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Who writes the Caged Flower books?

The Caged Flower series is written by an author named Cullman Wallace. The series was completed with the release of Caged Flower Series: Book Four on July 14, 2012. Wallace has hinted at a sequel to the series, but stated that he wants to "release some standalone works before tackling such a project".

As of this writing, he appears to be releasing his works exclusively on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Wallace has also released a short story, "The Great Magnolia Battle", on Amazon Kindle.

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Were all those drugs in the book Caged Flower real?


Not only are the pharmaceuticals mentioned in Caged Flower real, the descriptions are very accurate. Cullman Wallace obviously did his research.

Violet overhears Dr. Chalsey dictating a request for "diazepam, five milligram injection." Diazepam is better known as Valium, and injectable diazepam is commonly available in ten milliliter bottles at a strength of 5 milligrams per milliliter.

Midazolam, the drug Dominic steals from Dr. Chalsey's office, is a very common surgical anaesthetic, most often used for premedication instead of induction and maintenance of anesthesia. It is well-known by the brand name Versed, which reportedly comes from "versatile sedative." Midazolam is available in ten milliliter bottles at a strength of 5 milligrams per milliliter, as identified in the book. Dominic's comment that there are "over twenty doses in those bottles" is quite plausible, as the recommended initial dose is between 1 to 2.5 milligrams, with additional midazolam given in small increments very slowly, and checking for desired sedation effects after a certain period of time before administering more. Individual reaction to midazolam varies, however, and his fears about killing Galen and Mrs. Dantner are justified. It is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, and can interfere with respiratory and cardiac function. As Dominic mentioned, it is indeed supposed to be administered only in a clinical setting, where the patient can be monitored closely and resuscitative measures can be administered immediately.

Interestingly, Violet's comment about it not having been around before 1972 was a good guess---the initial patent was filed in May of 1972, and patent issued in October of 1973. So quite likely it wouldn't be in any medical books dated 1972 or earlier. As Dominic raised the possibility that midazolam was the drug in the "emergency syringes", one hopes that Mrs. Dantner was trained in advanced life support---her reckless use of injectable midazolam could be quite dangerous. And Mrs. Dantner's reaction to the flavor of mizadolam in her tea is not surprising---midazolam has a rather bitter taste.

The "little white pills" Jaedlyn was being given are lorazepam (as we discover in Book Two), known by the brand name Ativan. Her description given there would most likely be a generic form and not Ativan, as Ativan pills bear a distinct A shape/imprint.

All these drugs do fall into a class of medications called benzodiazepines. All share similar traits (sedation, anti-anxiety, etcetera) but some have different "specialty" uses. Both diazepam and midazolam are effective muscle relaxants, and Violet immediately feeling "all the strength go out of her" supports the belief that the emergency syringes contained midazolam. Diazepam is central to the plot of Book Two, where it is correctly identified as a longer-acting medication (or speaking technically, it has one of the longest elimination half-lives among the benzodiazepines).

The flumazenil Dr. Chalsey mentions having available "if it comes to that" is a benzodiazepine antagonist used to hasten recovery for patients sedated with a benzodiazepine, and useful in situations of benzodiazepine overdose. It "competes" for the same receptors in the brain that benzodiazepines do, and can halt or even reverse the action of a benzodiazepine in the body. However, use of flumazenil has associated dangers, including seizures and benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, and it is not recommended for routine use in patients with a decreased level of consciousness.

As for the other drugs mentioned in the novel, we can only guess at what they might be. Since we know Dr. Chalsey was ordering diazepam, it's possible the blue pill given to Dominic and Violet at dinner was diazepam, which a number of companies manufacture in blue to greenish-blue pills. The notorious orange juice may have been laced with midazolam, as midazolam suspended in flavored syrups (including orange) is sometimes used by dentists and other physicians with pediatric patients. The flavoring reduces the bitter taste, which could easily explain the comment that the orange juice was "homemade, bits of pulp floating on the top and with the faint bitterness of natural orange."

The influenza vaccination given to the entire house would be the current year's selection, as determined by the World Health Organization. We hear Dr. Chalsey dictating a request for prices for "multidose flu shots", which would have arrived as glass vials with multiple doses in a single bottle.

What was being given to Violet in the IV following the escape attempt remains a mystery. A benzodiazepine is quite likely, but which one is uncertain. We know that Violet experienced hallucinations while strapped to Dr. Chalsey's exam table, but she did not seem to experience hallucinations from the intravenous medication. If the IV was midazolam, it could possibly be explained that another medication was in the syringe or the orange juice, and it was the combination of those two drugs that caused the hallucinations (which went away after she was dropped down to one drug and the other was eliminated from her system). Midazolam is used in "twilight sedation" where amnesia of the procedure is preferred, and Violet's abrupt shifts in consciousness could be an argument for that. Also an argument for it being midazolam is Violet's realization that she had no strength, and that she still "felt like all her bones had turned to rubber."

(From Dr. Chalsey's comment during her semiconsciousness about having "only done this once, and you know what happened then", it's possible we'll find out for certain in a future book. Book Two reveals exactly what he meant by that comment.)

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What was Jaedlyn addicted to in Book Two of Caged Flower?


Jaedlyn was addicted to a generic medication called lorazepam, which is marketed under the brand name Ativan in the United States (and other brand names). Dominic and Violet overhear this while sneaking around in Crespin Abbey.

While it doesn't say for certain, these are possibly the same "little white pills" Dr. Chalsey was giving Jaedlyn in the first book. Lorazepam is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. It is indeed a benzodiazepine, as Cullman Wallace wrote in the books, and Jaedlyn's seizure in the second book is not unlikely given an abrupt withdrawal from a high dosage.

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Nicholas Sparks

What is the conflict of the last song?

The conflict is that her dad in the movie has a disease and all she did was be horrible to him and soon after in the story her dad has a heart breaking death.

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Is the book dear john fiction or non fiction?

Dear John is fiction.

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What is imperial affliction?

It means, that romance takes over everything.

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Is Galen in love with Violet in Caged Flower?

It's clear that Galen has some sort of feelings towards Violet, but to what extent is debatable. Clues to his feelings towards Violet include:

• His odd pleasure when she takes a roll from him at dinner

• His courteous standing when Violet leaves the dining room

• His stopping to let her enter the dining room first and pulling out her chair for her (and his smile when she thanked him for it)

• His apparent enthusiasm at the thought of playing chess with her

• His bemusement when Violet laid her fingers on his chin to thank him for escorting her upstairs after being drugged

• His alarm at Violet's condition when she was suffering hyperthermia

• His apparently hurt feelings at Violet's comment about Dominic taking care of her ("Taking care of Violet was hisjob.")

• His astonishing reaction to Violet's thank-you kiss after the dinner date

Violet commented to Dominic that she noticed Galen seemed to like her ever since she had arrived at the Mansion, saying, "I feel like I'm a little girl, and he's my big brother protecting me."

However, Galen's feelings towards her seem to change dramatically in response to the particular situation. He brought her the bucket of rocks to stone Kassandra with, and restrained her when she tried to intervene. He again restrained her during the escape attempt, both physically and with restraints on Dr. Chalsey's examination table. During the struggle outside the upstairs bathroom, he shoved Violet backward violently with his foot, sending her headfirst into the bottom step of the half-flight of stairs.

His behavior in Book Two, during the brief encounter in the garage, was likewise different-he seemed prepared to do whatever was necessary to halt her escape.

Again, his feelings are highly debatable. It's safe to say that he does have some feelings for Violet, but whether they are love, infatuation, or a big-brother role as she described is unknown. And clearly, he is able to put those feelings entirely aside when required to protect her or restrain her.

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What happens to color in his community?

If you are talking about The Giver a novel by Lois Lowry then I can answer this question. Color was there but they took the people's ability to see it. Only the the Giver can see it and the Receiver, Jonas.

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Is sense and sensibility a love story?

Yes, Sense and Sensibility is a love story about two young women and the men they fall in love with. One of the women represents good sense, and the other represents sensibility, meaning strong feeling of emotions.

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Metrical romance poem?


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Ask Me Anything

Answers with D.D. Ayres?

Can viewers expect more videos to come?

Oh yeah. Diane and I want to do one featuring the winner from the first video going on a date with our Doggy Bachelorette. The losers, being the hard-driving never-give-up Alpha male types they are, might try spoil things a la This Means War, the movie? Oooh, I think I'm on to something. Diane!

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Where can you read akagami no shirayukihime chapter 17 online In English?

For reading manga online, I'd suggest My sister and I could spend days on that site with all the manga they have.

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Are there any allusions in Madame Bovary?

Yes, there is a passage in which many books that Madame Bovary has read are mentioned.

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What kind of people read romance books?

people who have a love of imagine the touch whisper of someone they love especially if u dont have anyone like that u see them though your romance novel such as how i love lucus ross and jace wayland

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How did Mrs Dantner get Jaedlyn to betray the others in Caged Flower book two?


Dr. Chalsey had been giving Jaedlyn those "little white pills" (later identified in Book Two to be lorazepam, also known under the brand name Ativan) to keep her sedated following the stoning of Kassandra in the Mansion courtyard and the failed escape attempt afterward. Jaedlyn's comment about the lorazepam at the time was, "Those pills, they keep me from thinking about things. I don't want to think about things. I don't want to think about what happened in the courtyard. I don't want to start crying again, because if I do, I don't think I'll be able to stop." Violet, horrified that she had become reliant on them, ordered her to stop taking them.

It appeared Jaedlyn did stop taking the lorazepam prior to their escape from the Mansion, but as revealed in Book Two after the memorable garage ambush, Jaedlyn was still being fed the pills by Dr. Chalsey, who obviously had her addicted to them and was using them to control her. After catching Jaedlyn escaping in Mrs. Dantner's car, they had returned her to the Mansion and resumed feeding her lorazepam. Jaedlyn mentioned later that they withheld the pills to punish her, and used them to persuade her to send the e-mail to Violet and Dominic that would lure them into the Friendship's ambush in the garage.

Jaedlyn, however, overcame the influence of the lorazepam, and in a moment of clear thought, threw the car keys she had taken back to Violet, enabling not only their escape, but hers as well.

Jaedlyn's loyalties were confirmed, however, after she was left alone with car keys and two diazepam tablets while Violet and Dominic went in search of Kassandra at Crespin Abbey. Jaedlyn not only left the drugs alone, she appeared just in time to save all four of them.

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Is there a book based on the characters Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie?

There is no official novel based on the characters from the Titanic movie. However, there are a few fanfics that can be found online.

There are some novels based on fictional accounts of the Titanic. Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler is a best-selling example. However, it is more of an adventure novel than the romance you may be looking for.

A romance based on the Titanic story is Titanic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh. It is not based on Jack and Rose, but it has received high ratings on sites like Amazon.

See the related links below to help get you started.

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Does Dominic have a last name in Caged Flower?

In Caged Flower, Dominic tells Violet in the Repository that he knows very little about his birth, and that he doesn't even know if he has a last name. This shocks Violet, who finds the idea of not having a surname "incomprehensible." But as of the end of the book, we still have no answer to this question.

Without providing a spoiler, details about Dominic's early childhood and how he came to be with the Friendship are revealed in Book Two of the series. The answer to the question is found there, along with a few surprises.

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What is an example of ethos in literature?

You know how at a dinner party no one starts eating until the host sits down and starts eating? Or how at a wedding everyone stands while the bride makes her grand entrance? That's ethos.

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Example Sentences

A sentence of bombastic?

1. The lawyer was too bombastic about his celebrity client to ever be taken seriously.

2. Sally, who attended an elite private school, was bombastic enough when she talked to keep her from making friends with the neighborhood kids.

3. While talking to an owner of a prize-winning poodle, the man was struck by how bombastically they fawned over their dog.

4. The rebellious teenager rolled their eyes at the bombastic curfew their parents insisted on.

5. Mrs. Smith was a humble woman, and decided to forgo the party her bombastic neighbors were throwing.

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Peter Pan

Did captain hook have a wife?

not that it was mentioned

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Is Mrs Dantner in the Caged Flower series British?

As of the end of Caged Flower Book Two, we do not know Mrs. Dantner's ethnicity, only that she speaks in an accent that Violet can't place. In the first book, Violet initially thinks it is "British, perhaps."

In Book Four, in a rather roundabout way, we learn of the source of Mrs. Dantner's strange accent, including an exact reference as to where it comes from, as well as how she became part of the Friendship.

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Why did Galen never speak in Caged Flower?

Possible spoilers ahead...

Galen didn't normally speak, perhaps from autism or a similar disorder. It is mentioned in the second book that Galen was tormented by children and adults because he never spoke. His only speech (to date, he may talk in some of the series to come) was when he quoted part of the prophecy while drugged with midazolam (Versed) after the stuggle in the first book. While unlikely that a sedative would change autistic tendencies, it's the only explanation for why he uttered that single sentence before passing out.

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What is a metrical romance?

A metrical romance is a poem that tells a story that tells of a happy ending, whether love is in the question or not.

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What is Maguindanao Pearl?


Isidro L. Reztizos


Sinag-tala- a 16 year old basket weaver and the daughter of Pirang Kawayan. She fell in

love with Magiting/ Walang Gulat. Was called Lily by the River

Magiting/ Walang Gulat - son of the Chief of Pasigan. Was already engaged to Lakambini

but fell in love with Sinag-tala.

Lakambini- antagonist of the story. Became jealous of Sinag-tala and accused her

taking pearls.

Pirang Kawayan- father of Sinag-tala. Chief of Maynila


When Sinag-tala was 2 and a half, her grandma came and placed a fresh lily in one of

her hands and a small, pale pearl on the other. She said the Sinag-tala was to grow

as soft and delicate as a lily and she will own priceless pearls taken form oysters

from the blue seas of Maguindanao. After 14 years, she was called by Lakambini

to make baskets for the mother of Walang Gulat. So she went to the riverside to get

some bamban reeds and young bamboo joints. While doing this, she met Magiting.

They talked for a while but they didn't know that some people were watching them.

These people said what they saw to Lakambini and she became furious. She then told

Sinag-tala that she did not need the baskets anymore and ended up hiding the pearls

in one of the baskets. So Sinag-tala was accused of stealing the pearls.

Sinag-tala was then put into trials. Magiting, because he loved her, tried to make her free

by "donating" some jewels to the village in place of the pearls. The Judges did not accept

this. Sinag-tala was then placed into the boiling water ordeal wherein she had to dip her hands

in boiling water and get one stone at the bottom and if her hands showed no signs of being

burned, she was innocent. Sinag-tala was about to this when Pirang Kawayan stood.

Lakambini knew that he was going to do something bad but as she screamed, Pirang

Kawayan stabbed his own daughter. Lakambini then admitted that she was the one who

hid the pearls and that Sinag-tala was innocent. But it was too late for Sinag-tala was

already dying.

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What is in the last six pages of the Treatise in Caged Flower Book Two?


As of the end of Book Two, we do not know much about those last six pages. We do know from Violet's mother's comments that it begins with the part of the prophecy covering the marriage of the prince and princess. But there is something else in there that has dumbfounded Violet and Dominic. Whatever it is, it is something that could potentially save Violet and Dominic from the dreadful end of the prophecy.

Violet later comments to Kassandra that the pages, if shown to the Friendship, could either save them or get them killed on the spot. Kassandra describes it as the "best weapon" they have against the Friendship.

Those six pages were sent to Luca Arocelli by Violet's grandmother Lillian, who knew what they contained and that they could possibly protect her granddaughter. Lillian had become suspicious of her son and daughter-in-law's association with the Dantners, and had found the Friendship church. She had sneaked in and read enough of the Treatise to figure out that it was about the Wilsons and the Arocellis. Later (in Book Four), when she found the last six pages hidden in her house, she tracked down Luca Arocelli, who was very much alive, and mailed them to him with a request that he hold them for someone who might come looking for them one day. The letter she included indicated that the pages might save Luca's life. as well as the lives of others.

Violet's mother was convinced the pages could also protect her Violet and Dominic, so she sent them with the two when they left for the cabin at the end of Book Two. In Book Four, we discover that five of the pages are merely description of Angus Crespin's vision of the wedding ceremony, but also contain the last page he wrote in Book Three after Daisy's death, a dire warning that Rose (Amelia Rose Alden) was the only true princess, and that anyone who tried to complete the prophecy after her death would have destruction "rain down on him like fire from the skies." The congregation, who Violet was hoping would rise up against Mrs. Dantner, was simply confused, and the six pages turned out to be the gift mentioned in the prophecy that would prove worthless when it was needed the most.

At the conclusion of Book Four, we find that the passage is literally true, as the white temple burns in Violet's last attack against the Friendship.


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