A utopia is the perfect society. It is a society which has no crime, no finance problems, and no educational problems.

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Why did More write Utopia Book 1?

He was showing that society in Europe was disorderly by nature. It was often believed that if the world was entirely Christian then their would be no problems, but More satirized this using England (an island of Christians) and showing all of their problems.


What are some disadvantages of living in a Utopian Society?

no uniqness

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To create a utopia requires a perfect set of rules and laws. So if a utopia is possible these laws would be both understandable and fair and based on pure science of life.

After all the real meaning of morality is: "That which promotes life health and happiness".

Anything opposed to that can not live in utopia.


What is the main idea in Utopia?

Utopia is a civilization or state of being where everything is perfect, everyone is happy, and it has no faults. However, Utopia has been proven to not be attainable due to the selfish nature of humans.

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What is the theme of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas?

The theme is the value and responsibility of the individual.

It is a story set in the far future in a Utopian (or Dystopian depending on how you look at it) society. Despite its setting, it is a simple ethical tale. We ask similar questions in our society? It is okay to kill one innocent person through our death penalty in order to be certain that we kill more of the guilty ones? Or is it better to let one guilty person go free in order to make sure we don't put any innocents to death? Different people have different answers to that question... just as some of the people in this story understand what their enjoyment and freedom is based on, and accept it, while others walk away, preferring disappointment and pain to the idea of contributing to someone else's suffering.

Obviously, the story doesn't deal with all of the philosophical complexities, and the possible symbolic meanings, but it is definitely a story of responsibility and humanity... how do you gauge the value of one versus many? Is the one right to accept suffering? Is the other right to walk away? Are the many right to accept the sacrifice... or the choice of those who walk away? :)


Did he make the putt in the Movie 7 Days in Utopia?



Why doesn't utopia work?

The very existence and nature of this question points precisely to the underlying reason "why," utopia "doesn't work."

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What is the opposite of utopia?

The opposite of a utopia (perfect society) would be a "dystopia" (imperfect, especially inherently flawed society).


How does censorship lend itself to an utopian society?

I don't think censorship lends itself at all to a utopian society. A perfect society would have a free exchange of ideas, therefore I would say that censorship lends itself to a dystopian society.


What are some properties of a utopia?

A utopia is a perfect society or a perfect place. Some properties would be a place where there are no problems, no conflicts, no murders, no crimes, and everyone is happy.

The essential property of utopia is that it is an imaginary place, not a real one.


Is Utopia ever achievable?

No. Well, perhaps, but a functional utopia has a population of one.

No two people will ever agree on all aspects of a society.

Sir Thomas More coined the term Utopia with the publication of his novel of the same name in 1516. With this first Utopian novel More showed the inseparable nature, the Yin and Yang, of utopian and dystopian elements. This is seen in every Utopian story. Lois Lowery's The Giver and Gathering Blue, Margaret Attwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake, the Michael Anderson film Logan's Run, Arthur C. Clark's Childhood's End, H.G. Wells' Men Like Gods, Ursula K. Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven and The Dispossessed and dozens of other literary examples all examine the dipole nature of utopian/distopian philosophy.

In addition to literary works, a number of philosophers, religious leaders, and social reformers have conducted real world experiments in Utopian societies: the Amana Colonies, Shakers, Mormons, New Harmony, Fruitlands, Onieda, and Rappites have all tried and failed to build Utopian communities right here in the United States.


Who was the author of Utopia?

Utopia was written by Sir Thomas More in 1516, who coined the word.

It was taken from the greek word U for no and the Greek word for where. So Utopia means Nowhere. He intended to write something funnier than the book In Praise of Folly by Erasmus.

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What is an example of a sentence using the word utopia?

She dreams of utopia every night in her sleep. This is a sample sentence using the word utopia.


Why is Brigadoon a utopia?

Brigadoon is utopia because there is no sin, no evil. No fall of Adam and Eve. Brigadoon is the Garden of Eden in which humankind exists in perfect harmony with God.


What does quasi-utopia mean?

"Utopia" represents the ideal whereas "quasi" simply precludes such a state, reflecting instead the reality that will forever antagonize the ideal. To combine the words is crass, but in a post-modern sense, it aberrates enough in the readers mind to work as a single term.

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Is there a website that lets you plot multiple locations on a map?




Describe your own version of utopia?

a utopia is an ideal place or state. where in which case believes in perfection of society and and moral aspects.


What were the founders of utopias hoping to achieve?

They were hoping to have a perfect society

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What are the names of some utopian groups and where have they settled?

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Author of utopia?

thomas more

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What are some disadvantages that aristocracy has on a society?

Hinders the people's ability to advance. Doesn't give people down the social rung a chance to have influence in the way the country is run.


Does he make the putt in seven days in utopia?


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How many syllables does utopia have?

Four - U-to-pi-a Four (4) 4 syllables


Where is utopia?

It is an imaginary place written about in fiction by Sir Thomas More:

"More coined the word "utopia", a name he gave to an ideal, imaginary island nation whose political system he described in a book published in 1516." [Wikipedia]

The word has come to mean any ideal or perfect place. The made-up name based on Greek words actually means "no place." Although Thomas More never actually states exactly where Utopia is in the story, Raphael Hytholoday, the man who is the main character in the book, gives the impression that it is somewhere in the New World. This new world is most likely North America.

ANSWER: It borders mendacity in the state of wishful thinking and it's twin city is audacity. One mans utopia is another man's hell.

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People are never satisfied what thay have thay always want something more and differentwhat's the opinion?

People can be satisfied with what they have, I do not believe that everyone wants or desires much more than what they have achieved. I believe that people at the extremes of wealth and poverty desire or require more either through greed or want.

I have worked in recruitment and social work and have discussed with individuals their aims and asperations. Most people want to remain static but want a change rather than more.

However, I think that the desire for more is what keeps the human race moving forward. We all need somthing to strive for, it may not be monetary, it can be the desire for more knowledge, time, health, etc.


AnswerIn addition to the previous comment, I also think that there is something about wanting to beat "joe neighbor." T.V. advertises new and amazing things everyday. Why wouldn't someone want the newer, faster, better thing? Some people just have it in their head that bigger is better.
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What is the word that describes a place of absolute profectiom?

You may mean Utopia


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