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Smartphone applications are software programs downloaded onto smartphones like the iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry for specific tasks. Apple dominates the smartphone application industry with its App Store that sells more than 300,000 third party apps to its iPhone users.

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Smartphone Apps

Why can't you get sound on the Pocket God app?

One possibility could be your in game sound being off, another being your device sound being off.

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How do you delete paused apps?

You Hold Your Finger On The App You Want To Delete. An X Will Pop Up On The Top Right Of The Screen. You Touch The X And Confirm You Delete! :)

The above instructions will completely

delete the app from the ipod.

If you just want to stop a paused app from running, the procedure is a little different. With the iPod unlocked, double-click the Home button. This will open a row of "running app" icons on the bottom of the screen. Find the app you want to stop running (scroll right to see more icons) and hold your finger on it until the icon starts to jiggle. Tap the X in the corner of the icon to stop it running - this will not

delete the app. Click the Home button once to stop the icons from jiggling.

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How do you get critical hits on Fruit Ninja?

Critical hits are a great way to get a bonus of 10 points, if you miss a combo. Some say that critical hits are RANDOM. Thats not true! It is actually a "well-place, well timed" slash, right down the middle! It takes some practice to get it perfetto, but who cares? If you just go with the flow, it happens anyways, so don't sweat it! :D

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What do I do if my apps don't update?

maybe they dont require an update!

Apps that need an update will show up in your AppStore icon as a number in the corner of the icon. No number means no updates are available. You need to be in a WiFi hotspot to update, and some hotspots (like my favorite coffee shop) will not allow this kind of activity.

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How do you make an app download If stopped?

If the app downloading has paused then tap the icon

You should be able to download it again at no cost. If you get charged twice, visit the App Store, click on your account name and choose Account. Scroll down to Purchase History and click "See All". There will be a "Report a Problem" button that you can use if you were charged twice for the same item.

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Is there an app similar to grindr for non iphones?

Been looking myself, but the only ones I could find were - which is mainly aimed at a certain type, or mandate which seems to be mainly for north americans...

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Answers with Qblinks?

Qblinks is a smart phone remote controller and notification center. When did the Qblinks adventure begin?

The concept of Qblinks started in March 2013, way before iOS 7 was released. By then on the market, there was no such product designed for smartphone remote notifications. And then by the time iOS7 released on September 2013, the concept and Qblinks prototype just worked perfectly with it.

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How do you make a plankton on alchemy?

Bacteria and water!! (:

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How do you delete bets on beat wave app?

Just go to the beat menu, and slide your finger to the right across the beat you want to delete. A red button will appear that says delete. Tap it.

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Lonelycatgames smartmovie v4.15 license key?


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How do you close your zombie cafe?

Tap the door way and it will make the door close and open.

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What is the pin code in enterfactory?

It depends on the pin given to your sim card/ phone no.09365380164

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Can you lock your text free apps?

No you cant lock your text free apps unless you sign out then sign back in everytime.

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Angry Birds

How many free Angry Birds apps are available for the iPad?

Three: The Original, Rio, and I THINK Seasons

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What do a clock a girl 3 cups and a light bulb have in common?

If you are referring to the clue for the game what's the word, the answer is CYAN.

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How do you start new racing live account?

you go to agent and touch reset your account.

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What is the name of blue bird from Angry Birds?

There are actually three blue birds in the original Angry Birds as well as in Angry Birds Space. They are simply referred to as Blue Birds. Alias' for these birds include The Blues, Glassjaw Birds and Cluster Birds. In Angry Birds Rio, Blu and Jewel are both blue in coloration although they are Blue Macaws.

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How do you get the mighty eagle?

You click on it when you need it and it says .99 you hit yes and type in your itunes account password and then you could use it every five minutes(it costs 99 penny's)

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How do you read fruit facts about fruit ninja?

Win a level/complete level.

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Are there any cheat codes for vampires live?

Play the game Fairly

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Why does Angry Birds lag on phone?

Your phone might have a bit of a clustered memory. Try removing unnecessary things to speed it up.

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How do you unlock the android lock if you forget the password?

You can reset your lockscreen password through your Google account. After a certain number of failed attempts it will ask you if you want to reset it using your Gmail account. Have it send the email and follow the instructions.

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How do you get airtel mobile number info?


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Who is the dealer of Samsung Electronics in Jeddah?

Al Salehiya Comm. Center 4th Fl., 407 P.O. Box 16095 Jeddah-21463 SAUDI ARABIA

Tel : 644-3843/643-2490, Fax No : 643-1813

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How do you get your picture on your draw something profile?

Log into your facebook...... I am logged into my fb my picture does appear I changed my profile pic earlier on and it changed to my new pic where others can see but from my side it only shows the old pic that I put up why is that and how do i solve that as I need to know which pictures come up I've changed my pic 2 times now and it automatically changed but from where I can see it was the first pic when I first logged into it with my fb account please someone help me!


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