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Who wrote the book 'Rashtrapitamah Swami Dayanand Saraswati'?

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The book 'Rashtrapitamah Swami Dayanand Saraswati' was written by Rajender Sethi and published by M R Sethi Educational Trust Chandigarh
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Who is Edwin B.Flippo?

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Edwin flippo is the author of books on personnel management
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Answers with Carter Wilson?

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What do you like to do when you're not writing? Oh, days are easily filled by my two awesome kids, my girlfriend, and her boy. I try to work out every morning. And if I have some evening downtime, a good, dark TV show and a margarita is hard to beat.
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Answers with Jake Anderson?

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Tell us about your skateboard shoe! And where can we get a pair? I'm sponsored by DVS Shoes and they released a limited edition signature shoe for me, which was an amazing dream come true. That picture of me jumping off the crab pots is on the insole and it's got my favorite colors: black. It's not up for sale anymore, but man I was so excited to have that come out with my name on it!
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What is the poem The moving finger writes?

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The Moving Finger Writes is not a poem but a quotation from a famous poem. It is a stanza, a Quartrain from Omar Khayyam's The Rubaiyat, as translated by Edward Fitzgerald: The moving finger writes, and having writ Moves on, nor all your piety or wit Shall lure it back to cancell half a line, Nor all your tears wash out a word of it.
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What contributions did Alexandre Dumas make?

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Alexandre Dumas contributed to literature in the Romanticism and Hostorical Fiction movements. Some of his notable works include The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. He also wrote the Marie Antoinette romances.
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Why did More write Utopia Book 1?

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He was showing that society in Europe was disorderly by nature. It was often believed that if the world was entirely Christian then their would be no problems, but More satirized this using England (an island of Christians) and showing all of their problems.
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Who is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes married to?

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Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is married to Mandi. Mandi proposed to her on February 26th, 2009
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Who are the sinners in the vestibule of hell?

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I assume from the terminology that this relates to the Comedia of Dante Alighieri. The sinners in the Vestibule (Described in Canto III) are the Futile those "whose lives knew neither praise nor infamy" (ibid l. 36) and including "that caitiff angel-crew/Who against God rebelled not, nor to Him/Were faithful, but to self alone were true" (ibid ll. 37-9). These figures represent those without conviction either to good or bad. They are represented following a banner that wildly flaps around in the same way that their opinions and values shifted in life. The only identified figure is "The coward spirit of the man/Who made the great refusal;" (ibid ll. 60-1) it is uncertain who this represents although it has been suggested that it is Pope Celestine V who abdicated the papacy in favour of Boniface VIII who Dante hated; it has also been suggested as an identifier for Pilate who condemned Christ despite believing His innocence.
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Answers with Chris Colfer?

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What advice would you give to anyone hoping to write their own stories? Just do it! Don't worry about it looking nice at first. Word vomit everything out onto the page to get it out of your system, you can always go back and edit it as many times as you want. Also, don't be intimidated by other writers. If you're a living creature with something to say you have every right to - never let anyone tell you differently.
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Why did Siegfried Sassoon go to Edinburgh?

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Because the first world war made him sick and he had to spend some time at Craiglockhart Hospital to get better.
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What are prosodic features?

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Prosody refers to the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech, so the vocal aspects of speech that contribute to that prosody (pitch, stress, speed, volume, intonation) are prosodic features.
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Does an author have to register as a business?

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For purposes of protecting intellectual property, no it is not necessary to be registered as a business.
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Was Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal an educationist?

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Not sure, but I can tell you I found out that He was a very successful Attorney, famous Poet, Philospher, Political figure and a Social reformer. He was educated in London. His poetry in Persian and Urdu is being taught in schools.
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What is the purpose of the Lady of Shallot?

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Tennyson wrote The Lady Of Shalott at a time when he was starting focussing on themes of human relations, especially man-woman relations. Tennyson's purpose in writing The Lady Of Shalott was to show (and relish) how sometimes a strong magnetic male personality may captivate a fragile woman's life like a passing storm and blow her life to smithereens. Though secluded and cursed, the lady was leading a somewhat tranquil life in the island of Shalott, as can be guessed from the usual sights she sees from her window, indirectly though through a mirror. Sir Lancelot was only passing through the river bank. Just one look at that magnificent personage, and she forgot everything and looked directly at him through her forbidden window.The Woman has only one purpose, she can do nothing but go away the way the storm went. Knowing not the doom caused by him on her life, seeing her floating dead along the river at Camelot, Sir Lancelot only commented: What a beautiful face! She was only a fallen leaf, shook and blown away by the storm that was him. Such frantic and sudden affections are not uncommon in Literature or in human life either.
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Who is DW Harding I know he's an author i just need some background info on his life?

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As you probably know, Regulated Hatred and Other Essays on Jane Austen is a collection of 10 pieces on Jane Austen written by the late D. W. Harding over 50 years, published in 1998. Harding died in 1993. According to a JASA book reviewer Jon Spence, "Harding was not a literary critic; he was an academic psychologist who held the Chair of Psychology at Bedford College, University of London, and it is very much as a psychologist that he wrote about Jane Austen. " However, Frank Leavis, in a review titled 'Scrutiny: a Retrospective' states that Professor Harding, then an editorial board member of the journal 'Scrutiny' while holding the Chair of Social Psychology in London, had originally read English before going over to Psychology.
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Answers with Donna Halper?

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The current lineup of Rush is coming up on 40 years together -- what are you doing to mark the occasion? I know what they are doing-- they are taking a much-deserved break from touring, to re-charge their proverbial batteries and spend some time with their families. As for me, what I am doing is feeling profoundly grateful. When I first discovered them, I never expected to get a 40 year friendship. I've done favors for many bands over the years; that's the job of a music director, to give new bands a chance to be heard. But rarely have those bands kept in touch, nor would I expect it. Rush, however, is unique. Despite all their success, they remain three very down-to-earth guys; success has not spoiled them. Yes, they are wealthier, and they've gotten many awards over the years (including FINALLY getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), but if you hang out with them, as I've had the privilege of doing on a number of occasions, they are still Alex, Geddy, and Neil, three very good human beings who deserve every bit of the success they have achieved. I consider it an honor to know them and to have been a small part of that success.
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Answers with Laura Joh Rowland?

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If Answers users want to learn more about your work, where can they go? My website: Also my Laura Joh Rowland Author Page on Facebook for breaking news.