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What is a resume objective statement?

A resume objective statement is a brief paragraph that states your career plan in relation to what an employer is looking for. The objective statement is placed just below the name, address, and contact information on the resume. The statement is an opportunity to show that the qualifications and experience listed below are a good match for the employers' description of their opening for which you are applying.


A resume objective statement is optional. When used, it goes directly below your contact information and concisely describes what kind of job you are seeking. For example, "Seeking a marketing executive position."

Linked on the right is a page with more advice on resume objective statements.


Never, ever, ever include an objective statement. What's your objective? Mine? Anyone's? To get a satisfying, good paying job. That's why you're applying!

Your objective goes unsaid. Save room on the paper for listing actual experience.


Don't bother with an objective statement unless you can differentiate yourself with one. Everybody says they want to "add value to a dynamic organization" or some such bull. If you are a great writer who can grab attention, it can be a good way to get an interview, but a watered down objective statement wastes space.

Further to that, nobody cares about your objective. They care what you can do for their company.


It is what you want to do with the rest of your life as a job. Ex: as Teacher for the rest of your life. YOUR GOAL!


Sorry people, I'm going to disagree with the above. I was a hiring manager for seven years and there were times that I've had fifty resumes for one opening. The job market at this time is very competitive, and when you have fifty, many with similar backgrounds, what do you think is the deciding factor to call someone?

If you have word processing, I recommend that you leave the objective blank because you're going to tailor it to each openings that you're applying for. I always like to see an objective that not only reflects applicant's goal but their awareness of the goal of the organization or business to which they're applying. You can usually find something to use on their website, what they say the public should know about them or from their employment page, what their goals for their employees are.

For example, I looked up the Barnes and Noble recruitment site and see that they consider themselves the best in the business. So to translate that to a goal: "I love books and my goal is to learn the retail business and how to excel in customer service while advancing my career by learning from the best in the business." I'm not suggesting that you apply at this store, it's just an illustration of how to pull the info that they believe in into your own words.


I personally feel that objective is really important in a resume. This one statement can actually decide your fate because most of the employers just go through the objective that take their decision.


You clearly should know what do you want, which position and put it on the top of your resume that everyone can see it from the first look!

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How do you write a resume and cover letter when you are re-entering the workforce after being a homemaker?

Put yourself in the employer's shoes and think about what that person is looking for. True they are looking for experience, but many are willing to overlook lack of experience to get their hands on an eager, dependable, hard worker. Skills can be taught, but personality traits cannot. Emphasize what skills you DO have, not what you don't. Cover letters are a good place to be a little personal, to speak to the employer and get them to see a part of you that is not in your resume.

Another thing to "highlight" is that as a Home Maker, you didn't have support staff to back you up, you "did it all". Competence and decision-making are NOT solely found in a business setting.........It happens at home too!!!.

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What is the importance of letters?

Letter is an significant and efficient software inside intention grassroots activism.

Assembly and discussing face-to-face within the telephone is quite helpful, nevertheless Letter assists fit

anything concrete floor at hand that will assists you to iron out a situation or boost anything you

could have mentioned. Even with you in person speak to the legislator and talk to these individuals,

it's most suitable to follow along with upward that has a Letter. You'll be able to say thanks to these individuals regarding ending up in

you while reminding these individuals regarding it at the same time. This particular you yet another chance

to help help remind these individuals associated with what we are generally wanting to know there or maybe to help simplify. At times the

conference isn't going to proceed in addition to you desire as well as the follow-up page gives you yet another

opportunity to abandon somebody that has a great contemplated the time expended along or

maybe yet another technique to consider what we received reviewed.

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Should you address a letter Mr or Superintendent?

When you know the name of the superintendent, you address him (or her) as "Mr. (Ms.) J. M. Franklin, Superintendent".

If you do not know the name of the superintendent, simply use the title "Superintendent".

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How do you write a resume cover letter?

According to the Federal Citizen Information Center:

  • Every cover letter should fit on one page.
  • Send your letter to a specific person rather than to an office whenever possible.
  • The first few sentences tell which job you are applying for.
  • Briefly explain your qualifications without simply repeating your resume. More of their advice on writing cover letters is linked to the right.

And for more detailed recommendations, see this article published by Resume Edge, an online consulting company that optimizes resumes and cover letters for job seekers: how to write a cover letter. Resume Edge also has advice on choosing the paper and letterhead for your resume and cover letter, and how to mail them. Finally, you might want to check out the sample cover letters on the links below.

Additional advice from a former hiring manager:

  • The purpose of a resume cover letter is to encourage the recipient to look at your resume. That is all, so be concise and don't repeat your whole background. Your background and history over and above what is on the resume is appropriate for the interview.
  • The cover letter should be targeted to having the prospective employer review you resume; your resume should have the information that convinces the prospective employer that they should contact you for an interview.
  • Remember, especially in today's job market, a personnel manager may get 50 or more resumes for one job opening. I know, this has happened to me. If the cover letter is too long, contains inappropriate information, or even too much effusive wording, the manager will readily set it aside for the next one in the pile rather than plow through a mess of words.
  • As a hiring manager, the ones that I most readily slid to the bottom of the pile were those that were so extremely generalized and filled with 'buzz words' that you can tell that they were done by a resume service of pulled directly from the internet, often relating information that had nothing to do with the specific opening for which they were applying. So, even if you're using a service or an internet sample, be sure to change the terminology into words that you would actually say and remove what is not to specific to the opening.
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What is salutation and complimentary close?

Parts of a letter.

Specifically, the salutation is the "Dear John," part, and the complimentary close is the "Very Sincerely Yours (well, you know what I mean), Your Ex-Girlfriend" part.

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The average length of sentences in a business letter is thirty to forty words?


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When do you use a semi colon in writing?

Use a Semicolon to:

Link two independent clauses; to connect closely related ideas. For example, 'Some people write with a word processor; others write with a pen or pencil.'

Link clauses connected by conjunctive adverbs or transitional phrases; to connect closely related ideas. For example, 'But however they choose to write, people are allowed to make their own decisions; as a result, many people swear by their writing methods.'

Link lists where the items contain commas; to avoid confusion between list items. Example, 'There are basically two ways to write: with a pen or pencil, which is inexpensive and easily accessible; or by computer and printer, which is more expensive but quick and neat.

Link lengthy clauses or clauses with commas; to avoid confusion between clauses. Example, 'Some people write with a word processor, typewriter, or a computer; but others, for different reasons, choose to write with a pen or pencil.'

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Write a letter to your friend telling him about your school?

dear Dorothy ,

How have you been ,I hope you are doing well?How is Mercy and Joe I hope they are fine.I just wanted to discuss my experience of school with you.In this school ,I am enjoying everything .My school begins at 8:A.M by morning assembly.After that,we have a regular schedule of three periods and then lunch which is followed by the next three periods.Our teachers employs fun activities to teach us.I feel lucky that i got admission in this school.

Extend my greetings to family,i await your response .

yours sincerely,


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Letter head for OAO-Rosneft?


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How to write a letter to request a new cheque book?

Dt.: 18/09/2010


The Manager,

Bank Of Baroda

Br. Borivali - E


Dear Sir,

Sub : Requisition for a New Cheque Book c/a a/c. no. _______________ of ______________".

I ______Proprietor of "_____________" holding a current account no: ____ with your branch, herewith request you to kindly issue me a New Cheque Book.

I understand that the charges for the same shall be debited to my account on my behest.

Hope you would do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours truly

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Where can you find examples of thank-you letters for receiving a business award?

there are templates in Microsoft Word for thank you letters or you can do a google search for thank you letter examples and there are also many books try looking up business communications


Aside from Microsoft Word, there are sites in which you can find thank-you letters. Go search, there are a lot of it. Anyways, want money the easy way? Check this link out ,

It gives out money every week, for more info. Check it out. Cheers!

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How you write leave application of going to out of the city?

To write a leave application for going out of the city, be precise on the dates that will be missed. Also include the reason for the leave and any emergency numbers in case contact needs to be made.

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What is at top margin for a personal business letter?

The top and bottom of a business letter should be 1" to 1.25" from the top and bottom of the page. When using letterhead, a margin of .5" to 1" below the printed letterhead is sufficient.

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How do you write a letter of explanation for late payments?

==New Answer == If you are referring to writing a letter say to a mortgage company to explain past derogatories on your credit report, just be honest. Of course, the sympathy factor does come into play. Lenders don't want to hear that you just forgot or well better late than never, we want to hear, unfortunately, "sob" stories (as long as they are true) i.e. illness, divorce, loss of job, etc. and what measures,if any, were taken to rectify the problems. ==Letter of Explanation== When it comes to letters of explanation, keep it short and to the point. For example, you may be asked to explain not only that you experienced some sort of temporary difficulty, but also that the situation was temporary and has since been rectified. Don't waste your time or the stamp.You still get the late fee no matter what and they don't care.

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What are 5 types of Written communication?

Written-letters, memorandum, reports, notices oral - telephone, face-to-face, meetings visual-charts, tables, posters, advertisements.

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What does the last paragraph of business letter describe?

The last paragraph of a business letter is known as 'the call to action' paragraph. In other words, state what you want the recipient to do in response to your letter. It is surprising how often someone writes a letter without telling the recipient this, leaving the recipient to guess what you expect them to do, or at the recipients discretion, to do nothing. You may think that the information provided in the body of the letter will tell them what you want them to do, but it may not be as obvious as you think, especially if you are writing to complain about something.

The last paragraph should also include the senders contact info (address, email address, phone number, etc.), and any dates that are essential.

The last line of the last paragraph should thank the recipient for their time and/or their effort. Even if the letter is sent just to inform the recipient of something and no action on their part is required, thank them for their time and attention.

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What is the difference between letter and application?

A letter is a written communication of information, any kind of information.

An application is a written request (often a form) for consideration for or inclusion in something.

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Sample letter to inform clients of moving to a new office?

Dear <insert client's name here>

We are moving! As of <insert date here> we'll be located at <insert address here>

We chose this location because <insert reason here> (Sample reasons include better building, more convenient to the clients, offers better features for clients, etc)

Please call us at <insert telephone number here> if you have any questions.

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How much does a 2 oz letter cost?

61 cents according to the USPS website.

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How do you write an authorization letter?

Date (don't forget this)

To whom it may concern, (or the name and organization of a specific party if applicable)

I authorize (name of person authorized) to get (item/document requested) on my behalf. If there are any questions about releasing this (item/document), you may contact me at (phone number or email address).



Type or print name

Note: Don't forget to include any dates that might limit the period of your authorization, if applicable (unless this is a permanent or open ended authorization).

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How do you write a letter of remittance?

A letter of remittance is a documentation accompanying checks or drafts submitted for collection, listing the number of checks (items) being sent and the total dollar amount of the checks. A cash letter accompanies checks presented to other banks for payment; a remittance letter is used when the sending bank does not have an account at the receiving bank.

Just about any kind of remittance letter will include three basic pieces of information. The letter will identify the sender, often by including the name and mailing address of the debtor. Along with the sender's contact information, the name and address of the creditor is also referenced. Finally, the amount of the enclosed payment is also included in the body of the letter.

Other types of information may also be included in the text of the remittance letter. In many areas, including the account number of the debtor is considered proper, along with a reference to any invoice number to which the payment should be applied. There may also be a reference to the goods or services that were purchased by the customer, or a notation of the date when the invoice is due.

The overall format for a remittance letter is brief and to the point. Often, the letter begins with the date of the correspondence, followed by the name and mailing address of the recipient. Using a simple salutation, the sender details in one or two paragraphs the reason for the payment, and any data that will help the recipient apply the payment properly. A standard closing follows, accompanied with the signature of the sender. If the mailing address for the sender is included in the letter, it normally appears after the signature, at the end of the document.

While a remittance letter is still often used in formal business situations, such as when one bank is forwarded a check to another bank, this form of correspondence has largely been replaced by what is known as the remittance slip. The slip is simply a perforated section of an invoice that can be detached and returned with the payment. Data such as account numbers and due dates are pre-printed on the slip, making it unnecessary for the sender to reference that information. There is usually room on the slip for the sender to write in information like the check number or the date of the payment.

See the link below for a basic fomat for a business letter.

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How long is a summary supposed to be?

A summary of a paper or a book should be given in less than a page. For most things, a good, well-written paragraph will be able to accomplish all parts of a summary.

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What does PP mean next to a signature on a letter?

In the English-speaking countries pp stands for pro persona -which is Latin and literally means for the person [of] or for and on behalf of.

No, it doesn't - it stands for 'per procurationem', meaning to act as someone's proxy.

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Which part of a letter identifies the address of the person receiving the letter?

The part of the letter that identifies the person (or entity) to whom the letter is sent is called the inside address.


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