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Can you imagine life without a mobile phone? From the large Motorola StarTAC of the 90s to Apple's sleek and smart iPhone, mobile phones have transformed into an absolute necessity in today's connected world. Ask questions about these ubiquitous devices here.

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What is Mindless Behavior's official fan phone number?

There is currently no official fan phone number for Mindless Behavior available, however see the related question below for Mindless Behavior's official fan mail address. 323-319-6060 1-347-213-8622 ...
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What does WYD mean in texting?

WYD is the abbreviation for 'What you doing' when texting.
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What is Selena Gomez's official fan phone number?

Selena Gomez does not have an official fan phone number. For fan contact information, you may try the celebrity's official website or those of her fan groups. You can also send her fan mail at her official fan mail address. Fan Mail Address: Selena Gomez Studio Fan Mail Service 1122 S. Robertson Blvd. Suite 15 Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA ok i have it it is 214-get a life cuz im her biggest fan so ha and i really do hav it ...
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What does IG mean when you are texting?

In text code, "ig" means I guess. Instagram
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What are the advantages of a mobile phone?

Generally, advantages of mobile phones are: -You can keep in contact with your friends and family! -With a camera phone, you can capture memories! -You can use it for emergencies when you have no money or in need of help! -It's easy to keep! -You can connect to the Internet! -You can check your emails! -It can be used worldwide! -You can keep in contact with your friends and family! -With a camera phone, you can capture memories! -You can use it for emergencies when you...
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What is meaning of SOS?

It refers to the international distress signal in continuous wave (CW) radio. The Marconi Yearbook of Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony , 1918 states, "This signal [SOS] was adopted simply on account of its easy radiation and its unmistakable character. There is no special signification in the letter themselves, and it is entirely incorrect to put full stops between them [the letters]." All the popular interpretations of "SOS" -- "Save Our Ship," "Save Our Souls," or "Send Out Succor" -- are simply not accurate, although...
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How do you remove write protection from a mini SD card?

Removing the Write Protection Depends on the Source of the Problem. Broadly speaking, it can be any of the following scenarios There is a write-protection tab on the mini sd card HOLDER. Every time you insert this into your PC or card holder, this tab slides to the write protect position. Either keep resetting, inserting & reinserting until it doesn't slide or tape it down. There is nothing wrong with the mini sd card. Simply locate the write protection key and push it. The mini...
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What is the difference between SMS and MMS text messages?

SMS only allows you to send text. MMS allows you to send pictures, sounds, videos, text, or any combination of the four. MMS message can carry a larger size of content up to 300KB in extensions of WAV, JPEG, Gif etc. You can find more information about it on the link below. ...
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What is One Direction's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number is not known for One Direction at this time. Many celebrities do not have phone numbers for fans to call; however, you can write to One Direction at their official fan mail address found on the Related Question. ...
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How do you register online in Didi no 1 season 3?

i want to participate Didi no-1
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What is that scary movie called where you get a phone call and then you die?

You may be thinking of The Ring, or Scream. It may also be One Missed Call. If so, be sure to rent the original Japanese version of this movie, because the American version is godawful. ...
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How do you format a Nokia E72?

Press 4 bottons at the same time: 3 + * + call + power.
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What is the nokia 2323 security code?

if you have forgot the code , go to the shop of nearest service center and get it unlocked , or do the flashing of your device. ...
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What is the telephone code of Scotland?

Which town in Scotland ? OR do you mean to dial Scotland from outside the UK. If that's the case - then you use country code +44 BUT remember to omit the first zero from the area code. For example - say you were calling the Edinburgh number 0131 496 0018, you would dial: 00 44 131 496 0018 from Ireland 011 44 131 496 0018 from the USA ...
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How can you look up the serial number of a firearm - to find out if it is stolen - before purchasing it?

In the US Call your local police/sheriff and ask them to check it for you. They will need the serial number, manufacturer, model, and caliber. This is important, since the same number may have been used by different manufacturers. Some manufacturers may have used the same number ranges for different product lines. If you are unsure what kind of gun it is, check with a gunsmith or a gun dealer. Do not rely on the police to figure that out; they are law...
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How do you convince your parents you should be homeschooled?

Convincing Parents to Homeschool I would start by locating some information on homeschooling. See if your area has any homeschooling organizations that your Mom could ask questions to. Do a search for homeschool high schools. There are many accredited high schools that offer regular high school diplomas to homeschooled children. They also offer classes, online and through distance learning. Your mom or dad would simply have to supervise you and provide structured time for you to complete the assignments sent by the school. Go online or...
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Who invented the cell phone and when?

Martin Cooper invented the cell (mobile) phone. He was the first one to make a call and speak on his moble phone. Mr Cooper, born December 26, 1928, wanted people to be able to carry their phones with them anywhere. While he was a project manager at Motorola in 1973, Cooper set up a base station in New York with the first working prototype of a cellular telephone, the Motorola Dyna-Tac. After some initial testing in Washington for the F.C.C., Mr. Cooper...
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What is Reliance GSM balance enquiry number?

To check the reliance GSM prepaid sim balance, type" *367# " and press the call button and you will get service reply within a second. To listen to the Reliance GSM balance enquiry, type *367 and press the call button and then follow the instructions as a mobile system. ...
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Can you take iPhone into steam room?

I tried doing this last night. I put a plastic sandwich bag around my phone and poked a hole for my headphones through the bag. It seemed to work for a little while but the screen got very foggy and moist. Then the screen started to change colors. I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, it's pretty bad for your phone. Most steam rooms are over the temperature limit for the phone, and they are not sealed. You'll end up with humidity trapped...
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Where is area code 467?

According to the NANPA the area code +1 467 is not currently assigned to any geographic location and it also is not reserved for future use at this time. An international number beginning with +46 7 may be a mobile in Sweden. ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone?

Advantages of Mobile Phones: Some advantages of mobile phones are that they are portable and that they keep phone numbers so they don't have to be memorized. Ability to make phone calls while away from a land-line phone. It can be used as a mp3 player, instead of carrying around your mobile and your ipod or what ever type of music thing you have. you can have easy access if you need to call someone right away you are able to have calendars and email and...
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Where is telephone country code 67?

There is no country code +67 or 0067, but several three-digit country codes begin with +67. You need another digit. Country codes +670 through +679 are for various island nations in the Pacific. See the related questions below. +670 = Timor-Leste (East Timor) +672 = Australian External Territories (Norfolk Island, Antarctic bases) +673 = Brunei +674 = Nauru +675 = Papua New Guinea +676 = Tonga +677 = Solomon Islands +678 = Vanuatu +679 = Fiji Note that +671 was formerly used for Guam, which now uses +1 671. Note also that...