Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a popular smartphone game originally developed for the iPhone and now available on most smartphones. It has sold 10 million copies since its release.

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Angry Birds

What is an activation code for Angry Birds?

bird space

Angry Birds

Who created Angry Birds?

It was made by Rovio which is in Poland.

Jaakko Lisalo is one of the game designers.

Angry Birds

What is the name of yellow bird from Angry Birds?

His official name is simply Yellow Bird but his alias' are Maching Bird, Lazer Bird, Canary Bird, Fast Bird and Speedy Bird.

Angry Birds

What is The Key to activate Angry Birds Full Version?

you pay $0.99 for the app in the appstore

Angry Birds

What are the names of the Angry Birds?

Big Red/ Red Bird- A normal bird that you begin the game with. It has no special powers.

Splitter/ Blue Bird- A small bird that splits into three when you touch the screen.

Speedy/ Yellow Bird- An average bird that blasts itself much faster when you touch the screen.

Soko/ Black Bird- A big bird that has two effects: it will turn red after hitting something and then explode three seconds later, or it will explode when you touch the screen.

White Bird- A medium bird that no one understands because they are trying to get their eggs back, this one lets them down when you touch the screen.

Boomerang Bird/ Green Bird- A long bird that you launch past the pig's castle, then touch the screen and it will fly backward.

Big Brother- A large bird that will plow straight through anything in its way. It is the older sibling of the "Red Bird".

Mighty Eagle- A gigantic bird that eliminates everything. It costs 99 cents at the app store.

Balloon Bird/ Orange Bird- A recently added bird that is very small but it eventually puffs up like a balloon.

Angry Birds

Who invented Angry Birds?

Rovio made it in their Finland headquarters.

Angry Birds

What color is the red angry bird's beak?

The color of Fires beak is Orange

Angry Birds
Stuffed Animals (toys)

What stores sell Angry Birds plush dolls?

Angry Birds plush toys can be found at various stores both online and retail. A few of these include Toys"R"Us, Target, Kmart, Walmart,,, and of course the Angry Birds official online store.

Smartphone Apps
Angry Birds

How many free Angry Birds apps are available for the iPad?

Three: The Original, Rio, and I THINK Seasons

Angry Birds

Where can you play Angry Birds online for free at school?

I don't think that you can.

Angry Birds

Why did Peter Vesterbacka create the Angry Birds?

Because he wanted to!!!! Lol just kidding. I think he wanted to make this game because he thought of it as a really good pass time. I'm like obsessed with that game!!

Angry Birds

How much does Angry Birds mighty eagle cost?

It costs 99 cents witch is 69p with unlimited use. But if you have Angry Birds space it is that price for limited use.

Nintendo DS
Angry Birds

Can you play Angry Birds on the Nintendo DS?


Angry Birds

Where is a Angry Birds claw machine?

this can be found in at the mall or at an arcade centre.

if you cant make it to one of these locations try the other

Angry Birds

How much does Angry Birds cost?

For iPad or iPhone, it costs about 99 cents. Online, it is free.

Angry Birds

Is Angry Birds coming out for DS?

Yes Angry Birds is coming out later in 2012.

Angry Birds

What does the green bird do in Angry Birds?

Once flung, tap the screen to make it reverse and go flying backwards.

Angry Birds

How do you draw Angry Birds?

This is how to draw an 'Angry Bird' from a side view. First draw a circle then where the beak is meant to be draw a isosceles triangle and another upside down on under on the left edge of the other one, also make sure the beak is sticking out a bit. Then draw half a circle on the edge so it would look like a circle at the front. then add ovals at the top of the bird which are meant to be feathers. then add the small tail feathers by drawing three sticks coming out the back, but make sure it gets a bit bigger as it moves out. Now add eyes on top of the beak. then the angry eye brows and your done!

Angry Birds

What is the serial code of Angry Birds Rio Gold 2012 v1.2.2?


Angry Birds

When do you get the green bird in Angry Birds?

In the 11th level in the big setup

Angry Birds

Can you download Angry Birds seasons for PC?

Smartphone Apps
Angry Birds

What is the name of blue bird from Angry Birds?

There are actually three blue birds in the original Angry Birds as well as in Angry Birds Space. They are simply referred to as Blue Birds. Alias' for these birds include The Blues, Glassjaw Birds and Cluster Birds. In Angry Birds Rio, Blu and Jewel are both blue in coloration although they are Blue Macaws.

Angry Birds

How much is Angry Birds on nook?

It is $2.99 for angry birds rio.

Angry Birds

How many people have played Angry Birds?


Angry Birds

How do you make an Angry Birds level?

there is no way to make your own custom Angry Birds level YET


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