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Fantasy is a literary genre that typically features magic or supernatural powers to create an otherworldly setting and plot.

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Answers with Phyllis Cast?

What's next after the House of Night series is complete?

Right now I am hard at work on my new trilogy. It is reminiscent of classic McCaffrey, Tolkien, and George RR Martin, and is an epic New Earth adventure filled with fantasy, romance, and the struggle to regain humanity. I'm super excited about it and can't wait to share it with my fans!

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Is there a sequel to blood ransom?

If you're thinking about Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris (part of the Mission Hope series), then there is indeed a second book in the series.

Blood Covenant, the sequel to Blood Ransom, came out in February 2011.

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Why can't Drizzt Do'Urden levitate anymore?

The ability to levitate is a Lolth bestowed power of the nobles of the houses. His other magical abilities (darkness, fairie fire) are due to his race (dark elf). When he abandons his family and city he loses the status of noble and stripped of the ability to levitate due to his disfavor with Lolth.

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Who was Bruno Jenkins?

Bruno Jenkins may refer to:

  • Bruno Jenkins, a nurse in the BBC medical drama Casualty
  • Bruno Jenkins, a young boy in Roald Dahl's The Witches
  • Bruno Jenkins, an alias of musician Jake Reed
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Where can you read I am number 4 online?

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Who are the characters in the book Airborn?

§Matt Cruse

§ Kate de Vries

§ Kate's Grandfather

§ Vikram Szpirglas

§ Pirates

§ Captain

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Who is Doom's real name in the Deltora Quest series?

His real name is Jarred and he"s Jazmine"s dad.

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What is the name for a heroic outlaw?

robin hood is heroic outlaw, though he isn't real. also martin Luther king jr. Rosa parks, they were techincally outlaws who stood up for something they believe in, which makes them pretty heroic in my book.

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Cyclops (X-Men)

What were some x men couples?

Scott and Jean.[Jean died]

Wolverine and Jean.

Scott and Psylocke.

Scott and Emma Frost.

Colossus and Kitty.[Shadowcat]

Gambit and Rogue.

Beast and Storm.[not a couple anymore]

Wolverine and Storm.

Angel and Psylocke.

Elixir and Wolfsbane.

Magyk and Cannonball.

Magneto and Rogue.[alternate universe]

Gambit and Marrow.[Alternate universe]

Forge and Storm.

Beast and Dazzler.

Iceman and Northstar.

Havok and Polaris.

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Why did Smaug die?

bard shot him with an arrow in his weakspot

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What is a vortex of chaos?

A phrase such as vortex of chaos would be used metaphorically, it does not refer to any specific thing. Vortex indicates some process such as a hurricane, in which there is a strong circular motion, and chaos indicates extreme disorder and unpredictability. This resembles another metaphor, things are spinning out of control.

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How do you use reprieve in a sentence?

The state governor gave the condemned man a last minute reprieve.
Snow days give youngsters a reprieve from attending school.

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What is the rising action in Vampire Kisses?

Meeting Alexander

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The Mortal Instruments

When do Jace and Clary find out they are not related?

the end of the third book but dont worry, there will be 3 other books

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Is Spider-Man science fiction?

Spider man is more properly called science fantasy.

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What happened at Summerhall?

I think it burned down because the targaryens were trying to hatch a dragon egg

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The Mortal Instruments

Do clary and jace start dating?

Yes.. They find out they are brother and sister in the first one I think, but in City of Glass it turns out to be wrong, and they start DATING!! YAY!

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Do you really have to download lost saga?

Yes, you have to download the Lost Saga client. You can do this at the game publishers website found at: ogplanet

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How many jedi have green lightsabers?

Too many to know all of them for sure. But some well-known green lightsaber users are Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, Luminara Unduli, Kit Fisto, Oppo Rancisis, and Luke Skywalker (in "Return of the Jedi")

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What is traditional fantasy?

Traditional fantasy, or high fantasy, is basically the world of elves, fairies, sorcerers and dragons, like the Lord of the Rings series or the King Arthur legends.

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What is the Analysis of God stealer?

it's not also about the Filipino culture and tradition but also the good characters of the Filipino people, the life they have suffered, the difference between the Ifugao belief and the stranger, about the love of Filipinos in their native land, the contentment of Ifugao of what they have; all in all, it's all about the Filipinos.

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The Twilight Saga

What year did Bella Swan graduate high school?

She graduated in 2006.

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The Twilight Saga

Where is chapter eighteen of Midnight Sun?

She only wrote the first 12 chapters, other people have tried to finish it though.

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Is peter and the sword of mercy the last book?

No theres a new book called the bridge to never land coming out in fall 2011

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What is the plot of Night World Secret Vampire?

its about a girl who is going to die but finds love with her best friend, then she finds out he is avampire. Then she decides to become a vampire to live, during the time when poppy gets kidnapped she learns her ancestor was once a witch giving her amazing mind reading abilities. Then her and James find out they are soul mates concluding the first human vampire soul mates. Until the next story.....


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