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The movement or transfer of people from one location to another through a journey is travel. Planes and trains will take you far, but wherever you go, there you are! Whether you're traveling across a state or around the world, questions about locations, travel times, and anything related to traveling should be asked in this category. Happy traveling!

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What is the difference between interstate and intrastate?

Interstates go out of state, and intrastates stay in.
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What is an online travel mart?

A place on line, where you can schedule your trip, buy tickets etc..
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What is the Hyatt corporation worth?

As of the quarter ending September 30, 2010, Hyatt Hotels Corporation had: Book value (assets - liabilities): $5.1 billion Market capitalization: $7.1 billion ...
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How far from LA to Hoover Dam?

Los Angeles is 387 kilometres (240 miles) from hoover dam. It's really beautiful place and I enjoyed to visit this awesome place. ...
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What does hypocaust mean?

It is Latin for Under (Hypo) Heat (Caust) It was the Roman method of underfloor heating. A hypocaust (Latin hypocaustum, Greek hypocauston) was an ancient Roman system of underfloor heating, used to heat houses with hot air. The word derives from the Ancient Greek hypo meaning "under" and caust-, meaning "burnt" (as in caustic). The Roman architect Vitruvius, writing about the end of the 1st century B.C., attributes their invention to Sergius Orata, but this is not fully confirmed. Hypocausts were used for heating...
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Where is the world's largest corn silo located?

A "silo" is normally used for the storage of fodder such as corn silage or haylage. However, if you meant the largest grain bin, the largest one I know of is in Arthur, Iowa, USA. It has a diameter of 135 feet, a peak height of 131 feet, and holds over 1.2 million bushels of grain corn. See the related link below. ...
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What electrical converter do you need for Mexico?

Most places in Mexico adhere to the NEMA 1-15 (2 flat pins) standard. Some others use the American-adopted NEMA 5-15, which includes the third, ground pin. If you are from the U.S. you shouldn't have any trouble to plug your appliances/electronics, but in case your appliance has three pins, you should bring a converter just to be on the safe side. If you have the European Standard or any other type of connector, you should buy a power converter, as the power...
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Definition of incentive and adhoc tour groups?

An "adhoc tour group" (also called "independent") describes people who end up traveling with each other by accident just because they wanted to see a particular tourist destination and they all happened to be going that way. They don't know each other when they board the plane. An "incentive tour group" on the other handle, describes people who have an incentive (or reason) not just to travel, but to travel with each other. A business team who are going to a conference...
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What country is the Maldives part of?

It is it's own country. It is the smallest Asian country based on population and land mass. It also has the lowest altitude in the world. It has an economy based on tourism and was hurt very badly after tsunami. But, although Maldives consider as best place too for spent some holidays there. ...
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How much does the Queen Mary 2 weigh?

The QM II has 151,400 gross tonnes
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What is the safest form of travel?

If you are raising the issue of safe, then definitely air travel is the safest. Because 1. You can save your time easily. It means you have saved your life time. 2. You did not require to provide extra effort to travel so your energy would be intact. 4. Because the journey journey is more comfortable than train or bus or ship you would be more calmer than the bus commuter or the train or the ship. 5. And last but not least if...
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Where does Indiana rank in population?

I think it's come 220 in the US and the third most populous city in the state of Indiana. Indianapolis would rank 18th out of the 32 largest US Sun Belt metropolitan areas in total population growth, ...
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What are different types of tourism?

There are 14 subcategories of Tourism: Adventure travel‎ Bicycle tours‎ Cultural tourism Ecotourism Geotourism Industrial tourism Medical tourism Railroad attractions Religious tourism‎ Rural tourism Sex tourism‎ Space tourism‎ Sustainable tourism‎ Virtual tourism‎ ...
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Where is mat-sou pit-sou?

machu picchu is in Peru
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When was the first day of spring 2009?

Spring comes in between the 19th to the 23rd of March and at different times. It changes on a yearly basis because the first official day of spring is the (Spring) Vernal Equinox. This is when the sun is directly above the equator. It rises due East and sets due West and does not do so on the exact same day every year, since the calendar is not exactly 365 precise days every single year. In 2009, spring arrived on March...
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Can you carry plants on an airplane?

Depends on your destination and the plant(s). Plant materials are regulated by international phytosanitary regulations (which also includes CITES, which regulates the movement of endangered species). The normal process is to obtain an official plant Import Permit for the plant material from the country of destination prior to shipping or moving the plants. This is normally issued by a governmental body (such as the Department of Agriculture). The conditions and regulations for the particular plant that you are wanting to transport will be stated on...
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What are some cities that begin with the letter E?

Edmonton, Eldorado, Encino, Elk City, Easthampton, Edmond, El Reno, Elk City, Enid, Eufaula, East London East midlands Easter Islands East sound Eau Claire Edinburgh Edmonton Eindhoven Ekaterinburg El Centro El Dorado El fasher El paso El salvador Elat Elba Island Elim Elko Elliot Lake Elmira Ely Emerald Enid Enschede Entebbe Erfurt Erie Erzurum Esbjerg Escanaba Esperance Esquimalt Eugene Evansville Evenes Exter Edmonton, Edinburgh, El Paso, East Chicago, Eau Claire, many cities that begin with 'East'. Evansville, Indiana Emeryville, California. Escondido, California. East Lansing, Michigan. Edinburgh, Scotland Edmonton, Canada El Paso, US Eugene, US Exeter, England Essen, Germany ...
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What are two tourist attractions in Muscat Oman?

There is few tourist attractions places in Muscat Oman for Example - Fort of Nizwa, Nakhl Castle, Bahla Fort, Wadi Shab, Wahiba, Jabrin Castle, Wadi Daika, Wadi Ghu, Jabal Akhdar, Sohar, Samhuram, Salalah, Qalhat Etc. If you are new in Oman then you should hire a professional tour guide to enjoy all attractions Muscat Oman. Contact Smart Travels & Tourism and get a chance to visit professional Oman Tour Operator. ...
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What is St Martin known for?

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What color water does light travel through fastest?

According to the light spectrum, water should travel through a more violet coloured water the fastest. The speed of light through a medium is not governed by its wavelength, so colour is not a factor. ...
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How many days take schengen visa to be ready?

hallo, everything will depend on your nationality actually. so i suggest your following this link, choosing there your destination country then you'll see the requirements ...
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Did the Romans drive on the left or the right?

According to this guy, it was on the left. The reason they know seems logical... See related link.. ...