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Dragon City is a gaming app found on Facebook. It is based on breeding and hatching various species of dragons.

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How do you get a gummy dragon on Dragon City?

Plant and electric will get you a gummy dragon on Dragon City.

You can make a Gummy Dragon the following ways:

Laser (Fire + Electric) + Dandelion (Plant + Ice)

Firebird + fluorecent

Firebird + Star

Jade + Star

Neon + Nenufar.

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How do you breed a cool fire dragon in Dragon City?

To breed a cool fire dragon(frostfire dragon) you have to breed an cold dragon and a fire hybrid dragon, I recommend breeding an cold dragon with a lava dragon.
make shaomial scared it
Medieval (Fire & Metal) + Alpine (Ice & Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock or Vulcano

Cool Fire can also be obtained through Laser (Fire & Electric) + Dandelion OR through Firebird (Plant & Fire) + Ice
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You can get it with these combinations,

Dandelion Dragon + Laser Dragon

Firebird + Ice

But I find that Medieval Dragon + Alpine Dragon works the best, but it might take you a few tries. You could get a Cool Fire, Soccer, Pearl, Armadillo, Or Flaming Rock out of this combination. Or you could get lucky and get it on the first try.
Gold dragon + jade dragon =cool fire.
Medieval (Fire + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock

Cool Fire can also be obtained through Laser (Fire + Electric) and Dandelion (Plant + Ice), Firebird and Ice.
you get soccer and coolfire dragon mix it and you get legendary dragon
its pretty hard but you should go on youtube because its very hard.
Mediaval and alphine

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What is the password for City Ville Hack?


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What is the password in the Dragon City cheat engine 1.3?

The password is DragonCity dragoncity.

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How do breed a gummy dragon in Dragon City?

What i did is bred a coral dragon with a lantern fish dragon and got a gummy dragon on my first try. It was 10 hour breeding than 10 hour incubation.

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What is the 1000000 credits cheat on imvu?

There are none anymore.

Used to be *use 124210000000

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Will a recent version of Dragon Megazord 1994 transform children into a dragon?

in the next millennium

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What is a dragon?

A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It often has some reptilian features, and has been described as a type of lizard. ---- Some people would say that a dragon is a mythical creature that has no basis in reality. On the other hand other's might call a dragon a fictional character in stories or fables. However others would say that the dragon is a symbol for or archetype of beings who are old and wise and have great personal power. There might be real dragons it a good possibility Japanese people believe the myths, because if you go to Japan they have dragon prints everywhere. ---- More a force of nature dragons are belived to be fake and nothing more than fantasies. but of course they exist. how else would such legends come into being without a catalyst like dragons to spark them. some say that they have gone extinct from overhunting centuries ago. Others like myself belive that they still walk among us using the magic we have broken from to hide themselves and seem human. naww dragons are flying fire breathing creatures

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How do you breed a soccer dragon in Dragon City?

I got my soccer dragon by breeding vulcano level 10 and alpine level 10. This took me 3 times but have patience. You will get other rares on your journey to your soccer dragon :).

Hope this helped and thanks!!

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How do you breed an armadillo dragon in Dragon City?

earth and metal dragons

Medieval Dragon + Alpine Dragon

Tropical Dragon + Gold Dragon

Jade Dragon + Star Dragon

you can't breed metal and earth,you just breed the hybrid of the two dragons(metal and earth hybrids)

just breed ice steel with steel water and you will get your Armadillo dragon truste me ;)

star + jade or dragonfly=gummy or armadillo

robot dragon+paladin dragon=armadillo

breed alpine with medieval dragon

By Breeding a dragon with earth element with a dragon with metal element.

Earth dragon + Metal dragon but im trying to find the exact question how? because it didnt work for me!

earth dragon and metal dragon or other type of metal

the bredding

of the armadillo dragon is

earth & metal

metal and earth dragon

Pure Earth+Pure Metal=Armadillo

breed the metal ang electric

Medieval + Alpine

Medieval + Snowflake

Paladin + Jade

Medieval + Mud

Medieval + Flaming Rock Dragon = High Chance Of Getting Armadillo Because Fire and Fire Does Not Breed Together, There is a low chance of You Getting A Medieval Dragon and A Higher Chance on getting a Flaming Rock Dragon..

metal and earth

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How do you stop a hatch in Dragon City?

I wonder

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What is the activation code for Dragon City hack tool?


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How do you breed a blizzard dragon in Dragon City?

It takes a while but there a chance to get it by breeding a fire and water dragon. the cloud dragon is the more common egg you'll get from breeding fire and water.its wrong the real thing is water dragon with flaming rock

You get this dragon by breeding a Fire Dragon with a Water Dragon at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. This combination may also result in a Cloud Dragon.

just breed water and fire dragons to get blizzard dragon.

breed fire and water

water and fire

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How do you breed pure dragon in Dragon City?

In getting a pure dragon in Dragon City, you must breed a legendary dragon with another legendary dragon. These are the Legendary Dragons:

  • Legendary Rainbow Dragon
  • Legendary Crystal Dragon
  • Legendary Mirror Dragon
  • Legendary Crystal Dragon

There are only 3 Pure Dragons currently; These are the Pure Dragons

  • Pure Unicorn Dragon
  • Pure Fire Dragon
  • Pure Earth Dragon

REMEMBER: Pure Dragons have their own habitat, you can't put them in the Legendary Habitat or any other habitats, In getting a legendary dragon in Dragon City, you must breed a rare hybrid with another rare hybrid, you could also use unique hybrids.

These are the Rare Hybrid

  • Rare Cool Fire Dragon
  • Rare Soccer Dragon
  • Rare Gummy Dragon
  • Rare Armadillo Dragon
  • Rare Petroleum Dragon
  • Rare Pirate Dragon

These are obtained by breeding a hybrid with another hybrid, the formula for easier chance is this:

Cool Fire/Soccer : a. (Fire + *any element*) + (Ice + *any element*)

b. (Fire + *same element) + (Ice + same element*)

Ex: a. (Fire + Metal) + (Ice + Electric)

b. (Fire + Plant) + (Ice + Plant)

It element depends on what the rare dragon's elements are, for example, Cool Fire/Soccer Dragon have Fire and Ice element, you can't breed Fire with Ice directly so you must breed a Hybrid with Fire with Hybrid with Ice (Like the formula above)

Anyway, There are only 2 Unique Dragons Currently, these are:

  • Unique Poo Dragon
  • Unique Butterfly Dragon (this dragon can only be obtained through the Magic Books Event, unfortunately, this event is currently over)

It's actually a little hard to breed dragons to have the Poo Dragon because this dragon have 3 elements which are Earth,Water and Dark. In getting this dragon, you must follow this formula:

Poo Dragon : a. (Earth + Water) + Dark

b. Earth + (Water + Dark) [NOTE: Water + Dark is a Rare

Dragon which is either Petroleum Dragon or Pirate Dragon]

c. (Earth + Dark) + Water

Anyway, these are the list of the Pure Dragons with an element:

Pure Fire Dragon

Pure Earth Dragon

In getting a Pure Fire Dragon, you must follow this formula (not tested if it actually works):

Pure Fire : a. Pure Unicorn Dragon + Fire Dragon

b. Legendary Dragon + Fire Drago

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How do you breed a mirror dragon in Dragon City?

gummy with soccer

It could be coolfire and armadillo. You need to breed it more than 1 time. Patience is needed. :)

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What dragons to breed to get crystal dragon?

To get a crystal dragon breed coolfire and soccer dragon together in that order.

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How much is sky dragon?

Slifer The Sky Dragon goes up to $75

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How do plankton breed?

Plankton do not breed per say, they are neither male nor female so instead of mating with another they split in two causing on that is less than the other in size.

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How do you make an alpine dragon in Dragon City?

coral + fire

To get the Alpine dragon we have to breed Earth and Snow

(Use Level 10 -up Dragons) Use Terra Dragon + Ice Dragon ,and keep trying to Find Alpine Dragon :)

earth + ice = alpine but it could result in snowflake

volcano+ice dragon

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How do you breed gummy dragon on Dragon City?

you must breed flourecent and dandiloin

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How do you make a simple origami dragon?

There is a good-looking simple dragon at the "related link" listed below.

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How do special sommon rare metal dragon?

Any way you want.

Rare Metal Dragon can't be Normal Summoned or Set. This means you have to Special Summon it to get it on the field. It has no effect to Special Summon itself, though, so you have to use other cards. Popular ways include Familiar Knight or Flute of Summoning Dragon if you're using that. Reborns are also effective, but you might need those for other monsters.

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What is the security key of stormfall age of war hack tool?

stormfall age of war hack tool v1.5 security key

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How do you get 5000 gems for free in Dragon City?

1 million

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How do you breed a jade dragon in Dragon City?

Plant Dragon + Metal Dragon

This combo could also get you the Dragonfly Dragon too.


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