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Child Internet Safety

While the internet opens up a vast source of information for young minds, it also exposes them to inappropriate material and bad influences. Questions about current threats and how to help your children avoid them belong here.

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What are fun games to play at school that are not blocked?

Each school or school district determines what web sites are blocked for their school or school district, so the web sites listed below may or may not be blocked at your school. ActionMadness Arcadecage Box-head Zombies 2 Player brainpop Breakontheweb coolmath4kids disney.go Girlsgogames Happy Wheels Demo Howrse KIDS GO line flyer hooda math kong fu monkey Miniclip NewStudyHallGames QWOP Roblox spiked math ...
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Why do you have to type in two random words to answer a question or post a message?

'Captcha'ing the Spambots When answering questions or posting messages you may now see a request to enter several characters that appear in an image. We put this in place to prevent "spambots" (computer programs that spider the web automatically posting offensive messages and advertising) from modifying the site. Entering the characters in the 2 words in the images proves that you're a human being. This sort of filtering device is called a CAPTCHA program. This particular CAPTCHA program was created by Carnegie Mellon University;...
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How do you protect your children on the Internet?

Set up Parental Controls You can use Parental Controls to help manage how your children use the computer. For example, you can set limits on the hours that your children can use the computer, the games they can play, and the programs they can run. To turn on Parental Controls for a standard user account Open Parental Controls by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, and then, under User Accounts and Family Safety, clicking Set up parental controls for any user.‌ ‌ If you're...
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What are the problems with the Internet and security and how are people trying to resolve these problems?

Most of the security problems encountered on the Internet are due to human mistakes. The first level of security "leaks" usually occurs during the developpement of the website. If a website developper doesn't correctly plan or proof test his scripts, an eventual hacker could extract confidential information from the website itself. This is usually done by exploiting particular errors or by inserting some particular code snippets into an input field or website URL. The usual way to fix this problem is to make...
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Who does Cody choose on parental control?

He chooses Heather, the blonde girl he went with to the restaurant that had all the exotic food. ...
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Disadvantages of Internet?

The disadvantages of Internet are that we get addicted to Internet games. Also there are increased chances of hacking a computer. There can also be a misuse if you have entered your name, address, phone no., credit card details etc. The people and kids also become addicted to social networking sites which are very corrupt able and they start spending hours and hours in front of their PCs or even their cellphones. The networking sites like ******** do not delete our information even after...
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How do you dissable your WeeWorld?

Click on the feedback link on and request your account is closed. ...
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What is the golden rule of Internet safety?

Never give out your personal information. And Never Ask For Pesonal Info
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How do you get past Puresight Technologies PC parental controls?

you can try finding alternate routes to the website, Option 1. if you can do a google search on the website click on the customer service or such, Option the thing on google and hope you see the website on the side bar. that's all i know so far on my pursuit of disabling parental controls but one day i will do it and tell everyone how. ...
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Can you password protect a printer?

Yes. The program at the Related Link will allow you to password protect your printing. ...
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How do you know if your TiVo parental controls are on?

The padlock icon is locked. If you attempt to view or delete a program that is a part of your parental controls, you'll be prompted to enter a password. When you enter the correct password, Parental Controls are temporarily disabled. Additional notes about TiVo parental controls: If they are temporarily disabled, the padlock is open. You can view any program, but a password is required to change any parental controls. If they are Off the padlock is open and dim. Anyone can view...
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What can be done to promote safe internet surfacing?

have had really good luck with a couple of safe list sites. hehyeo tgdls gki0fsdjghiofduhgfhdsugihsdfuioghfdsuihguifdshiuotjew8905u why would you do this hehehe hehehehehehhehehe :):"):):):):):) LOLOLO :P oruyioretreytyewrui rawr by:owen ...
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How do you hack smartfilter?

The answer is... you don't. Well, you're not SUPPOSED to, at least. Network administrators put these security programs in place to keep you from doing other things on the internet when you're supposed to be working or paying attention in class. Wait until you get home to access that restricted site! ...
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When did Ryan Halligan kill himself?

It was on October 7, 2003. He was 13 years old and he killed himself by hanging himself in his bathroom. His 17 year old sister found him. ...
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Why cant you sign up in WeeWorld?

I can sign u up.What do u want ur username n pass to be?
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Is joining fanpop dot com safe?

Joining any website has it's risks, as with There is always that chance that it's not safe, but is not safe since 56% (a fair chance) of people get their accounts hacked into on Which leaves you with the 44% chance it's safe. has also been pegged as an attack site. So, if you are going to be safe, not joining would be the smartest thing to do. ...
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What is Internet safety for kids?

Internet safety for kids is putting up a timer or blocks for children or teens that use the home computer. In public schools, kids are not allowed to access social media sites in order to keep them focused on homework and to cut back bullying. These blocks also keep children or teens out of chat rooms and games with violence. ...
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What are the dangers of using computers for children?

Don't have kids say their whole name or address or telephone number online because stalkers exist out there. ...
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How do you block the sites using firewall?

If you are going to answer a question, at least make an intelligent guess! If you have a new computer, with some relatively recent software, chances are that the firewall ports (optional holes in the firewall) can be configured to your liking. Like I said, if it is recent, but if it's not it could be difficult, or eve if it is actually recent, it still might be a pain. Ask a professional, maybe the Geek Squad (not the Nerd Herd)...
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What are some risks associated with the Internet?

It is infested with child molesters. It is infested with get rich quick schemes It is infested with people trying to steal your identity It is infested with meaningless viruses, worms and trojans that do nothing but soak up your memory so your computer crawls to a stop. It is infested by bots that crawl page after page looking for information about you ...
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What is lack of control by a parent?

Parents have to be consistent and mean it! It's tough as you know, because there usually are other kids in the family and possibly the mother works. Also, both parents should sit down and have a plan of "attack" and stick together on the rules of the house. This doesn't often happen, and either the father is over-bearing or the mother has to deal with it all on her own. Kids will always bounce back and forth from mom to dad...
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Even though you have to type in 2 random words to post a message or answer question why do the random words have to look blurry and hard to see?

Some people can develop text recognition software, the words you are referring to are Captchas, and Captchas exist so spam-bots do not get through. The Spam-Bots are run by a computer, and computers can not recognize blurry, or partially covered text. ...
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For what ages is WeeWorld?

it should be for 12 and up but with the vulgar languages teens use these days it should be for 15 and up! ...