Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It is a publicly held company based in Mountain View, California, They provides services such as search, email, online mapping, office productivity, cloud storage, social networking, IM/video chat, web browser, mobile and desktop operating systems, broadband internet, payment service, and a suite of mobile devices.

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What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a market activity in which a security, commodity, currency or other tradable item is bought in one market and sold simultaneously in another, or order to profit on the price difference between the markets.

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How do you remove vbs freelink virus?

I had this problem and fixed it. Go to start/Run/ and type in 'regedit'. Go to HKey Local Machine Software / Microsoft / Current Version / Run / Delete the key Rundll. Rundll = Rundll VBS Also look in Classes in Current Version for any thing begining with VBS YOU MAY HAVE TO DO THIS TWICE TO GET RID OF IT

Another Way:

VBS/Freelink is an e-mail worm written with the VBScript language. Programs written with VBScript operate only under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 (unless Windows Scripting Host has been installed separately)

The VBS.Freelink virus distributes itself as an e-mail attachment. The e-mail attachment must be opened for the virus to propagate.

Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\services and rename MSXMIDI.EXE and WMPLAYER.EXE to any extention of your choice....I use boot.....if you check the file sizes of these files they are both 28k. Delete them. You should then remove any reference to either file in the windows registry or use a program such as Reg Scrub XP to do it for you...You should now no longer have any further problems with FREELINK

To Get Rid of It:


I've been battling with this virus on XP for two days on both mine and my sons computer. Because the virus appears to be getting on in years (1999) there doesnt appear to be much info and I've tried all the online virus scanning services and found them to be wanting. What really got me down is my own updated version of PCcillin did even catch it in the first place! I digress

First get an online complete system virus scan from Panda.This will fix possibly all infected files, but it wont fix the bridge.dll problem mentioned above. It will rename it and then when you reboot your system will annoy you by saying it cant find the specified .dll AND that (imy case) Trend PCcillin still tells me I have the VBS_FREELINK virus. Great.

Then I remembered my Tweak Regcleaner gets rid of useless .dll'sRan the program. It found the annoying .dll and I just told it to delete the lot.ReebootBINGONot freelink in sight.For the regcleaner goto and download the FREE regcleaner. That's all you need and its a cracking clean up utility anyway. Trust it and delete anything it finds including the "maybe unsafe to remove stuff"Good Luck everyone.

More Information:

Just a quick note to the above. It appears I was incorrect tosay there was little info on this Trojan.

There is lots of help, but when running a search just type VBS Feelink in to your search engine and omit the "_" (under line bit)

You should end up with a lot more helpful web pages.

Try checking the Windows Add/Remove Programs list. You might find something that you can't specifically remember installing (perhaps a name like Bridge). Remove any software that doesn't belong there and restart.

This might be an alternative from all the other fixes that require you to search the registry...

This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

You need to run these 6 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection


How do you delete search elf?

easy. go to your control panel and open up your programs file. search for the installed searchelf application and click uninstall. that should do it.

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Where can you get a driver for Pinnacle Miro DC10?

A driver can be downloaded at the link below. Note that it is for Windows 95/98, so it may not work on newer versions of Windows.

Google Chrome

Does Google Chrome cost money to install?

Google Chrome is totally free. You don't have to pay any money to install Google Chrome.

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How can you remove bigbr cc virus from your homepage?

== == Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ).Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

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What is a local search engine?

Local Search Engine means a location-based search engine, mainly country-based domains. Such as,, etc.

Local search engines help to promote local business. It measures the GPS distance with the user and providing more finest search engine results. It works basically using Google My Business and customer GPS locations

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How did Google get started?

Larry and Sergey decide that the BackRub search engine needs a new name. After some brainstorming, they go with Google a play on the word "googol," a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.


How did Google get its start? It started with a couple of college students who didn't get along. Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University, Sergey was in with a group of students who were assigned to show Larry around. The two graduate students in computer science argued about everything and anything. The two never agreed on anything, no matter what the topic was. The pair had strong opinions and divergent viewpoints, which would later lead them to solving one of computing's biggest challenges. Larry and Sergey retrieved information from a massive set of data.

Larry and Sergey begun collaboration on a search engine in January 1996 called BackRub. The name came from its unique ability to analyze black links, pointing to a given website. Larry who loved machinery gained notoriety for building a working printer out of Lego's. Larry also took on the challenge of creating a new server environment that used inexpensive computers. The pair was low on cash so they started tracking down loading docks to see if they could borrow these newly arrived computers. They needed these computers so they could start working on their new network. A year later news started spreading around campus about Larry and Sergey. Their approach to link analysis with BackRub was earning them publicity among those who have seen it.

The pair continued working to improve their technology throughout the first half of 1998. Following a path that would soon lead then to Google, they bought some disks at bargain prices. Larry and Sergey then went on to build their own computer housing in Larry's dorm room. They had no interest in building a company bases on their own technology they had developed. They called a friend, Yahoo founder David Filo and he liked their technology and was impressed. Filo advised Larry and Sergey to grow the service by themselves and start a search engine company. Filo also advised them that when they had fully developed the search engine, they would talk again. Unable to get the attention of other portal players, the pair decided to make a go at it own their own. All they needed now was some money so they could move out of the door and pay off credit cards they had maxed out due to investing in their technology.

The pair designed their business plans and headed out to find an investor. They found Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems. After going over Larry and Sergey's business plan Andy knew Google had a lot of potential. Andy was very busy that day and had to rush off during his meeting with Larry and Sergey. Before they had even discussed all the details Andy wrote out a check for $100,000. The check was made out to Google Inc, and was handed over to Larry and Sergey. Although the pair was excited, there was only one problem; Google Inc. had no legal entity, making it impossible to deposit the check. They put the check in a drawer and headed out to find other funders and set up a corporation. After finding funders within family and friends, their initial investment rose to almost $1 million dollars.

In September of 1998, Google Inc. opened its door in California. Their new office was a garage equipped with a washer and dryer, a hot tub, and parking for Googles new corporation's staff, which had three employees. One of Google Inc. first employees was Craig Silverstein, who is now the director of technology for Google Inc. Now, still in beta they were receiving publicity for their search results. Google Inc. was answering 10,000 search queries daily. Articles started appearing in USA TODAY. That December, Larry and Sergey's new Google Inc. was named one of the top 100 web sites and search engines. In 1998 Google Inc. was moving up in the world.

In 1999 Googles employees had tripled and the crew moved into an office with eight employees. Now they were answering 500,000 queries daily. Google received its first sign on commercial search customer with Red Hat. June 7th the company had secured funding of $25 million. Google Inc. was now answering 3 million searches daily and on September 21, 1999, they removed the beta label from their website. Google Inc. continues to expand; today Google has the largest search engine.

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How do you do background presentation using Google Chrome on stardoll?

You can't make backgrounds any longer. I'm sorry- last time I checked they don't allow them.

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What are 2 disadvantages to using a search engine?

some are many disadvantages, hard to test, slow search, slow seo, hard to target.

How do you create a Google email ID?

First, go to the Google website. Then, click on the "Gmail" link at the top, left-hand side of the page. Next, click on the "Create an account" button found in the middle, right-hand side of your screen. Fill in all of the pertinent information, and then click the "I accept. Create my account" button at the bottom of the page. Your new Google email ID should now be ready to use.
Go to or our local google site. Like (for India)

Notice the sign in link on top right corner of the page - click that.

You will be prompted to sign in inside a box to the right. Below it there should be a link saying -

Don't have a Google Account? Create an account now.
You get an Igoogle account, then look for the add google chat; then It will say you do not have a google address. A button under it will say create one, press that and fill in all the settings.
1)open gmail

2)we have an option create account CLICK IT

3)fill up your details

4)they ask an conformation email so if u have one give ua email or give a friends , relatives or anyone else

5)they give a twisted word fill the twised word corretly and click create my account

6)if u again get the format to fill ua details you must have wrong info or the twisted word wrong
You sign out of any accounts that you may be signed in with and simply select 'Add account' and then 'Create an account'.

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How many results does Google show on each page?

Google shows 10 organic search results and 3 to 5 Adwords results on SERP page.

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Why don't men like overweight girls?

Some men don't, some men do. It's often a matter of taste.

However, it's worth pointing out that people can change over time. Someone who initially liked only fat girls may end up liking thin ones, and someone who initially liked only thin girls might later have heavier tastes. In addition, a girl who was initially fat might lose weight. Or a slim girl might get fat.

And that's just accounting for people's physical preferences. Many people will value personality traits equally or above physical appearance.

I've edited out the other answers because:

A) My answer was similar to some of them

B) Some of the answers didn't actually answer the question or went too off-topic

C) Some of them were just insulting other people

Google Plus

Who invented Google Plus?

Google+ (Google Plus) is a new social media site operated by Google Inc. which was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

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How can you get google off your home page?

Depending on your browser it is a little different but go to your "Internet options" or "options" menu and a window will appear then delete "" from your homepage and put the page of your choice.

Computer Viruses

How do you get rid of NTSEARCH that pops up when using Google search?

Here are answers and opinions from contributors: * Symantec Anitvirus last definition gets rid of the same. You can download the patch from. It worked for me, otherwise it was a nightmare. You need to run these 3 essential programs to remove all the spyware on your computer.

If you do not have an internet security suit and only an anti virus

1. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

2. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot or Superantispyware


Use Mozilla firefox or the google chrome browser for browsing unsafe websites

Install ThreatFire

ThreatFire, features innovative real-time behavioral protection technology that provides powerful standalone protection or the perfect complement to traditional signature-based antivirus programs offers unsurpassed protection against both known and unknown zero-day viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, buffer overflows, spyware, adware and other malware.

Install a good antivirus in your computer.

Keep your antivirus updated. If automatic updates are available, configure your antivirus to use them.

Keep your permanent antivirus protection enabled at all times.

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How do you remove TROJ DELF RA virus?

Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ).Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Removing TROJ DELF RAHere are recommendations from FAQ Farmers:
  • Follow the link, housecall and use the free online virus scanner from Trendmicro. I had the troj_delf virus, it was found, I checked the box "automatically remove", it did and now it is gone! Hope it works for you also.
  • When you press "Ctrl+Del+Alt", you get a menu, choose process and look if there is a proces named sp.exe. If this is in fact correct. You go to start, execute and type "regedit". In the menu press "edit" followed by "search". You have to look for "sp.exe". When this is found, you delete this file and go to drive C. There you will find a file name sp.exe. Also delete this file. Restart your computer and the problem should be solved.
  • Get a good antivirus software from the link in the right. Scan your computer and delete all infected files.

You can remove TROJ DELF RA virus from your computer by following these steps .

1 Download and intall the Malwarebytes on your computer .

2 Update your Malwarebytes .

3 Scan your computer for all the malwares in your computer .

4 Remove all the malwares , found while scanning with the malwarebytes .

5 Restart your computer .


What is someone who works at Google called?

I'm guessing a Googlian

I don't think that they are known by any other name, I have my friend works at Google Bangalore, India, I have confirm this news from her.


Difference between spreadsheet and worksheet?

Spreadsheet and worksheet both are different. Spreadsheet is a file which contains multiple worksheets. A single worksheet has information's. Or we can say that a spreadsheet have one or more worksheet.


What are examples of cyberspace?

email, mailing lists, chat rooms, instant messaging, and videoconferencing.

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How do you get rid of the page ms-search com?

Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ).Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!


Any better sites than

funphotobox is good photo editing websites. This websites has lots of advance features.

Philippines Economics

Lists of Public Corporation the Philippines?

A public corporation is created to perform a governmental function or to operate under government control, such as a municipal water company or hospital.

heres the link(mixed w/ private corps.)>>>

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How much does a nightclub owner make?

I could probably answer this question, but you would have to give me a little more to work with. A good start would be telling me where the nightclub is located and what its capacity is.

I owned 2 and sold them both, so I can probably venture a decent guess.

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What company has the most airplanes?

American Airlines has the largest aircraft fleet, followed by Southwest Airlines


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