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The movement or transfer of people from one location to another through a journey is travel. Planes and trains will take you far, but wherever you go, there you are! Whether you're traveling across a state or around the world, questions about locations, travel times, and anything related to traveling should be asked in this category. Happy traveling!

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Did the Romans drive on the left or the right?

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According to this guy, it was on the left. The reason they know seems logical... See related link..
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Why do houses in hot places have thick walls?

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for mud huts -- the sun heat penetrates thin walls-- thicker walls keep it cooler inside. Before heat from the outside can work its way to the inside of a thick wall, the temperature drops on the outside and the direction of heat transfer reverses. If the wall is thick enough the interior temperature will remain constant and cool on a hot day without using any energy.
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How do you pay less for gas?

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There are different ways of being informed and paying less for gas: 1) on line sites that lists the local prices 2) through email alerts 3) through mobile alerts For Canada, sites such as and are recommended. For the US, sites such as are recommended.
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What drastically changed tourism in the 1900s?

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mass production of the automobile and superhighways. That's certainly one factor, but not the only one. The development of the railways in the 19C was the first major incentive to tourism; and still the prime mover for holidaymakers until at least half-way through the 20C, when mass ownership of cars and improvements in road transport generally took the lead. Later of course came air travel at prices low enough for any reasonably affluent family to take holidays abroad, and with this, the consequent rapid development of the resorts - an effect the railways had brought. Interestingly, in the UK the railways may be regaining some of that traffic as motoring becomes costlier and less pleasant; and the Channel Tunnel has taken a lot of traffic that would otherwise have had to use the conventional ferries.
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What is a windless period at sea?

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Windless periods at sea are referred to in maritime terms as doldrums.
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Where can you go for less than 500 dollars?

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It depends on your point of departure and the mode of transport.
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How do you go from Berne to Lauterbrunnen by train?

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The timetable is basically exactly the same on all days of every week and throughout summer and winter. You first need to catch the train from Berne to Interlaken Ost (do not get off at Interlaken West which you stop at before Interlaken Ost). Trains on this line run about every half hour from early morning to late at night and journey takes 2 hours 3 minutes via Thun and Spiez. On arrival at Interlaken Ost trains from there leave every half hour for Lauterbrunnen via Wilderswll and Zwellutschinen, and this journey takes 22 minutes. As an example say you get the train departing from Berne at 0906 that will arrive at Interlaken Ost at 1003. You then can catch the next train from Interlaken Ost which departs at 1020 and you arrive at Lauterbrunnen at 1040.
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What is the meaning of tatkal?

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It is a sanskrit word in fact, which later has become a Hindi as well as Nepali word. It means ASAP "As soon as Possible"
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What did the Wright brothers become famous for?

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They became famous for flying the first successful airplane, 30 meters/100 foot.
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Where is wadi solaf and wadi esh sheikh?

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near Saint Catherine's monastery in Sinai
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Do Italians wear costumes for festivals?

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sometimes. it depends the carnival season is when they wear costumes- the most famous one being held in Venice.
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Do you need a consent for your child to travel with grandparents inside the US?

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No. There are no checkpoints as there are between countries so there is no way for the government to regulate that. It is perfectly legal for grandparents to travel in the US with their grandchildren without any documentation. Really no one need any documentation to travel with anyone inside the country. If you want to go to Canada, a notiraized letter that has the signatures of both parents is required.
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How long does it take to walk 90 miles?

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it depends on your average speed and the type of ground you are walking over. For example on a flat even surface you may achieve about 4mph, in which case 90 miles will take just over 22 hours.
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What method did Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru use to gain independence?

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Mahatma Gandhi played a pivotal role in the freedom struggle of India. His non violent ways and peaceful methods were the foundation for gaining independence from the British. One of the first series of non violent protests nationwide was the non cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi. This movement officially started the Gandhian era in India. In this freedom struggle, the non cooperation movement was basically aimed at making the Indians aware of the fact that the British government can be opposed and if done actively, it will keep a check on them. Thus, educational institutions were boycotted, foreign goods were boycotted, and people let go off their nominated seats in government institutions. Though the movement failed, Indians awakened to the concept of going against the British. Gandhi again took off with another non violent movement known as the civil disobedience movement. This movement was more active than the non cooperation movement and brought about a revolution of sorts. This movement aimed at bringing the British administration to a stop by withdrawing support from everything. There was agitation against land revenue, abolition of salt tax, cutting down military expenditure, levying duty on foreign cloth, etc. A very important movement was that of Salt Satyagraha where Gandhi undertook the Dandi march as a protest against the Salt tax. The Quit India Movement was launched under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi in August 1942. The main aim for launching this movement was to bring the British to negotiate with the Indian leaders. It was a call for immediate independence of India and the slogan of "Do or Die" was adopted for the same. However the leaders were arrested soon after Gandhi's speech and were put in jail by British officials. Gandhi went on a fast for 21 days demanding the release of the leaders despite his failing health. The British had to secure the release of the leaders. After the Quit India Movement the freedom struggle got even more intense and passionate. Entire India was united together in the movement for freedom. Everyone contributed what they could in the freedom struggle. The cry of Purna Swaraj or complete independence was raised. After much sacrifices and efforts, India gained its independence on the 15th August, 1947. On gaining independence on August 15th 1947, Nehru was India's first Prime Minister. However, his joy at gaining independence was overshadowed by the wave of sectarian killing and conflict over Kashmir which continues to this day. In 1962, India was involved in conflict with China over a border dispute. Militarily India was defeated and this took a heavy toll on Nehru. Nehru died in 1964. Two years later his daughter Indira Gandhi took office. In order to gain India's independence Ghandi used hunger strikes, marchs,peaceful gatherings, and civil disobedience. non voliance with bravery Agrah, Satyagrah and Upvaas
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How can you get lost in the desert?

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it really depends if you're there unprepared with no tool/instrument to help you out with direction , then you're screwed it also depends on how much knowledge you have on the area and how to figure out your location and what direction to head in
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Can a foreign national rent a car to drive around in and see Greece?

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It all depends on which Country is your driver licence issued from. US and Canadian will do the trick. Other countries (beside EU) driving licences have to be endorced as "International" When I went on holidyas with Directline-holidays I didn't have any problems to rent and drive a car. I got GB driving licence. Best ring Foreign office they will be able to help.
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How do get tourist on sim societies destinations?

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To get tourists, you must build a building that creates tourists. These buildings are in the road and transportation options Some examples are - Taxi Stand - Helipad - Airport
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The meaning of rope vs line?

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Line is a nautical term for a rope. But a rope can be a line attached on only one end in normal use. The bell rope, the bucket rope, the tiller rope, the bolt rope, check rope, foot rope, monkey rope, and the dip rope.
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What time is 11.00 CET in South African time?

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South Africa is GMT + 2 CET is +1 So South Africa is one hour ahead of CET time.