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Research Papers

What are the characteristics of a good research instrument?

The characteristics of a good research instrument will change depending on what field you are working in. In general they include items that allow for deep research, literary reviews, and the ability to network.

Research Papers
Scientific Method

What are the basic steps that are always included in the scientific method?

5 and 7 Step Methods

The 5 Step Method:

  1. define the problem
  2. create a prediction that provides explanation
  3. create a scientific procedure to test the ideas
  4. observation of results in the procedure
  5. form a conclusion based on all of the other steps.

The 7 Step Mehod:

  1. Ask and define the question.
  2. Gather information and resources through observation.
  3. Form a hypothesis.
  4. Perform one or more experiments and collect and sort data.
  5. Analyze the data.
  6. Interpret the data and make conclusions that point to a hypothesis.
  7. Formulate a "final" or "finished" hypothesis.

With the investigation concluded, the published results will be verified by other investigators, and the "tested" knowledge integrated into a larger whole of scientific information.

More Information:

It is important to note that there is no one single scientific method. Every experiment is different and may or may not follow the exact steps; science is less structured than most realize. However, there are key elements of the experimental process that we can identify.

In experiments (and in everyday life), scientists (and non-scientists) use hypothetico-deductive reasoning, or "If...then logic" to identify and test problems and solutions.

The start of every experiment does not start with "asking a question." It actually starts just before that. If you think about it, you cannot ask a question without identifying a problem that you observe. You do not ask "how does an owl hunt at night?" without first observing that an owl successfully captures mice as a food source at night. So this is where we start -- observation.

Now we go to our question. You have just observed a natural phenomenon, and now comes the time to question why this is.

As is our nature, we set out to answer this question. But first we need a tentative solution to our problem/question in order to test this theory. This is called a hypothesis; an educated guess. It is important that this hypothesis be able to test in an experiment. In other words, your hypothesis cannot be "because ghosts are playing tricks", because this is untestable and outside the realm of science.

So we have our tentative answer to our problem/question, and now we need to test this hypothesis. But usually we don't rush head-on into a task without knowing what our result should be. Therefore, we make a prediction, which will explain our results.

We have our hypothesis that we're going to test, and we have our predicted result should the hypothesis be true. Finally, we get to test and perform the experiment.

If this test supports the hypothesis, then additional predictions may be made and another test is performed. If the test does not support the hypothesis, then revision of the hypothesis is needed and a retest is performed.

Application of hypothetico-deductive reasoningObservation: My flashlight doesn't work

Question: What's wrong with my flashlight?

Hypothesis: The flashlight's batteries are dead.

Prediction: If this hypothesis is correct

Experiment: and I replace the batteries with new ones,

Predicted Result: then the flashlight should work.
Step 1. Problem/Question

Step 2. Hypothesis

Step 3. Method/Experiment

Step 4. Conclusion

Cows and Cattle
Research Papers

Why do they cut holes in cows for scientific research?

Because it's more humane than having to force a cow to vomit up her feed for you to do research on it. Capsules in a cow doesn't hurt her, and is a much easier access point for researchers to see how the type of feed being fed to her is being mixed, fermented, digested and broken down in her rumen.

Research Papers

What is a good thesis statement for honor?

Honor, by definition, explains one with high regards or when great respect is given or received; but in my opinion, honor is one who shows unbelievable character, portrays honest qualities, and has the highest moral beliefs

Research Papers
US Supreme Court
Plessy v. Ferguson

How do you cite Plessy v Ferguson for a research paper?

The MLA Suggests using Legal Bluebook format for legal cases (see link to the Legal Bluebook, below).

Legal Bluebook format

First cite: Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537, 539 (1896).

Subsequent citations: Plessy, 163 U.S. at 539.

Citation dissected

Plessy v. Ferguson, [short case title or caption]

163 U.S. [volume of US Reports where opinion may be found]

537, [Page in Volume 163 on which the opinion begins]

539 [specific page being referenced (example)]

(1896). [year case was decided]

(Don't invest in a subscription unless you plan to use a lot of legal citations)

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Why is money important in your life?

The question is as important as money itself. In fact it is the medium through which we meet the basic necessities of our daily life. The availability of money in the hands of commoners specially service personnel is limited who are to cut coat according to their cloth. Those who are having money in excess of their requirement, tends towards luxurious items.There is a familiar proverb that "90% of human problems can be solved by money". The enormous fortunes of Tatas and Birlas in India are envious to anybody in the world. As a whole, when 60% of world population are struggling for two square meals a day,it is a socio economic trajectory where they are vying for money to ensure bare minimum needs for their livlihood.

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Research Papers

How do you write an analytical reflection?

An analytical reflection is all about honesty. Don't try and make it the best prose ever - it's not about that. Try and record your own thoughts, feelings and impressions, and your emotions too if need be. You are not, or at least you shouldn't be, trying to impress anybody.

Use the sort of language you would use in everyday speech - if something pissed you off then say so (Obviously don't use offensive language if it is going to be read by someone else). The reader needs to get the feeling that this is you talking to them off the page.

Keeping a diary is a must, that way you are reminded of the reality of events.

Research Papers

What is a raised number in a research paper?

superscipt :)

English Language
Book Reports
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What is importance of story writing in English language?

It sounds as if you should write the essay in English. The topic would be: The importance of story writing.

Storytelling has been used from early times to help people learn about their world, their culture and for entertainment. Writing the stories down means that more people can share exactly the same telling of the story--earlier versions had to be memorized.

Book Reports
Research Papers

What is the tone in a research paper?

Although research papers can be written in many tones, the best way is the formal tone for research papers that are targeted towards researchers who have knowledge of the field. This involves no colloquial language, no slang words and few instances of technical jargon.

Some research papers are written in semi-formal tone which are targeted at the mass audience.

Research Papers

What are the primary goals of theory?

What are the primary goals of theories in research methodologies

Research Papers

What is the importance of water turbines?

Water turbines are for electricity generation from hydro power. Some hydro power plants have huge capacities and supply whole regions with electicity e.g. Assuan dam in Egypt or Hoover dam in US.

Gabor Bakay

Sales and Customer Service
Market Research
Research Papers
The Difference Between

What is a questionnaire?

It is a list of questions designed to collect specific information. It is used for research work by scientists, businesses, and political parties, among others.
A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is not always the case
It is a series of questions or survey that is asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information.
A questionnaire is a list of questions with multiple answers to tick off, or you may be asked, or are required to fill in the answers.

A questionnaire is a list of questions that is used to get peoples opinions on certain subjects, They are used in politics or in a work environment.

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Educational Methods and Theories

What are the basic objectives of operations research?

Planning, control, apt, databases, stains, porter, ganado

Video Games
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Is qualitative research has scope and delimitation?


Research Papers

Where did Bobby Seale live?

wright city mossouri

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Where should you staple a two page report?

In the upper left-hand corner.

Research Papers

Where can you start your Chicago genealogy research?

Check out the Cook County, Illinois GenWeb site. Lots of great ideas for sources of information there. The Newberry Library in Chicago is an excellent source of information relating to Chicago genealogy. See: The Chicago Public Library is also an excellent source for research. For Genealogy Information at CPL, see: There is a Rootsweb list serve that covers Cook County, Illinois; the people on this list are helpful and knowledgeable. The Chicago city directories not only list Chicago residents (usually just heads of household, working individuals, and widows) but they also tell where people worked and/or what they did for a living. The first directory was published in 1839. It was followed by one in 1844 and then they continued through to 1928/29, with a few gaps, most notably between 1917 and 1923 and 1923 and 1928/29. Directories are available at most of the large research centers in the Chicago area and they are also available through the Family History Library system; the earlier directories are on microfiche and the later ones are on film. A few directories are available online: 1844 1855/56 1928/29 Reverse Directory (This directory is unique in that it provides spouse names; a name-order directory is also available for the same years) Another approach would be to check out census records. They are available at the Federal Archives and Records Center (76th and Pulaski) or they are also available online, for example, at (subscription site). The Wilmette Family History Center has a large collection of Chicago and Cook County vital records films including a full set of Chicago birth registers 1871-1915, Cook County marriage licenses, 1871-1916, Chicago death certificates 1878-1947, Archdiocese of Chicago parish records to 1915, and Chicago city directories from 1839-1928 (with the same gaps listed with the Newberry holdings below). The Arlington Heights Memorial Library also has an extensive collection of Chicago directories and the Chicago Tribune, both on microfilm. If your family came to Chicago before 1872, there are a minimum number of records available. The Chicago fire destroyed many government records including early marriage licenses and other vital records. I strongly suggest starting with the Chicago directories. The Newberry Library has city directories for 1839, 1844, 1846,1853-1857, 1859-1917, 1923, 1928, as do many of the other large research centers. They offer a "Quick Search Service" and will do lookups for you for a fee. There are also a number of individuals who offer lookups as well; compare prices before ordering. Be aware that Chicago changed its house numbering system in 1909, and some street names changed too. Second, once you find your family in a directory, check the census. It will help you eliminate families that aren't yours. After you're sure you've found who you're looking for, and you've figured out where they live, try to find the church they went to and try to get copies of those records. Newberry has copies of a few of the surviving records. It's one of the best sources of information for pre-1916 Chicago. The Wilmette Family History Center has all of the Archdiocese of Chicago parish records for Chicago up through 1915 on microfilm.

Computer Programming
Research Papers
MLA Format
Abstract Algebra

Is using AssemblyLoad a static reference or dynamic reference?

Dynamic references are constructed on the fly as a result of calling various methods, such as System.Reflection.Assembly.Load. Source: .NET Framework Developer's Guide How the Runtime Locates Assemblies

Criminal Law
Research Papers

Criminals are wicked and deserve punishment debate for the motion?

Arguments in favour of the motion:

a) Criminals deserve punishment as they are wicked. If they are not punished they will continue committing crime which will destabilize the society. Appropriate punishment will act as deterrent for the criminals to take to the path of crime.

b) If criminals are not punished for their crimes it will be an injustice to the victims.

c) Criminals deserve punishment as they cannot be reformed without being punished.

d) Since the doer of good work is rewarded with appreciation then it follows that evil doer like criminals is awarded with punishment.

e) If criminals are not punished people will not differentiate between criminal and non-criminal activities.

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Learning Tips and Study Habits

What are primary and secondary research?

From my understanding, Primary and Secondary research are the difference in conducting the research. In Primary research, there is no data available for the researcher, hence the researcher has to start from scratch. This means that the researcher needs to design questionaires, collect data from respondents and then analyse the result. If you are doing secondary research, the researcher have the necessary data available. These data are made available through other publications or reports, like newspaper or annual reports of companies. If the researcher is doing secondary research, there is no need to start from scratch, he or she uses the data or information done by other organizations or publications. The important thing is that there are advantages and disadvantages for both methods. Primary research is more time consuming and costly. While some secondary research may not suit the researcher's needs.

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Which are the research topics in commerce?

the economy, legal docs, entreprenuership, etc.

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Academic Writing

What does robustness means when writing a research paper?

* Energetic * Well argued * Not easily disproved

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What comes after forming a working hypothesis?

- design an experiment to test for the prediction and hypothesis

- perform the experiment

- hypothesis not supported - design new experiment

- hypothesis supported - confirmation by many experiments

- theory

- model

- research


Research Papers

Conflict Diamond by Morton when was it written?

The closest match to the keywords in your question, given a short search offers these details:

"Morton, Jeffrey. "The Legal Regulation of Conflict Diamonds" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, Le Centre Sheraton Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Mar 17, 2004."

The International Studies Association is based on Arizona, so one can assume that this paper is available in English.


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