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Ask questions about the business of technical writing, and its effect on people who employ technology in their everyday lives. The category includes technical writing about computers, aviation, medical equipment, and other technologies.

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Technical Writing

What is the meaning of brevity in technical writing?

Short sentences. Relevant terminology. Useful descriptions.

Technical Writing

What are types of a description process?

DESCRIPTION PROCESS IS an key on a computer..

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Technical Writing

Another word for quick to learn?


Technical Writing

Why is description writing important?

Description is one of the three key elements in fiction, along with narrative and dialogue, which brings your story to life.

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Outputs or end products of technical writing?

Technical writing produces Help topics, User Manuals, Reference Manuals and other documentation generally produced by the manufacturer of technology.

You can find the output of WikiAnswers' technical writing when you click the question mark in the top right corner of this page. There, you can find answers to question you have about contributing, supervising and general reference for the site.

Some results of Technical Writing are:

  • Technical Report
  • Abstract
  • Feasibility Report
  • Business Letter
  • Brochure
  • Contract
  • Instructional Manual
  • Proposal
  • Progress Report
  • Policy
  • Article for a Technical Journal
  • Monograph
  • Memorandum
  • Graphic Aids
  • Specification
  • Printed Action Memo
  • Survey Report
  • Letter Report
  • Laboratory Report
  • Technical Paper
Technical Writing

How do you write a good technical document giving directions essay?

In your case, first figure out how to write a good question.

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Why is specification primary a design document?

A specification is a document created to give exact details about a project. A civil engineer uses a specification, or 'spec', to provide a contractor information about items and procedures to be used when building a project. Other types or engineers can use a spec to provide details and information about any variety of projects. A spec is typically created for a specific design project and details aspects of the design, so it is referred to as a design document.

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What makes someone a good communicator?

Ability to listen well.

Ability to comprehend written and spoken language.

Ability to think clearly.

Ability to express ideas clearly in words.

Ability to write clearly and competently.

Ability to interpret nonverbal cues.

Ability to respect the other party and win the other party's confidence.

Good memory.

Someone who knows fundamentally that putting in time to ask the right questions and really listen to the answers is never time wasted

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Example for writing of test scenario?

EX:Login page In login page you have to give values for user name, password and then click on ok button to login and cancel button to close the login window user name:Alphanumerics with 4-16characters long password:lowercase letters with 4-8 chars long OK :Next window CANCEL :Close the window Prepare Test Scenarios Test Scenario Template --------------------------- Test scenario1:Verify user name value Test Scenario2:verify pass word value Test Scenario3:verify OK button operation to login Test Scenario4:verify cancel button operation to close the window Ts1:Verify user name value a)Boundary value analysis (on Size) min=4characters maximum=16 characters more than max or less than min are not allowed b)Equivalence class partitions(on type) A-Z or a-z or 0-9 are valid types to be entered special symbols or blank fields are in valid Test Scenario2:verify pass word value SAME AS USER NAME Test Scenario3:verify OK button operation to login Decision table user name ------pass word-----expected outcome after click on "OK" valid valid next window valid invalid error message invalid valid error message blank value error message value blank error message Test Scenario4:verify cancel button operation to close the Decision table user name ------pass word-----expected outcome blank blank close the window value blank close the window blank value close the window value value close the window Like the above example we will write test scenarios for all the Functional Specifications.

Technical Writing

Other definition of classification partition in technical writing?

i would say what ever to you

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Is a signature required if employee is protesting their 90-day employment review review took place in Seattle corporate office in California?

No signature is required. And the signature on most employment reviews indicates that the contents have been shared with you, not that you agree with them.

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How do you address an envelope to a retired bishop and his wife as a personal letter?

The Rt. Revd. Bishop A.B. Smith

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Mga tanong sa Tagalog

Pinagmulang teorya sa pilipinas?

mga teorya

1)nabuo daw ang pilipinas sa paraan ng bulkanismo,ayon kay dr.brailey willie isang heologo

2)sinasabing ang pilipinas ay karugtong ng kalupaan ng asya,nakarating ang mga tao at hayop sa pamamagitan ng tulay na lupa,ang tulay na lupa ay nawala noong 25 libong taon na nakalipas dahil sa pagkatunaw ng yelo

3)ayon kay dr.voss isang siyentipikong aleman,umusli ang pilipinas sa karagatan ng epekto ng malalakas na lindol at paggalaw ng karagatang pacific

4)sabi daw ang luzon ay karugtong ng Taiwan,ito ay may lupang tulay

Technical Writing

What is zest in technical writing?

write only about things that are worth writing and which are invigorating. Write as though you were performing a service that only you can perform.

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Technical Writing

What is the meaning of 'precise writing'?

precise means being exact or to the point

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Technical Writing

What is the different of technical writing to creative writing?

Technical writing has the goal of informing the public and presenting truthful facts together with the bases of those facts. Creative writing, on the other hand, deals with anything under the sun. A creative writer can write about anything and everything without finding any proof of those. It doesn't have to be truthful, it doesn't have to concrete. It does not even require you to present evidences to support your ideas.

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Importance of technical writing in industrial engineering?

Engineers should be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail oriented. They should be able to work as part of a team and to communicate well, both orally and in writing. Communication abilities are becoming increasingly important as engineers frequently interact with specialists in a wide range of fields outside engineering.

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What are the functions of technical writing?

WikiAnswers contributors share their take:

  • Technical writing is a matter of writing documents that explain or accompany products. It's flexible work, but often considered very monotonous and boring.
  • Not every writer can be a technical writer, just as not every writer can be a novelist. The goal of technical writing is always clarity. Technical writers want to write so there is the least possible chance of misunderstanding. Technical writers may also be responsible for designing graphic aids (diagrams, illustrations, charts, graphs and the like) to help explain things.

    Technical writing rarely has a "style" - or rather, the style is so transparent that readers aren't really aware that the text was "written". Larger companies that produce a number of products (Microsoft, for example) have in-house technical writing teams and style guides. Smaller companies may hire out technical writing to independent contractors.

  • Technical writing is the art of being able to explain/describe complex ideas to both technical and nontechnical audiences usually in the form of a Manual. This could range from describing a complex procedure to maintain a specific type of military apparatus to explaining how to assemble a baby's playpen to a consumer. In all cases, technical writing must be succinct, accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand and follow. Personalization such as humor should not be included in technical writing.
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How can you write a letter to the bank manager to open a current account?

You don't need to write a letter to the bank manager to open a current account. Instead the bank would have an application form that can be filled and submitted to open a new current account. Banks usually expect you to fill up the form and no bank would create a new account without you filling up the form. Just a letter wouldn't help in case of new account openings.

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How do you write an acknowledgement for a project or report?

You just write down the name of the person or organization and what they did to help, such as "I would like to thank Mr Tyler, Mrs. Jane, and Mrs. Price for guiding my experiment. I would like to thank Dr Fisher for helping analyze data. lastly I would like to thank Mrs Glass keeping the library open past hours to help find the books i needed....

If it is more formal, such as a scientific paper, you list the names, resources and contributions, like a 'works cited' sheet for people.

Also, remember to thank any organization or individual that provided money or technical assistance for the research. Some organizations providing research funds require you to give the reference number of any grant. In such cases you will presumably have been informed.
I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me,for i have completed my and moreover on time.

I am equally grateful to my teacher[name].she gave me moral support and guided me in different matters regarding the topic.she had been very kind and patient while suggesting me the outlines of this project and correcting my doubts.I thank her for her overall supports.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my parents who helped me a lot in gathering different information, and guiding me from time to time in making this project .despite of their busy schedules ,they gave me different ideas in making this

Thanking you



this is how i wrote my project acknowledgement.

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How do you write an Immigration hardship letter?

about medical, financiallly and educational. go to

Technical Writing

What are the ABC's of technical report writing?







Grammatical correctness






Mechanical Neatness





Straight sentences




Word choice


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Technical Writing

What is a type of real-world writing that presents material that is necessary or valuable to the reader?

I don’t know

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How should I introduce myself in an interview?

Introducing yourself is about your first chance to say something that will make you memorable to the interviewer. You've got about 20 seconds before you are either on the "good" or "bad" list so make every one of them count.

Like everything related to job searches there's a lot of rehearsal to be done before the interview. Review what you want to get across (your good points), scout out the place to see what dress standards are in effect. Practice your smile, handshake, the name of the company etc.

First off, have your cell phone turned off. A call in the middle of the interviewer's meeting with you can ruin your chances.

Do not be sitting down as you wait for the interviewer if the chairs are exceptionally low or soft. Nothing is worse for your image than having to struggle out of a chair. There is usually something to stand up and look at - art, a display of company literature, a window.

When the interviewer approaches you or has you brought into his room he will usually introduce himself first and make a movement to shake hands. This is your script:

  • Look him in the face with a slight smile. (Practice in mirror. Ask friends for technique comments)
  • Shake the offered hand (You should practice this common action with friends asking their impression of your technique. A poor handshake is a real turn-off.)
  • Repeat his name (Hello Mr. Smith! A pleasure to meet you!) in a manner that says, first off, you are pleased to meet him and secondly, that you are repeating his name to lock it into your memory
  • Then say this (substituting your own information) - "I'm Gregory Harper Smith, but my friends all call me Greg!". This sentence ensures he knows your name, but also lets him become a bit "closer" to you as it will inevitably lead to his using the name that is used by "your friends" putting him (in his mind) into that category.
  • Then, do not sit down until invited to do so. You are guest on his turf and should not take any "I'm in control" actions.

Next actions:

  • Small talk to break the ice
  • Getting down to the interview

Additional tip: As suggested above, shake the offered hand. With more and more people with disabilities able to remain in the workforce longer, there is a small chance that the interviewer could be disabled from stroke or injury and is able to only extend his left hand to be shaken. Be sure when you are practicing handshaking before the interview that you practice responding to and shaking an offered left hand. If unexpected and unpracticed this can create a very awkward situation. Using your right hand to shake someone's left hand can usually only be accomplished with a finger tip shake. It is better to respond with your left hand to theirs. Your ability to quickly adapt and give a proper handshake without falter in that situation could make you stand out in the crowd. Practice makes perfect.

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Description of a process?

The description of a process is usually done in steps, and can be more or less specific, depending on the audience. For instance, if you were going to write the process of ironing a silk shirt, you would probably include different steps and warnings for a kindergartner than you would for an adult who is familiar with ironing, just not with ironing silk.

If you were going to write the process of answering a wikianswers question, for instance, it would depend whether your audience knew the computer very well, whether they had ever been to wikianswers before, whether they knew how to do research on the Internet, etc. For someone who is familiar with other wiki sites, you could just tell them the URL, select a question they want to answer, and post it. They would understand that high level of instruction. You would have to get more specific with someone who had never even used a computer before though. You would have to start way back with how to use a mouse, what to type, exactly where, and you would probably have to provide pictures/screenshots of the things that they will see along the way.

Brushing Your Teeth

1. obtain toothbrush.

2. obtain toothpaste.

3. take toothbrush and toothpaste to a sink.

4. unwrap any packaging

5. open toothpaste

6. apply toothpaste to toothbrush bristles

7. apply toothbrush (with paste) to teeth, brushing vigourously, but not enough to feel undue pain.

8. turn on water in sink.

9. rinse brush

10. rinse teeth

11. repeat as needed.

So, there is an example... but even now I can see things that I missed. I didn't warn them about getting gunk on the mirror. I didn't tell them to brush ALL their teeth. They might just do the observable ones in the front. What does "as needed" mean... as needed by who? Should I repeat until I brush all of my teeth, or daily, or weekly, or annually, or what? I never told them to discard the packaging. What if they have an electric toothbrush? What is the toothpaste tastes gross? ... there are a lot of issues to consider in writing a process. :)


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