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What is the meaning of noting details?

The meaning of noting details is that you remember things in detail from a book or story. So you note them down to remember them. In reading, this is an observation and reading comprehension skill. But we use it every day in observing our world and others. If you close your eyes and think about your bedroom, you could describe in writing 10 things located in your bedroom. If you had a oversized Oklahoma flag hanging above your desk, you could offer an explanation about that detail. These are skills used in reading a book, where a character owns something unusual, posseses some unique character trait, or acts in a peculiar way (whether good or bad). When you write a book report, book summary, or a term paper, the details you note will help you write an interesting reflection about the book or story.

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What is a common obstacle that every civilization must face?

Maybe overpopulation
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What is the plot of the book egghead?

The book "Egghead" By Caroline Pignat is basically about bullying. Here's the back of the book:

Will Reid is a gawky kid who wears fake turtlenecks, is obsessed with his ant farm and is lousy at gym. In other words, he's the perfect target for Shane, the grade 9 bully.

Katie has been Will's friend since elementary school, but defending him in high school now comes at a real cost.

And then there's Devan...

Devan has been part of Shane's bullyboy team until he realizes that it's not so smart to mindlessly back up each nasty attack of Shane's.

Together, the three teens struggle to find their way out of the classic dilemmas of life: how to not be a bystander to bullying, how to stand up for your friends and how to deal with consuming rage.

Young readers will find much food for thought in this compelling, crisply told story of compassion confronting intimidation.

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What is an Horizon Analysis for a book report?

Think of of the horizon, it is just the big picture, now there are details painted into that picture, but it all depends on if those details add more or take away questions into the picture. Then compare and contrast on how you would have handled the situation, but do it with out bringing yourself into it. For example:
"Romeo then could have killed himself with with that poison, or he could have kissed the lips of his beloved and suffer in love, not in vein, but for a greater peace"
Then show the path he took and let it end. Depending on how many plots and important yet not important twists and details there are, also take into consideration the fact that there could have been some paths not taken. It is the best way, in my oppinion, to do it.

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Who are the important characters in chains?




Madame Lockton


All the soldiers wives

Lady Seymour

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What is importance of story writing in English language?

It sounds as if you should write the essay in English. The topic would be: The importance of story writing.

Storytelling has been used from early times to help people learn about their world, their culture and for entertainment. Writing the stories down means that more people can share exactly the same telling of the story--earlier versions had to be memorized.

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What is a FOE chapter?

FOE is the Fraternal order of elks. It is a community service club.

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What is the tone in a research paper?

Although research papers can be written in many tones, the best way is the formal tone for research papers that are targeted towards researchers who have knowledge of the field. This involves no colloquial language, no slang words and few instances of technical jargon.

Some research papers are written in semi-formal tone which are targeted at the mass audience.

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Who wrote Among the hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix

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The Difference Between

What is the difference between Urban and Rural?

urban relates to the area surrounding cities and well populated areas. rural relates to a sparsely populated areas, usually farmland or country areas.

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Where should you staple a two page report?

In the upper left-hand corner.

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Songs with the word machine in the title?

Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine," and the Police with Sting's "Ghost in the Machine."

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What are two themes of every soul a star?

things don't stay the same forever and it doesn't matter where you are, it's who your with.

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What is the theme of dog eaters?

"Dog Eaters" is a novel set in the late 1950s in Manila the capital of the Philippines. It addresses several social, political and cultural issues present in the Philippines during the 1950s as the country attempted to become more Westernized..

"Dog eaters" was a common derogatory term for Filipino natives who supposedly ate dogs instead of pork or chicken and underscores their differences from westerners.

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Is the sign of the beaver considered a classic?

yes indeed its a classic book its been around more than 40 years

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What is the Theme of Catch by Sarah Ellis?

To help others and others shall help you back

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What is the theme of the story Ida B?

Its about an adventurous girl.

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What is the theme in The Iron King by Julie Kagawa?

The theme is Science/Technology verus Mythology/Faith.

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What do you put in a school report?

  1. Know the topic. You won't know what to put into the report if you don't know the topic.
  2. Research the topic in various places. (Books, Internet, Newspapers, etc)
  3. Edit with a teacher, classmate, or family member.
  4. Edit it with the remarks made by the 'editor' in mind.
  5. Type it up with the professor's or teacher's standards. (This font, this size, etc)
  6. Hand it in on time and neatly presented.
  7. You'll do fine.
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Cynthia Lord

How old is David in Rules by Cynthia Lord?

David was 8 years old.

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What is the full form of MIS?

Management Information Systems

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How do you write a sentence using the word reaction?

The chemical reaction did not turn out as planned.

I did not get the reaction I wanted.

Hopefully her reaction won't be as bad as last time.

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Who is heqet in the golden goblet?

Heqet is Ranofer's friend.

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What does the song title 'Abacab' mean?

It means nothing

It is the progression of notes through the song a,b-a,c-a,b.

actually its the blood code from mortal combat on sega genisis

ABACAB is the musician notation for the structure of a song. A=Verse, B=Chorus, A=Verse, C=Bridge, A=Verse, B=Chorus

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Explain characteristics of good report writing?

Characteristics of a Good Report

Reports must be clear, concise, complete and correct.

Good reports follow the four C's rule.


Information has to be understood at the first reading. The report has to be easy to read with legible writing and a clear message.

Clear Unclear

Rotated the mattress so the Turned the bed over.

head end became the foot end.


Your report is only to be as long as you need to include the necessary information. Use short, simple sentences. Do not use jargon or words that aren't required.

Concise Not concise

On his return he was asked to And then I said to him that if

put the groceries away. it was possible he should put

the groceries away when he

came back from the shops.


Ensure all required information is in the report.

Complete Incomplete

He pushes carrot out of his mouth He spat out his dinner again.

whenever I feed it to him.


Every piece of information must be accurate and verifiable.

Accurate Inaccurate

I will ask Terry if he likes being Someone said Terry's brother

called 'bags' and by whom. gave him the nickname 'bags' because his trousers always hang around his butt and he likes it.

It is important that you know the objective of the report before you write it. Be clear on what information you need to communicate and who will be reading it. For example, the object of the shift report in accommodation services is to let the other team members know what occurred on the shift. Report writing is a means of passing on information to each other.


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