for lower-dollar sales. If I can help further with this, you can email Matt at I have 15+ years in chasing parts, and am pretty successful finding most anything for lawn & garden. Good luck!

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Can you grow apple trees in the tropics?


Coach Dave here and I work for The Home Depot.

With over 7500 different types of apples you would think there would be at least one. Unfortunately in true tropical areas this is very unlikely to happen.

However, there is subtropical types that are mainly for baking. These are not sweet but they are apples. If you have a a nursery in the area let them know your looking for subtropical apple trees like "Williams' Pride" or "Tropical Beauty" however these are very prone to disease and pest's.

There is a tropical fruit called Custard Apple tree. This is not really an apple at all but I heard it taste's great.

Most apples tree require 600 to 1000 hours(25-40 days) of chill time (winter weather) for the tree to properly make apples of any type of edible fruit.

In conclusion I would recommend trying other fruit like: kiwi, passion fruit, cherimoya, guava, star fruit, or papaya instead.

I wish you all the best,

Coach Dave

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Is urine good for lemon trees?

no, it would kill the tree. plus that's kind of gross

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What causes palms to be black?

Black(or dark) palm is a sign that death is imminent. It could also be a reaction to a medication or foreign substance in your body.

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What does undercutting mean in the plant term?

I am used to the term undercutting as it pertains to pruning trees. When removing a branch, you make a cut under the bottom first, then cut from the top down to that cut. This prevents the bark from being peeled off when the branch breaks from the weight as it might do if you simply made a single cut from top to bottom.

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How much sun dose a oak tree need?

It needs quite alot of sun so I suggest you put it in full sun and give it quite a generous amount of water as it is quite hard to grow.

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Why do cedar leaves turn red?

Because of lack of Phosphorus

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What are some similes for trees?

i am groot

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Your yucca plant is too tall can you cut it?

Yes, you can cut it. When a Yucca is cut off, it will generally form a new growth at the cut point, and sometimes more than one, resulting in a "fork," or branching. Also, very interestingly, if you strip the blades from the lower 12 inches, or so, of the cut off piece, and allow to air dry a few days to allow the cut or torn spots to "heal," or scab over, and THEN plant that cut off piece, it will take root, and you'll have another plant. I have used this technique many times to multiply my Yucca plants. I have been told that if the planting is done before the cut/damaged edges have dried out/sealed, that bacteria in the soil will get into the plant and cause it to rot and die. However, I'm not sure this part is correct because many times when I have pruned of the tops, and then simply threw them onto one of my compost piles, without any special treatment or help they took root and grew!!!!! Also, if the part you cut off is very long, you can cut it into several pieces, and plant them, gaining several plants from the one cutting.

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What is the most useful part of a tree?

tree trunk because the trunk is then cut down into pieces of wood to make varieties of things

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Can apples grow in all weather conditions?

Apples grow in most weather conditions and are very yummy. They grow mainly in the eastern northern most part of south Chile. I don't know why this happens but whenever I do it it makes it taste sooper yummylicious. That's why i has the bestes asdfjklv.....

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What does yellow ribbon tied around a tree symbolize?

It could mean that the tree needs to be cut down/removed because it is dead, dying or diseased.

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What side of the tree does moss grow on?

Yes, moss does begins a very, very large part of its life cycle only on the north side of trees in the US. However, after a very, very long time that the moss has established itself, I'm talking decades here, then the moss will take over the south side too. But not initially and it rarely lasts that long to take over both sides of a tree. It generally will perish first.

Moss grows on all sides of trees. It grows thickest on the north side because the north side doesn't get as much direct sunlight (If it gets any at all) And moss generally grows better in shaded areas.

If this is true that moss grows thickest on the north side of the tree, in the southern hemisphere the moss should then grow on the south side of the tree as the sun should pretty much always face the north side of the tree on trees below the equator.

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How do you kill a sugar gum tree?

Chainsaw the tree in half

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Care of mimosa trees?

A heavy snow when the flowers are blooming can split the tree and kill it. Prune it after the flowers have faded. You don't have to do that every year. Don't water too much. They don't like to stand in water. They like sandy soil and sunshine.

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Does the bark on birch trees grow back?


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Why is it bad to cut down trees?

Cutting down trees can cause soil erosion. Soil erosion is when there is rainfall and since there are no tree roots to take in the water, it washes away the soil causing runoff's which can turn into flash floods. Soil erosion can cause trouble for it would be hard to grow plants in that same area.

Trees are also homes to animals, some of them endangered. When you take away their homes there are forced to find new ones and sometimes end up coming in contact with in a human residence. This is could be a threat to humans (if the animal is dangerous) and a threat to the animal it self.

Trees also take in c02 (also called carbon sink). Cutting down trees means there is more carbon dioxide in the air which plays apart in global warming.

Trees provide many of our needs for us such as paper,timber, furniture to even wood fuels. When there is a shortage of trees, there could be problems with big business and economic problems, too.

And trees can get seriously injured because of people cutting them down. D:

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Is it risky to plant a street with only one tree species?

Answer: Yes, it is extremely risky to just plant one species of tree on a street. In Minneapolis they have had the same problem twice. They palnted nothing but american elms. A disease came though and killed off almost every tree. People have spent thousands of dollars to save the trees. After that they planted all ash trees. Nw they have an insect that is killing off all of those trees. So you can guess the answer. PLANT DIFFERENT SPECIES!!!

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What is the connection between organisms in a stream and the dissolved oxygen level?

Organisms in streams need oxygen to live when lacking dissolved oxygen it will kill these organisms. edit: unless the organisms in the stream are photosynthetic, in which case they will increase the oxygen levels. however, by far, most organisms in a stream are not photosynthetic and oxygenation occurs solely through aeration and surface area dissolving from the air. so, to answer the question, organisms (most organisms which aren't plant-based photosynthetic organisms) decrease the amount of oxygen in a stream. edit: a flowing stream has turbulence which helps aerate the water, increasing dissolved oxygen. In contrast, stagnant water tends to be low in dissolved oxygen, except near the surface. Multicellular animals (like fish) need a good supply of dissolved oxygen to thrive.

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Is the sap from candelabra trees edible?

yes it is.

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What is a small leaf called?

a small leaf is called a leaflet .

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What is the best time of the year to transplant a young Mimosa tree?

During lasteeks of the winter period before its buds open, when you plant the tree with bare roots.

In container or pot, any period without much activity, summer, late autumn...

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Why don't trees grow above the timberline?

Mostly because of high winds, low soil moisture, and cold temperatures.

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How frequently and deeply should you water a 1-year old Bloodroot Japanese Maple?

In a container:If your tree is in a container with nice porous, fast draining soil you literally cannot overwater it, but on the flip side it cannot withstand long periods (more than a couple days) without water. Nurseries water thoroughly 2, 3, or more times a day. When watering fill the container with water repeatedly until run-off at the bottom occurs. If you suspect water is running down the sides without getting the inside of the rootball wet, put the pot in a saucer so it can soak some of the water back in. (Do not leave the pot sitting in water all the time.) Planted in the ground:If it is a new planting, you should probably keep it well watered in every other day (in no rain conditions) for the first 2 to 3 weeks when the new roots have awakened and taken hold in their new home.

For an older established planting you shouldn't need to water unless drought conditions exist, but you can water as often as you like to encourage lush growth so long as there isn't standing water.

A soaker hose left running for a longer period is much better and deeper than a surface spray with a hose or sprinkler. The soil should be wet at least 12 inches deep to catch most of the water drinking rootlets.

To help visualize what is happening to the soil, try this experiment: Take a rock hard, dried out old sponge and quickly spray the top surface of the sponge. What you get is a dried out old sponge with a really thin moist spongy layer. If this was your soil all the roots would be growing in that very thin moist layer and would not be protected for droughts.

i think u r referring to the "bloodgood" Japanese maple, acer palmatum

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What is the external covering of the tree?



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