This category covers questions about Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan Motor Corporation. Infiniti is most well-known for manufacturing performance luxury vehicles.

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How much to replace a water pump for 92 infiniti q45?

is included with timing belt service


Who owns the car company Infinity?

Infiniti is the luxury car division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. (same as Lexus is for Toyota and Acura for Honda)


How do you change the trunk struts on a 2003 Infiniti m45?

03 m45 Trunk Strut/shock install Burtman Industries.

1. Remove loose items/trunk net/trunk mat(s) from trunk

2. Remove foam inserts (3) and cardboard tire cover

3. Remove the 6 clips using a blunt-edged panel popper

4. You now have access to the canister side of the strut, at the base of

each trunk lid hinge.

5. Remove the rear seat base - there is a round finger tab at the center of

each side. Pull out on the tab and up on the seat base and the side will

release. Make sure the seat belt receivers and seat base hooks (at the rear

of the seat base) clear.

6. Remove the bolt at each corner of the seat back towards the bottom far

right and far left corner. Use a 10mm socket.

7. Pull down the center armrest and carefully pull down the liner behind,

exposing the wire support structure and two 10mm nuts. Remove the two 10mm


8. Lift the seat belts around to the back of the seat back so they clear,

then lift the seat back up (off of its mounting rests) and away from the

rear deck. BE CAREFUL when removing this from the car - take it out in one

fell swoop and do not bang it against anything, as the backside had lots of

exposed metal which will scratch whatever it contacts (old installer talking


9. You now have access to the rod end of the struts. In each corner of the

car at the base of the deck, under the big chunks of insulation, you will

find them. Use a broom handle to firmly support the trunk lid, and then use

a pick tool to release the clips on each ball end on the struts. They will

come right off after that.

10. Apply a little thread lock to each end of the new struc, then set the

new rods' ball ends to be the correct length and position by comparing to

the old strut. Install. They will snap on easily.

11. Reinstall the seat and trunk liner parts accordingly.

They work like a charm. Trunk is a little harder to shut, but this is obviously part of the tradeoff with this particular solution.


How do you reset the Infiniti key programming to operate the seat memory?

properly adjust seat, mirror, and steering wheel. at memory controls press set and hold (1) or (2). when light blinks on numbered button, press and hold lock or unlock on the key fob and watch the numbered button blink until it stops

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Why does your Infiniti navigation system make a barking sound?

If you have pre-set addresses in your nav system, you might have accidentally selected a sound to be associated with a specific location. For example, your home icon might be associated with a dog barking (as it is a choice). Everytime you get within so many yards of your house, the nav. system recognizes this and barks. It can be fixed under Settings.

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What prevents Power seats from going forward?

usually a bad switch or something stuck in the track


Where is the Infiniti Car Commercial filmed?

new mexico

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Can you install factory fog lamps on a 2003 q45 in the front bumper holes?

yes you can install factory fog lights on a non fog light car,however, there may be some fabricating of brackets to mount the fog lights to.also you must either install your own switch or wire them directly into your parking lights.

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What gas should be used on a Infiniti G 35?

The high compression ratio of the VQ35DE engine requires premium (91) to run as efficiently and powerfully as possible. regular (87) fuel can be used but the engine computer has to compensate for it.

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What is the song from the BT advert?

Allie Moss - "Corner"

The song in the BT advertisement is by an artist named Allie Moss and the song is called "Corner." See related links below for the YouTube clip. It is also available to buy on her album Passerby.


Who is the manufacture for infinity?


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What is the best type of oil and transmission fluid for a 97 infiniti?

oil 5winter-30 trans Nissan d-matic

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How do you fix the studdering in my 1993 infinity g20?

replace motor mounts, force-clean fuel injectors, reset engine timing and base idle, may need new fuel injectors, replace spark plugs


Find fuse for radio in a 93 infinity?

In fuse panel under lower dash panel cover.

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What car costing 30000 or less has the best ride?

Consumer Reports lists only a handful of new cars that have fantastic rides. The lowest priced one is the Buick Lucerne, which can be bought new for $27,000 - $38,000. You can buy a 2007 Lexus ES350 for under $30,000 - this car has a very smooth ride and is also extremely quiet.

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How do you replace a water pump for 1996 Infinity Nissan?

remove timing chain

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Can you locate where your 2004 G35 is GPS?

the gps unit is either behind the glove box,or under the passenger front seat


Who makes infinity cars?

Infiniti is the luxury car division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company.

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How much would it cost to fix a transmission fluid leak?

Depends on where it is leaking. If it is leaking at the pan gasket, then try tightening the bolts to 20 lb/ft torque. If that doesn't work the gasket will need replacing. This is a good time to have the fluid and filter changed. If it is leaking at the seals then you can try a can of some sort of transmission stop leak. Any Auto Parts store can recommend one. May or may not stop the leak. If the leak persists and is more than a few drops a day, the transmission will need repair by a pro.

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Your 2002 Infiniti G20 with manual transmission has a high velocity vibration felt in the stick and the gas pedal Why?

warped flywheel and/or bad clutch

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Where Bank 2 oxygen sensor 1999 infiniti qx4?

on the driver side

Infiniti QX4

Where was the infinity first made exactly?

Infinity a number that eluded intellects and kings for thousands of years and wasn't accepted by the west until the BLANK.

The concept first arose in India 2 millennia BCE by the philosopher Isha Upanishad he worte "That is infinite, this is infinite: from that infinite this infinite comes: FROM that infinite , this infinite is removed or added: Infinite remains."

so in other word infinity minus infinity isn't zero but remains infinite


How do you remove the governor chip from a 2008 infiniti G37?

You have to take a dump on the engine. Hope this helped!


How do you get a softer ride on a 2002 Infiniti I35?

replace your struts and use nice tires like the michelin energy mxv4 s8 for your 17" wheels


Does 93 Infinity Q45's have true dual exhaust?

No it does not because my friend has one with true dual exhaust and it is 5 times more louder and it crackles over 3,000 rpm


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