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Questions about WikiAnswers and

What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How can you add WikiAnswers feeds to your personal homepage?

There is a WikiAnswers personal homepage widget for iGoogle, Netvibes and more. Check it out at the Widget Gallery: Otherwise, follow the directions below to add as many WikiAnswers Q&A feeds as you like! * Go to your iGoogle page * Click Add stuff in the top right * Click Add feed or gadget to the left * Paste the WikiAnswers RSS feed URL * Click Add * Go back to your iGoogle page and Edit Settings to choose how many questions you'd like to display * Go to your Netvibes page * Click Add content in the top right * Click Add a feed in the list below * Paste the WikiAnswers RSS feed URL in the box to the right * Click Add feed * Click the feed box right below * Click Add to my page * In the new module you can Edit settings * Go to your My Yahoo! page * Click Add Contentto the left * Click Add RSS by URL to the right of the search box * Paste the RSS feed URL * Click Add * Click Add to My Yahoo! * Go back to your page click Edit on the new module to change your settings

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions on WikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer to an unanswered question, you can share it. If you see an answer that you can expand on, you can edit it. If you see an answer that's just flat-out incorrect, you can update it. We encourage users to research answers thoroughly.

More takes from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • It could be anyone at all, even your next door neighbor. WikiAnswers is a collaborative effort. There are many people working out the answers here at the site. Your question was answered by a WikiSupervisor who happened to see it.

    Join the effort! Cruise a category that interests you and find a question you know something about. Everyone is an expert on something... find your category.

  • Users do. That is the beauty of this site. We ask our own questions and answer those of each other. It is a fairly easy way to share information. Now, since this is composed of user-generated content, you can't be sure that every single answer is true. This site is not a substitute for research, but it is a good and helpful place to start.
  • Any contributor can come to WikiAnswers and browse questions. If they know the answer, they can answer it.
  • Some people research their answers, just like me. I sometimes know the answer too. And there are people that work in the field, have hobbies and life experiences and read a lot. Everyone has something useful to contribute.
  • If the person who answered a question is a registered user, you'll be able to see who answered (and award them a trust point -- if they have earned it, of course).
  • Anyone who visits can ask questions, and also can answer questions. We are ordinary people from many different countries; most of the regulars have become addicted to the site because it is so much fun to find questions to answer, and to interact with others who come to visit. We are not paid, and we are not recruited. There may be some people connected with support or site development who get compensation of some kind; I don't really know for sure. We were talking about a possible conference at some time; I think that idea is on the back burner at this point.
  • All registered and unregistered users from around the world write the answers on
  • WA gets its answers from contributors around the world. They may be an expert or specialist in an area of knowledge; they might be a general genius willing to share anything and everything they know; or they might be the average person on the street with access to the Internet and some vague idea of what the right answer to a question is. Some answers are researched thoroughly in order to get the most correct information possible; others are just a quick note made by someone who watched a documentary once.
  • The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by others who come to the website. Some of them may be people who actually know the answers, or who take the time to look them up, while others are just kids who think typing silly stuff in as answers is a fun thing to do, not realizing the problem that causes for others who are looking for real answers.
  • My son does - for homework!
  • Anyone who feels called to do it. If the answers are spam or are wrong we try to fix it.
  • Volunteers may have education in a specific area, or a question may be on a subject they enjoy. Some volunteers are professionals, or answer questions that pertain to their daily work. And contributors are good at doing research online or off-line. Other contributors simply have life experience and accumulated knowledge, which gives them a wide area of personal knowledge.
  • The greater the number of "trust points" the answerer has, the more likely the answer is correct - as best as the answerer knows.
  • You can see who the last person to edit a particular answer was by looking just underneath the answer itself. Their username is also a link to their member home page, which may (or may not) provide more details on who they are.
  • A good many people that work in particular fields or are educated in special areas may roam around certain topics using their knowledge to answer questions. Many people on here that ask questions may spend some time answering questions as well. And then there are the supervisors that watch over particular topics and those that roam around many topics that will spend some time answering questions. Answers to questions asked here are the product of a large community effort.

All answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors. Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their own free time to do so. They always make a personal choice to give an answer and then what to say. When they answer a question, they usually try to give as much information as they think is relevant to the actual question asked. You will have a much better chance of getting an early answer to your question if you place it into the right Category! Unless you do that, your question may not be answered for a long time because it won't be seen by contributors who know about the subject of the question.

If it was placed into the wrong Category your question would have to wait until a Supervisor finds it and moves it to an appropriate Category where it will be seen by the someone who may wish to contribute an answer.

People who are members here and others as well. People from all over the world.

Anyone who visits can post or edit any answer. Generally, however, questions are edited by those users that feel comfortable with the subject matter.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you ask a question on

How to Ask a Question on | WikiAnswers

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Type your question in the white bar found at the top of the screen and click on "Go." (Make sure your question starts with a question word like What, when, why, how, etc. or the site will think you are just trying to do a search.)
  3. You may be shown some similar questions and asked if any of them are the same question, but in different words. If one of them matches, click the question.
  4. Fix any misspellings you may have.
  5. Click Submit Question.
  6. If your question is already answered, you will be taken to an existing question.
  7. If your question is new, you will be asked to select a category. Try to find the most specific Category for your question. For example, if it is a car question, instead of putting it in Cars and Vehicles, put in the sub-category for a specific kind of car. After categorizing, make sure to save the categories.
  8. Now, sit back and wait for your question to be answered.

More comments from contributors:

  • If you have added the question to your watchlist, you should get a notice when it is answered via e-mail. Otherwise, copy the url or make a bookmark so you can come back and check.
  • Only apostrophes and periods work as punctuation. Commas do not.
  • Keep in mind that some questions are harder to answer than others but with the users from all over the world, you will get an answer - hopefully sooner than later.
  • You would simply type into the box at the top what you want to ask. Perhaps it has already been asked and it will take you there. Or there might be something similar enough.
  • You can ask any question you like and other people will answer it.

You just did. Write a question and post it.
Questions about WikiAnswers and

What questions constitute plagiarism on this site?

It is actually a little bit difficult to decide what is plagiarism in the online world. Generally, copied and pasted material without proper sourcing is going to be plagiarism. However, that is not the only rule. Sometimes, people have permission to use certain materials, the material is up for free use, or there can be other factors.

Questions asking for copyrighted can be tricky as well. If a question is asking for something like a motto, it is okay. That is something publicly used, and there is nothing wrong with answering that sort of thing. "What is the motto for Kraft macaroni and cheese? Smooth, Creamy, Mmmm..." That is information the company wants spread. They just copyright it to keep other people from profiting from it. They want you to hear that motto, and think just of them. You are simply sharing the information. However, some people copyright to keep their information from hitting the public. "What are the answers to the Jones test number 452?" This question is looking for an answer that the schools deliberately hide. On top of possible plagiarism issues, it just isn't the type of thing that should be on the site. Those questions are trashed as they are spotted. We are all about learning, but not about cheating yourself.

To play it on the safe side, we strongly discourage the use of copied and pasted materials. This is not only because of plagiarism. They aren't looking for chunks of something they saw on Wikipedia 10 minutes previous. Material from other sites is great for certain things. People read over it to get an idea or even very detailed information, but when they ask a question on a wiki type site, they usually want personalized answers. If you do find an answer on another site, it is perfectly fine to answer the question with it if it fits. Just be sure to put it in your own words and add the URL to where you found it in the related links.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Who founded WikiAnswers?

Chris Whitten is the founder of WikiAnswers.

This site was started in 2002 as FAQ Farm. In late 2004, it converted to a "wiki" system, based on the MediaWiki software created by the people behind Wikipedia. In November 2006 it became part of In January 2007, FAQ Farm became WikiAnswers and was integrated into the resources of

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you sign in using your username and password once you have joined

Once you have registered an account on, you can click LOG IN in the upper right, and then click "or login with your username" under the Facebook, Google, and Twitter icons.

Then you enter your username and password into the input fields offered, clicking the LOG IN button when you are done.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Who has the most trust points on WikiAnswers?

2,000+ Trust Points on WikiAnswers

The following 45 WikiAnswers contributors have all earned more than 2,000 trust points (figures correct as of July 18, 2012):

8,981 trust points -

5,653 trust points -

5,643 trust points -

5,189 trust points -

5,011 trust points -

5,009 trust points -

4,893 trust points -

4,893 trust points -

4,646 trust points -

4,622 trust points -

4,474 trust points -

4,181 trust points -

3,978 trust points -

3,880 trust points -

3,781 trust points -

3,730 trust points -

3,560 trust points -

3,428 trust points -

3,315 trust points -

3,147 trust points -

3,136 trust points -

3,103 trust points -

3,065 trust points -

2,997 trust points -

2,967 trust points -

2,874 trust points -

2,850 trust points -

2,831 trust points -

2,779 trust points -

2,625 trust points -

2,622 trust points -

2,614 trust points -

2,587 trust points -

2,561 trust points -

2,557 trust points -

2,516 trust points -

2,514 trust points -

2,487 trust points -

2,427 trust points -

2,306 trust points -

2,285 trust points -

2,138 trust points -

2,083 trust points -

2,046 trust points -

2,038 trust points -


~ Top 100 All-time Contributors ~

Click on the Related Link, further down this page,

to see the list of the Top 100.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Why are there so many poop and fart questions on this site?

Children between the ages of five and eleven are fascinated with feces and other bowel-related functions such as intestinal gas. At this stage of their life, they realize that they can control their feces - either holding it in, or defecating. They discover that they can hold or release intestinal gas, and experiment with "farts" and "belches."

As children mature, they usually lose this fascination and become obsessed with the genitalia instead of the anus. However, some people remain fascinated with the intestinal tract, and continue to obsess about feces and gas into their adult years.

Also, boys are often more interested in "performing" than girls; boys obtain more satisfaction by completing a task, while girls obtain more satisfaction by solving a problem and interacting with others. Thus, the act of defecating or pooping, as well as the act of belching or farting or urinating, is a "job" that the boy can feel he has completed, and can feel satisfaction from this. Girls usually prefer to keep their bathroom "jobs" private, and do not usually feel satisfaction from natural bodily functions.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you delete a question on WikiAnswers?

Questions on are not meant to be deleted, except for extreme cases. Neither registered nor unregistered users can delete questions - not even their own. Questions that may be candidates for deletion actually go through a review process by more than one Supervisor on to determine whether the question really warrants deletion.

Remember that has policies with regards to deleting questions. So before deleting a question make sure it can't be fixed to be a proper question. Also, there are several catch-all questions on with which we catch inappropriate questions and protect them. Please make sure the question you are trashing isn't one of these catch-alls.

If you have a question that you would like to delete, you can contact Support using the Related Link below and ask them to do it for you. They generally delete questions, but on occasion if they feel the question has some value, or can be reworded to be a good question, they'll leave it on the site.

Questions that are harmful and may possibly be asked again by another user are merged into "Catch-All" Questions. Feel free to simply recategorize the bad question into the Catch-All Questions category and then a supervisor will merge it into an existing catch-all so that the next time it is asked the asker receives guidance about why their question is not allowed.

There are more than 1,000 Supervisors who will delete questions that have no value; make no sense at all and can't be re-phrased into a valid question; ask for instructions about doing something harmful; or violate the Terms of Use for

If you are a Supervisor, go to the question you want to delete and check the left side of the screen and you will see a button that says "Trash." Clicking this will send the question off to be deleted.
Answers doesn't remove questions or answers unless it violates our Terms of Use. If you'd like to edit a question or answer, simply click on the edit button next to the question, or "Improve this answer" to edit an answer.

If you feel a question or answer violates our Terms of Use, please contact us immediately. If you'd like to change your user name, please contact us for that as well:
Normal users should be able to flag questions for improvement, but to have a question deleted, you would have to write to support @
You cannot delete a question or answer once it is submitted. It becomes property of the site the second after you hit submit. The only way a question gets taken down is if it is inappropriate or against the TOS and Community Guidelines.
The simple answer is - you can't ! Once its been posted, a question remains on the site until it's been answered. Even after it's been answered, it stays in the WikiAnswers archive.
Well, unless the question has reason to be deleted, such as it is inappropriate, the question can stay on WikiAnswers. Other people may also have your question.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

What is the point of answering questions with well thought out researched answers when any idiot can come along and erase your answer?

Hopefully the supervisor of the topic will notice the change on their watchlist, check the change for vandalism and correctness, and in the process notice that the answer has been deleted. If the answer has been vandalized the supervisor has the authority to suspend the user's privileges to the site. Should you find an answer that has been vandalized, please send a message to the supervisor of the topic or any supervisor and it shall be replaced and the offending user dealt with. Unfortunately, WikiAnswers has its share of vandalism. The vast, vast majority of users that are here for information and knowledge can help the supervisor in dealing with vandalism by reporting it when it is noticed.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you close your account?

As sad as we are that you are considering closing your account here on, it can be done - just not by yourself. To have your account closed, go to the Contact Us form (see Related Links section below) and make your request. Please include your username in the e-mail. If your account is connected to your Facebook account, let them know that as well.

Although we are unable to delete accounts (due to technical limitations), any contributions that you've previously made will be changed to be an anonymous user name and the information you placed on your profile will be removed.

Won't you consider staying? We'll certainly miss you if you go.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Is it acceptable to answer your own question on WikiAnswers?

Answering Your Own QuestionsAbsolutely. You may answer your own questions (as long as the questions abide by the Community Guidelines). You can help build the knowledge base by asking questions and then answering them with facts you find from other sources. If you want to help by asking and answering questions as a way to share your knowledge, that's great. It is a great way to build the site, and is commonly practiced by many here.

This is actually a common technique when new categories are created, to "seed" the category with questions and answers.

You might intentionally ask questions in a very generic manner, and then answer them as you would any other question. For example, in the Maine category, you might notice that there's no information about when Maine became part of the union. So you might ask and answer the question, "What year did Maine become a state?"

Here is the link to the pertinent information (on pre-answering questions) from the Help center:

Please remember:

Questions regarding non-celebrities are not allowed on WikiAnswers - please do not ask and answer questions about yourself.

You also may not include your business information, addresses, phone numbers, or emails. Any business information must be kept to your profile, or it will be considered spam.

Yes. WikiAnswers is setup so people may gain knowledge and share information in an ongoing process.

WikiAnswers has a name for answering your own question and it is called pre-answering.

If you have a question and an answer for it please feel free to add that bit of information to the website. There may be people in the future that will add to your answer. You never know if your question and answer will spawn other questions and answers on the site.

For more information please see link below

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you answer a question on

All users can answer questions. However, there are different answering modes, depending on whether or not you are a member of WikiAnswers. Here are some guidelines.



A member answering a question that has not yet been answered:

Open the question and then click on the box below the answer that has the words "Answer this question" in it. Type your answer in the box provided and click "Submit."

A member editing/adding to an answer:

Open the question and then click on "Edit" in the top-right of the answer when you are logged in. Now you can edit the existing answer, or you can scroll down and contribute a new answer. Click "Submit."



A non-member answering a question that has not yet been answered:

Open the question and then click on the box below the answer that has the words "Answer this question" in it. Type your answer in the box provided and click "Submit."

A non-member editing/adding to an answer:

Open the question and then click on "Edit" in the top-right. Now you can edit the existing answer, or you can scroll down and contribute a new answer. Click "Submit."

Other guidelines to answering:

  • Do not sign your name to an answer, as answers are meant to be anonymous.
  • Don't use words like "I think" or "I believe" unless the question asks for an opinion.
  • If a question asks for an opinion, change the question to "In your opinion, .
  • Don't use words like "DUH!" or "You Idiot!" or "Don't be retarded" in your answer; defamation isn't allowed here on this site.
  • The goal of each answer is to form one good answer. In questions that have existing answers, try to incorporate additional information into the current answer. In opinion-based answering, simply add your answer below the existing answer. Do not delete existing answers unless they are vulgar, contain vandalism, or are blatantly wrong.
  • Do not use vulgarity, cyberbullying, post spam or chat in the answer section.
  • If you use a website as the source of your answer, refer to the related link and add that website in the "Add related links" option. Do not place the URL in the body of the answer or you can expect it to be removed.

More on asking and answering questions

(answered or unanswered):

  1. Ask a question (see "How do you ask a question?") or look for one that has already been asked.
  2. If there is an answer there, then somebody else has already answered it, but, you can still edit it*. If there isn't an answer there, then there will be a button asking you if you wish to answer it, and you can click that.
  3. A white box will come up, with some styling tools, for you to add your answer, and, when you are done, click Save at the top. If you want to add a Headline, click on the Style menu on the blue bar. You can also make text bold, italic, using either keyboard shortcuts. The styling bar provides Superscript, Subscript, Bullets (�), Numbered Bullets (1.) alignment, indentation, copying, pasting, undoing, adding a horizontal line, and quoting text.

How to edit an answer

If you wish to edit an existing answer:

  1. Search for a question that has already been asked (see "How do you ask a question") that you wish to edit, by using the green bar at the top of the page, and searching.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, below the answer, when you arrive at a suitable question. where you will find an option to "Improve Answer." Click this, and you will arrive at the white box with the pre-existing answer that you can edit accordingly.
  3. According to answering guidelines, you should not erase existing answers unless they are wrong. If fixing spelling or grammar only, check off the "minor edit" box.
  4. Check out this guide for [ Answering Questions], located in the [ Help Center].

How to edit a question

Before answering, you may want to fix the spelling or grammar in a question, but you should not change it to a different question. To fix spelling, click "improve question" on the blue menu or the "improve" link to the right of the question bar. You can "save" or "cancel" any changes using the two bars below.

There are different ways you can answer, but in most cases you only have to click the specific button that allows users to answer questions.
Click on answer it,it will be in orange then save it will be also in orange :)
Simply click on the relevant question - and type your answer. Once you're happy with your answer - click the orange 'submit' button.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Why do you spend so much time answering questions for a for-profit corporation such as WikiAnswers that will catalog your answers and eventually sell them?

I personally care more about people learning things about the world they live in than whether or not I am being paid to do so.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

What do you call a girl who is bachelor?

A bachelorette or bachelor girl - a young woman, not yet married - assumed to be straight.

A spinster or old maid is what an older woman would have been called if she never married, but these terms are no longer in use. Lesbian activity was kept under wraps for a long time.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How should you write your question on WikiAnswers?

Here are some examples of good and bad ways to write a question: Bad Questions * How do I find my lost dog? * Am I pregnant? * Is this normal? Good Questions * How do you find a lost dog? * Is morning sickness a symptom of pregnancy? * Is having only one eye normal for a cyclops? It should be a complete sentence, not a fragment. For example, ask "How do you change a tire on a Jeep Liberty?" and not "Change Jeep tire?" It should also not be a complex question with many parts. For example, it should not be "How do you change the left front tire if it went flat on Route 66 in the rain and you've never done it before but want to learn please thank you?" Try to make sure that your question is specific enough to answer, yet general enough to be applicable to other people with similar questions. Also, try to make your question understandable to those who are trying to answer it.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

Why ask the community when you could find an answer by using a search engine?'s mission is to be the best place for answers about anything. It is not a search engine. Instead, it's a user-generated Q&A community (WikiAnswers), where askers can get answers from multiple types of resources.

The WikiAnswers community collaborates on answers to questions about thousands of topics. Millions of dedicated members from around the globe aim to answer questions coming in from all kinds of people. In essence, WikiAnswers is a human-powered answering service, so that real people can get answers from other real people.

Contributors share more reasons:

  • People use websites like (instead of a search engine such as Google) because Google does not give the answers to everything; it just gives links to other sites (which may not even be correct). Some questions have never been asked before, so a search engine would not be helpful in such a situation. also differentiates itself because you can change questions and answers to improve content, spelling, and grammar. You can't do that on a regular website.
  • Some people lack the technical skill or the research experience to use a search engine effectively. Giving an instant answer to a question provides both a quick and efficient way to find the information they are seeking from a community of volunteers who give generously of their time and knowledge.
  • Search results are largely based on the text in a website. If the text typed in for the search doesn't match the text in a website, the result may not show up in the search results. This can happen if a website is primarily created from graphics and/or videos. Many inexperienced Web surfers may be unaware that a different search engine - or a longer, more particular search - could help a user refine their search results.
  • Many Wiki Answers questions could be answered with "Look up 'XYZ' on Google," or "Check your owner's manual," or "Check the current Blue Book price guide," etc. However, many people haven't developed good research skills. They may genuinely be at a loss for where to look for information. Regular users of search engines tend to forget that they once learned how to use a search engine. Very few people are really good at it. The same goes for libraries. Librarians exist because people aren't born knowing how to use a library. Even a phone book is something you once needed to learn how to use.
  • You don't need to help anyone here on WikiAnswers. Naturally, it's completely up to you if you choose to help answer a question or not. But if you do help answer a question, try to assume that the person who asked genuinely needs your help.
  • They could have tried and nothing came up because it wasn't the technical term. But other people might know something about the topic.
  • Google doesn't answer questions; they just point you at web pages that might have the answer to your question. Someone has to have written the answer to your question on a page somewhere for Google to find. And that's what we do here: answer questions.
Questions about WikiAnswers and

Why is there no WikiAnswers category for this or that topic?

TopicsIt is often completely arbitrary why we have one category and not another.

For the most part, we try to let new sections grow naturally. We've been finding that it's better to divide up general categories that have become too large than to set up relatively empty categories from the start.

That said, if you would like to actively participate in a category and could help us get it started, e-mail us at Wiki s @

(See the Related question.)

Questions about WikiAnswers and

What are the various contributor levels on

Contributor Levels on
  • Bronze contributor: 500 contributions
  • Silver contributor: 5,000 contributions
  • Gold contributor: 25,000 contributions
  • Platinum contributor: 100,000 contributions
  • Double Platinum contributor: 200,000 contributions
  • Ruby contributor: 500,000 contributions

Note that these badges appear in the Stats box on your profile and are updated automatically.

For more information, go to the Community Roles & Programs page (see Related link below).

~ Please note that these levels are subject to change ~

Questions about WikiAnswers and
Child Internet Safety

Why do you have to type in two random words to answer a question or post a message?

'Captcha'ing the SpambotsWhen answering questions or posting messages you may now see a request to enter several characters that appear in an image.

We put this in place to prevent "spambots" (computer programs that spider the web automatically posting offensive messages and advertising) from modifying the site. Entering the characters in the 2 words in the images proves that you're a human being. This sort of filtering device is called a CAPTCHA program.

This particular CAPTCHA program was created by Carnegie Mellon University; while catching non-human contributions, it also helps digitalize books so that they can be available for reading/searching on the internet! An innovative system has been devised whereby users are presented two distorted word images. One of the words will be known and one won't. Type them both in. By comparing what multiple people type for the unknown images the system figures out the identity of the mystery word. The system is being used to digitize books from the Internet Archive, old editions of the New York Times and old time radio shows.

Spambots became such a problem that we needed to implement a technical solution. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, if you log in with your username and password, you will not be requested to fill these in when answering a question.

What if I have difficulty reading the 2 words?

As an alternative for those who have trouble reading the word images, you can click the horn icon to hear an excerpt of an old-time radio show. Then type as much of what you hear as possible.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you add photos or images to your profile?

In the top navigation bar, hover over your username and select 'Profile' you will then see options to edit your user avatar.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

How do you join

Becoming a Member of

Joining is really simple, and it only takes a few minutes.

To join, just click the "Sign Up" button in the right hand corner of the blue bar on the Answers homepage, and you can choose to sign up through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or just with an email address. If you choose to sign up with just an email address, then enter your name, your username, your password, and fill in your email address. (Note that you must have a valid email address in order to confirm your registration).

What are some of the perks of joining?

You will then have your own profile and personal message board, as well as all the perks of being a registered member of the community, such as recognition for your efforts and receiving badges and awards for your contributions. You can also turn off ads on your settings page.

Questions about WikiAnswers and

What is the difference between a Senior Supervisor and a regular Supervisor?

Senior SupervisorsSenior Supervisors oversee top-level categories, whereas regular Supervisors oversee individual categories. Most Senior Supervisors are also active with other community programs, such as the Vandal Patrol.
Questions about WikiAnswers and

Can I ask a coin evaluation question on WikiAnswers?

Your questions about the value of coins CAN be answered on WikiAnswers!

Though you cannot get an accurate appraisal, you can get a general idea of what you might expect to get for a coin of the type you describe.

Please keep in mind that there are several criteria that are required to give an evaluation of a coin:

The denomination

the country of origin

the year of minting

If one or more of these criteria is missing an evaluation is not going to be very accurate, so all should be included in your question.

Also, please keep in mind that nothing can take the place of taking your coin to a live appraiser, so the answers given anywhere online are only general ideas of what your coin is worth.

Most questions already have an answer. The best way is to type your question like this: What is the value of a <date> <country> <denomination>!


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