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Q: Why is knowledge important for a housewife?
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Why knowledge of science is important for a housewife?


Why knowledge of science is important for housewife?

it's important for a homemaker to have some basic knowledge about science because he or she has to take different measurements and also has to know properties of materials used in making a house.

Who in your opinion is doing a more important job a housewife or a career woman?

Housewife if there are children, if not career woman.

What has the author Jaquie Davison written?

Jaquie Davison has written: 'I am a housewife!--a housewife is the most important person in the world' -- subject(s): Feminism, Women

What is the singular possessive of housewife?

The singular possessive form of "housewife" is "housewife's."

What do you call housewife in Hindi?


What is Plural of Housewife?

The plural of housewife is housewives.

Was Mother Teresa's mother a housewife?

Yes, her mother was a housewife.

When was Diary of a Housewife created?

Diary of a Housewife was created in 2001.

When was The Compleat Housewife created?

The Compleat Housewife was created in 1727.

When was Bad Housewife created?

Bad Housewife was created in 2005.

Can a housewife receive disability?

if the housewife is disabled and unable to work