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Q: A simplified description unfairly applied to every person in the same category is called?
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What is an Exaggerated description that gets applied to everyone in a category of the population?

A stereotype.

If an equation is simplified by removing parentheses before the properties of equality are and 8203 applied what property is and 8203 used?

if an equation is simplified by removing parentheses before the properties of equality are​ applied, what property is​ used?

I have was offerred a job 5 wks ago paper work has gone astray and refs not applied for when I was told they had I have raised concerns as I was available immediately Am I being treated unfairly?


What term is applied to animals that are about to be extinct?

After Extinct, the next IUCN category is "Extinct in the Wild," which is then followed by "Critically Endangered."

What is a literary word for a describing word?

A word that applies a description to a noun is an "adjective". Applied to a verb is an "adverb".

When a voltage is applied across a diode and current flows we say the diode is what?

One description would be forward biased.

What type of device lights up when a small voltage is applied across it?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) will fit into this category, or a torch (flash light) bulb.

What are boxing journeymen?

That would be a category of boxer. Basically it is meant as a description of a lower level fighter but, sometimes the media will use the reference loosely and christened even a rated commodity as a "Journeyman". You might be able to get better depth on this reply if we use names of past and present boxers. It is a nice study, time applied.. Perhaps "Rocky" in the Rocky series would be a legitimate Journeyman boxer.

What error did Clyde make and what is the correct simplified form?

Clyde made the error of not telling us what he wanted simplified.

What is a body that moves around a larger body in an orbit?

That sketchy description could be applied to a planet, a satellite, a moon, an asteroid, a comet, a meteoroid, or even an electron.

What do you call a major accident?

There is no legal definition of a "major" accident. It is a loose description that is usually applied to any accident which causes major costly damage and/or injury or death.

is law a double edged sword?

Yes, law can be seen as a double-edged sword because it can both protect individual rights and freedoms, as well as restrict behaviors and impose consequences for breaking those laws. It can be used for justice and order, but also has the potential to be misused or applied unfairly.