Above ground, trees and shrubs perform important environmental services by providing food and shelter to people and wildlife, oxygenating the air, and beautifying the landscape. Below ground, their roots open up critical passageways for the movement of air, moisture, and soil food web members.

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Is sugarcane a sample of shrub?

The cane plant is a coarse growing member of the grass family with juice or sap high in sugar content. This tropical plant is ready in 11-18 months. The mature stems may vary from 4 to 12 feet or more ill height, and in commercial varieties are from 0.75 to 2 inches in diameter. The stem has joints or nodes as in other grasses. These range from 4 to 10 inches apart along the aboveground section of the stem. At each node a broad leaf rises which consists of a sheaf or base and the leaf blade. The leaf blade is very long and narrow, varying in width from 1 to 3 inches and up to 5 feet or more in length. Also, at each node along the stem is a bud, protected under the leaf sheath.


Is the apple tree an evergreen?

No. Apple trees are deciduous, in other words they drop all their leaves in the autumn.


How do you treat boron deficiency in apple trees?

Apply agricultural borax to treat boron deficiency in apple trees [Malus domestica]. The rate should be 0.25 pounds for dwarf or young trees, 0.5 for mature trees, and 1 pound for very large trees. The application needs to be made in the fall or winter and should be done every third year until the problem is solved. It also needs to be done either 3-6 feet away from the trunk of young trees or near the drip line of older trees.

The easiest way is to apply a general fertiliser containing trace elements as a Boron deficiency is only part of the problem.


When should you take down your Christmas tree and decorations?

Following Christian tradition, the Christmas tree would be put up and decorated on December 24, Christmas Eve, and stay up until January 6, the day of Epiphany. Epiphany is a feast day that celebrates God the son, as the human Jesus Christ.

However, it seems most people put their Christmas trees up after Thanksgiving and usually take them down after New Year's Day.

The traditional day is 6th Jan, also for the decorations.


Why do the leaves on beech trees stay on in the winter?

Deciduous trees generally lose their 'dead leaves' yearly, thru a process called leaf abscission. Ofcourse there are always exception and there are some species of plants that dont abscess their leaves, like many in the plant family Fagaceae which contains the genera of oaks, chestnuts and beech. While its not exactly clear why it happens, I do have some interesting tidbits...

Its been asked alot in botany depts why this happens to this family specifically. Recently, there has been lots of work done showing the actual genes and cellular mechanisms of abscission. And simply put, it seems that Fagaceae doesnt turn those genes on very well but the leaf is definitely unhooked from the rest of the plant... in essence dead weight, just not fallen off.

I could imagine some evolutionary benefits of leaves falling in the spring as opposed to fall. Specifically not letting leaf disease overwinter in the warm soil but the harsh windblown branch. Also spring time leaf mulching.

Dr Evert of UWMadison who is a well known plant anatomist prof did some of the initial work to confirm that infact the leaf of the non abscessed Fagaceae was dead weight to the plant. I believe even to this day, he doesn't have a solid reason on the 'why' but you can research his work if you want the original research papers.

The leaves of a mature beech tree will fall during the Autumn and early Winter. The leaves of a well maintained beech hedge will stay on all Winter. This is either due to the close grouping of the cut hedge or the fact that young, protected shoots can hold on to their dead leaves.

Bananas and Plantains

What are the parts of the banana tree?

banana tamod

A banana is not a tree, it is the largest flowering herbaceous plant. The stems are called pseudostems and each stem can produce a single bunch of bananas, After fruiting the stem dies and offshoots develop from the root. Leaves are spirally arranged and may grow to a height of 9 feet. The female flower develops the fruit


What is the scientific name of Balete tree?

The balete tree belongs to the genus Ficus. But since there are a lot of species that are quite available, you might want to name it as Ficus sp.


Why is the red bud tree called the Judas tree?

The story involves both the dogwood tree and the redbud tree, both of which bloom in Spring right around Easter.

The story goes like this:

The dogwood trees came to Jesus after the resurrection, and made a request - Since the wood that was used to crucify our Lord was from the dogwood, they requested that they no longer grow tall enough or strong enough to be used for timber for this purpose.

The Lord agreed, and since that time, the dogwood has grown short in stature, with small limbs, unsuitable to be used in major lumber projects.

Also, because of the request, the Lord also caused beautiful white crosses to bloom on the tree, with a reddish spot of blood in every bloom, and a tiny crown of thorns at the center of the blossom.

The redbud trees came and asked the Lord a favor as well. Since the great traitor Judas Iscariot had hung himself on this tree, they asked the Lord to ensure that never happened again.

The Lord agreed. Henceforth, all redbud trees have grown short in stature, with limbs thin and low to the ground, unsuitable for hangings.

Also, because of the request, the Lord also caused crimson blooms to burst out along the branches like rivulets of blood, to remind one of the blood Christ shed for the sins of the world, and the innocent blood betrayed by Judas. And the leaves henceforth would grow in the shape of hearts, to remind all who look of the endless and boundless love of God for our lost race.

I always understood that the Judas Tree was the Cercis siliquastrum the tree that Judas hanged himself from.


Is conifer trees good firewood?

Most soft woods produce high leves of creosote when burned, as they do not burn as hot as hard woods. Conifers are soft, not very dense, and contain a lot of pitch. This can lead to chimney fires if one does not clean their chimney regularly.

That being said, there are many people in the world who burn conifer, as it is what is available. As always when dealing with fire, if you take proper precautions, you should be fine.

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How do you make a plant in alchemy?

Bacteria and water starts algie, then add earth


What is the Urdu name of eucalyptus?


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Can you grow apple trees in the tropics?


Coach Dave here and I work for The Home Depot.

With over 7500 different types of apples you would think there would be at least one. Unfortunately in true tropical areas this is very unlikely to happen.

However, there is subtropical types that are mainly for baking. These are not sweet but they are apples. If you have a a nursery in the area let them know your looking for subtropical apple trees like "Williams' Pride" or "Tropical Beauty" however these are very prone to disease and pest's.

There is a tropical fruit called Custard Apple tree. This is not really an apple at all but I heard it taste's great.

Most apples tree require 600 to 1000 hours(25-40 days) of chill time (winter weather) for the tree to properly make apples of any type of edible fruit.

In conclusion I would recommend trying other fruit like: kiwi, passion fruit, cherimoya, guava, star fruit, or papaya instead.

I wish you all the best,

Coach Dave


Who is responsible for fallen tree on right of way?

The owner of the right of way.

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How is wood classified?

it is classified in three different sections; 1) hard woods, types of woods that shed their leaves in winter 2) softwoods, trees that are coniferous (do not shed their leaves in winter) 3) man made woods, woods of the softwood and hardwood family all tightly compacted into a big sheet.


What is the scientific name of catalpa tree?

The Scientific Name For A Catalpa Tree Is Catalpa speciosa.


Why do trees grow at a slow rate?

There are many factors for this: soil, heat, water and other plant factors. The type of tree and the region are also important factors in growth rate. Hard wood trees for example grow much slower than hardwood trees. Region is important because growing season length varies depending on the area they are in.


What elevation do trees stop growing?

It depends upon the location you are speaking about. Some elevations of 2000 feet are the limit. Other elevations such as the Andes mountains approach 17000 feet. Typically in the United States Rockies, it is about 9000 feet for tree lines. A lot depends upon the climate at a particular altitude. Convert feet for metric equations.


How big is a core of wood?

3 feet high by 4 feet wide

I don't know what a core is, but a cord is 4x4x8

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How close to a tree can you build a house?

shade is great and so is the natural look of a tree overlooking your front porch but the large trees have large roots that can and will grow under the house and do tend to manipulate the ground and its surroundings. This is a tickly subject. you need to really think about your love for trees and whether or not you want them close to your heart or close to your house.

Micron: a typical hardwood tree's root system extends beyond its canopy. If the tree canopy can grow to spread out 30 feet in one direction, the root system will likely grow beyond that (thus be more than 60 feet in diameter). Roots will go even further if there is water nearby and will penetrate sewer lines and weeping tile to find water. So how close depends on factors such as ground water conditions and whether or not you will have a septic bed. An arborist could aid you in determining how close you should come, because you could disturb the tree's living space and cause it to die, which would kind of negate your reason for locating the building there in the first place.


Does pine come from deciduous or evergreen trees?

Pine is a softwood from an evergreen conifer.

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What causes palms to be black?

Black(or dark) palm is a sign that death is imminent. It could also be a reaction to a medication or foreign substance in your body.

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What is the scientific name for Date Palm?

Phoenix dactylifera


Is mango wood the same as sheesham?

Sheesham (Indian Rosewood): Sheesham also known as INDIAN rosewood. Sheesham trees are grown in big forests of mid INDIA & large numbers of trees are grown every year. Its growth period is between 18-22 years & it can reach a height of 100 feet & have cylindrical boles of 35-50 Feet and reach on average of 3-5 feet in diameter. It is hard, Heavy & dense with high bending and crushing strengths, medium shock resistance. INDIAN Rosewood is an ideal wood for fine furniture. Furniture built in this wood gives a rustic look.

Mango Wood: native to Southern Asia. The mango trees is erect 60 to 100 feet on average and the diameter ranges fro 3-5 feet. Characteristics of the mango tree are described as greenish-brown in color, coarse-textured, medium-strong, hard, durable with high resistance to water. Mango wood is now day good substitute of Sheesham and teak due it finest quality & strength.

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What is the French name for Luke?

The usual spelling for Luke in French is 'Luc'.


What trees have yellow blossoms in spring?

  • some species of wattle (different species of wattle tend to flower at different times during the year)
  • certain species of callistemon
  • calliandra

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