This category is for questions about cyberbullying. A cyberbully is a person that uses the internet to be threatening or abusive to another person. If you ever feel you are being bullied by another user on WikiAnswers, report it using the Report Abuse link at the top of your message board.

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Whats the consequence of a threatening text?

Well for my friend it included being called up to the principles office and getting in HUGE trouble. If you're an adult it's just being filled with guilt.

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Why is it illegal for people to kill themselves?

it shouldn't be illegal for people to kill themselves as this doesn't go against anyone else but the person who is trying to kill himself. It is not good to give up and kill yourself because tomorrow is another day and things do get better sometimes depending on your situation and your approach to things. Sometimes we convince ourselves that there is no other way because we had enough and we are tired. At the end of the day it is your life and your decision. There shouldn't be any laws in our constitution that forbid killing yourself as it is a very personal decision. If people follow the law, there would be no suicides in this world.

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How long has sailing been around?

Pre-history. They think it goes as far back as using a basket or log for a boat and using a woven basket-material for a sail. Anyone who has paddled a boat with a strong wind at their back has realized that with a bit more of something to catch the wind they need not paddle at all.


What is cyberbullying?


Cyber; to mean electronically, by way of virtual computer over the internet or airwaves.

Cyberbullying is bullying by texting and emailing people to embarrass them and hurt their feelings. Texting is the most popular way.

Cyber or internet bullying is where you are being bullied over the computer. This can be done by people leaving messages on websites, Bebo's, Facebook, my-space and even general bullying over messenger programs.

This can really hurt a persons feelings and is not a good thing to do as it just shows cowardliness. Most bullies, when stood up to, will back off and leave you alone.

If you are being bullied you can however save the comments or conversation and show it to police officers. It is unlikely that they will do a lot but it can result in them confiscating the bully's computer and things similar to that.

Cyberbullying is when you go to places like chat rooms, or other places where you can connect with people and the people that you talk to say mean things or offensive types of stuff or sometimes sexual comments and things that just make you feel uncomfortable. An example would be if you were talking to someone you didn't know in a chat room and they say " GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS OR I WILL COME AND KILL YOU!" something like that. It is very scary and cyberbullying should be stopped and if that is happening to you, tell someone you trust and let them take care of it and don't go to that place again!

Note: You can be blocked immediately from WikiAnswers for cyberbullying. See the WikiAnswers cyberbullying guidelines in the Related Links below.


Who was the first bully?

I'd imagine it would have been some animal.


How many deaths are linked to Cyberbullying?

Sadly, many!


Who are the perpetrators of cyber bullying?

Although cyberbullying might appear to be simply another means used by "traditional" bullies to reach their target, the virtual attributes of the Internet have fostered a new type of bully: someone who capitalizes on online anonymity to initiate bullying behaviour. Believing themselves to be anonymous, some young people feel free to commit acts online that they would never carry out in person. In addition, the frequency with which adolescents share online passwords provides perpetrators, when caught, with the ready excuse that someone else may have assumed their identity to send bullying messages. In addition to anonymity, the absence of visual and auditory feedback online can also fuel hurtful behaviour. According to Nancy Willard, from the Responsible Netizen Institute, this type of technology can affect students' ethical behaviour because they are not fully aware of the impact of their actions on others. This lack of feedback reduces feelings of empathy or remorse. "When people use technology, there is a lack of tangible feedback about the consequences of actions on others."[2] As such, students may write things online that they would never say in person because they feel removed from their own actions and from the person at the receiving end. As a student who participated in focus testing for Media Awareness Network's Young Canadians in a Wired World research commented: [With] the Internet, you can really get away with a lot more because I don't think a lot of people would have enough confidence to walk up to someone and be like, "I hate you, you're ugly." But over the Internet you don't really see their face or they don't see yours and you don't have to look in their eyes and see they're hurt.

Targets: In this lesson series the term "target" is used instead of "victim." The term "victim" implies powerlessness and passivity, whereas "target" is considered to be more neutral. Although there is no physical violence, cyberbullying may be more frightening to targets because there are, potentially, an unlimited number of witnesses. When perpetrators are anonymous, targets don't know which peers to watch out for or respond to - leading to feelings of helplessness. With no one to point to, targets may be less likely to file complaints. The targets' situation is compounded by the reality that the home, which traditionally offers respite to bullying, is no longer safe, with cyberbullying continuing on the home computer. Bystanders: This important group forms the social consensus for bullying behaviour - online and offline. In a March 2008 study of 2095 students in grades 6, 7, 10 and 11 conducted by the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, 28% reported having witnessed cyberbullying. Of this percentage: * 9% became involved in the bullying behaviour * 32% watched but didn't participate * 14% voiced their objection to the person doing the bullying * 21% tried to stop the bully * 11% left the online environment * 7% tried to befriend the bully, and * 7% reported the bully to someone who could help.[3] In general, the longer the bullying persists, the more likely it is that the number of witnesses who are willing to join in will increase.[4] For more info, check out this site:


Was Robin Baumgarten's husband gay?

As of May 7, 2014, there is no proof that Robin Baumgarten's husband gay. These rumors have never been confirmed.


Is cyberbullying the cause of school shootings?

It has been in some cases.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

How are people affected by cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is terrible. People go through depression and doubt themselves on everything. They may think that other's will make fun of them. They think that they deserve to get made fun of. They are affected in many ways. The main thing is is that it changes you and makes you feel horrible. And when people realize they could have avoided it entirely by either blocking the bully or not using the internet service that was hosting the bullying in the first place, they just lose it.


How can you help prevent being a target of cyber bullying?

There aren't necessarily any ways you can "prevent" cyber bullying, but you can stop it when it happens. If you feel as though you or someone you know is being cyber bullied, you should report it to your parents, school administrators, and to the officials of the site on which you are being bullied.


What should you do if you are being bullied?

Solution for Bullying 1

There are things you can do to deflect people who bully:

  • Act more confident. If a person who bullies feels that they don't have any power over you, it takes the 'fun' out of it for them .
  • Hang around with friends or an adult at times when you're most in danger of being bullied.
  • Don't fight back. It can make the situation worse.
  • Tell someone you trust, a teacher or adult.

Breaking the silence is the most important part in fighting back against bullying. If you've kept a diary of when the bullying has been taking place, this can help you when you tell a teacher or parent what's been going on. Most schools have anti-bullying guidelines and will take your complaint seriously. Tell your guidance counselor about who's bullying you and how you feel about it.


Solution for bullying 2

In the year 2013 the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UNICEF and the European Union decided to make a stand and declare that "enough is enough" when it comes to all forms of bullying (school bullying, workplace bullying, internet blackmailing, etc).

As a result of political action by these countries and UNICEF, the United Nations has updated the international legslislation which now makes it a crime to be a bully. No matter where you are in the world, whether your country has its own laws against bullying or not, bullying is now illegal under international law. This means that bullies can be arrested, put on trial and sent to a prison or detention centre.

All you really need to do is report the bully to an authority figure, such as a teacher, a social worker or a police officer. You will be given protection and charges may be brought upon the bullies, who could end up with a criminal record. If you wish, you will also be offered optional counselling sessions to help you to overcome the negative effects of the bullies.

The best advice is to tell a figure of authority. The law is on your side.


Solution for bullying 3

In addition, there are several measures that you can use to handle this situation. However, the approach may vary from one scenario to another. If you are being bullied, you can or may do the following:

  • If you are unprepared, it is a MUST that you ignore the person. Otherwise, you make sure that you have a recorder and record the event (let the bully do the ranting and if you can, seek a friend that can help you set this up)
  • File a report against the said person together with the recorded accounts that you made to the community head or to the school principal or to your superior or to the police and wait for the result (You need to be patient).

Also, if someone is bullied, extend your help by following the same step.

first of all tell an adult (that you trust) right away the sooner the better as if you wait then it gets worse.

The reason why people bully is because they think it's fun and cool, but it can hurt others and make them commit suicide. Many teens stay home instead of going to school because they don't want to be bullied.


Solution for bullying 4

You essentially have two choices:

Either stand up and try to deal with it yourself, generally not the best solution or even a good one. As the one being bullied, you are already marked as a target. Attempting to shift the control in the situation to you will be nearly impossible and potentially dangerous.

Or, you can involve adults. This would be your teachers, your parents, etc. This is practically the better solution. Not only can the adults diffuse the situation, they will be able to help you learn to address the specific situation and teach you coping skills as well.

You should tell your parents and then tell them to tell the teacher and then the teachers will supervise you.

If you are being bullied, you can: Ask the bully to stop, avoid them, or ignore them. If this fails, tell an adult or someone in charge. Do not get violent or yell.


Solution for bullying 5

Bullies will keep on bullying if you keep it quiet and say nothing. This is what they get off on. The quicker you stand up and say something to your parents, teacher or other authority figures the quicker it can be stopped. Yes, you can try to do the things listed here. It doesn't always work though and can make it worse in exceptional circumstances. The important thing is to not despair, make it known what they are doing to you, no matter what they have threatened you with. Call their bluff and report them over and over again if need be. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Nobody likes bullies.

You should tell someone. It's very important that someone knows you don't just stand back. Words hurt.


Opinions from contributors

  • Bullies will bully you for fun, or to feed their ego. Your feelings aren't important to them. They may enjoy seeing other people upset. If you are getting bullied, ask a close friend or adult to help you.
  • If they say something like "you are ugly" say thanks. This confuses them and then they will get bored (trust me it works). You could also go with a little sarcasm : if they say "you are ugly", say "Really? I hadn''t noticed! Thanks for telling me! I would have gone around all day without knowing!"
  • You need to face up to them (do it in a crowded place if you are scared of violence) and if they keep doing it, tell a teacher, a parent or a friend. They can help make it stop.
  • Once a bully is identified, don't taunt or ridicule him. This was what he was doing to you, and you'll be the one doing wrong. Forgive and forget, and everybody wins.

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Tell a trusted adult or teacher. if no one listen to you don't show any emotion to the bully and they will get bored. Remember there is nothing wrong with you but there issomething wrong with the bully because he or she is showing there emotions by hurting some one else mabey there is some thing going on at home. but i would get a adult or teacher to help you
ask the person anoyeing to please stop bothering and give him/her a little treat to stay calm and quite o_o if your ready please ask nicely .
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What are the different types of physics?

Types of Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Experimental/Applied Physics
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What does bullying mean?

Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them, or making them do things they don't want to do.

Have any of these things happened to you? Have you done any of these things to someone else? Really, bullying is wrong behaviour which makes the person being bullied feel afraid or uncomfortable.


What does to gib someone mean?

To gib someone in the most "normal" sense i.e. "You really gibbed him."

It is to blow apart and dismember a individual with a weapon of some sort, although this is the definition of it in video game terms. From my experience this is where it is most commonly heard, but this is a slang meaning of gib. I would advise you look at a dictionary since there are several different meanings of gibbed. both slang and other wise, for example it means a castrated cat and several other things.

Please excuse any bad grammar I wrote this relatively late at night for me, and it was a long day.

A side note. Gib and gibbed are essentially the same thing just used in different tenses.

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What to do when someone swears at you online?

[Check the link below for more information] The supposed anonymity of being on-line gives many a false sense of power, and a feeling that they can abuse others. In general it is called cyber-bullying. It is serious; people have no idea what their on-line victims are going through, or how devastating insulting comments can be. People who insult others routinely are bullies.

One thing to do would be to contact administrators or supervisors at the site, if that is possible. That kind of behavior is not tolerated here at WikiAnswers, for example, and we do everything in our power to stop it cold, including temporary and permanent blocks. Bullying back doesn't seem productive, and depending on the likelihood that the offending person can physically locate you, it's just a bad idea.

Report the abuse to whatever authority you can locate. If you are on a closed system at a school, for example, report the person and follow the advice of the administrators you report to. Scary, yes. But much better than allowing bullies to believe they have the power to abuse others without consequence. Please let us know if that kind of thing is happening to you here. It is not acceptable and we will take whatever steps we can to prevent it.

If the situation is frequent and it is possible to do so, avoid the sites that the person goes to. There are many other strategies to consider, depending on your situation and need.


What is the hardest part about being kilbourne?

Being fat.


What has made cyberbullying possible?

Texting,email,Facebook,My Space...all the cyber stuff.


Where did bullying start?

Bullying has been around forever. They way people bully changes from time to time because of new technology and stuff.


What is the worst bullying?

They're is no "Worst" bullying. The only type of bullying is physical. All other types such as cyberbullying and verbal bullying are just words that have no after affect financially or educationally unless you make it so. If you let the result of a few buttons being pressed on a keyboard bother you so much and possibly contemplate suicide, then how do you expect yourself to get through actual troubles in life. You are the real bully if you let words hurt you when that person means nothing to you.


What does cyber bullying mean?

Cyberbullying means bullying of threats, insults, images or similar made over the internet by social websites, chatrooms, e-mails, or on mobile phones, ipads, texts or similar means.

Bullying, but by electronic media.
cyber-bullying is when you are bullying someone over the internet

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Why do kids get bullied?

Answer: Well some kids just bother people cuz they think its cool and funny just to show off to there hommies and others but i would just ignore and walk away or tell the teacher or the princeable or maybe your parents ... but the best way to tell the bully to stop is '' Look only god can judge me im perfect the way i am so lay off'' ... You'll thank me someday sweetie ♥ hope yall take my advice ♥

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Do Kids Get Bullied?: Becuz Those Jerks Thinks those kids are losers but you really shouldnt listen to them your perfect and awesome just the way you are (; ----------------------------------------------------------- Answer I went to school in the 1950s and there was even bullying then, but certainly not as bad as it is today. Bullying is a heavy duty problem in the school systems and needs to be stopped. Bullying has caused children to live in fear of being at school, accepted for who they are, walking to and from school and this can lead to the victim running away, grades failing, unfortunately suicide in some kids and as we all know about Columbine we sure should learn from this. Most shootings at school are about kids that have been bullied one too many time. Of course this is not the normal reaction a victim should have, but it does happen. Girls bullying are ranking almost kneck-in-kneck with the boys!

I want you to know that most people are bullied more than once in their lifetime. It's certainly not uncommon. If you can walk away from the situation then do so. If you can't do the best you can and if the bully is carrying a weapon run as fast as you can to any house and bang on the door or run into a store for help. Try to stay with groups of kids instead of wandering around alone. Bullies look for kids who are small in stature, quiet, shy and will simply pick on them for the sake of it or because they could be smart or the bully doesn't like the look of them. It is said that if a bully comes towards you walk tall, stare straight ahead (not at the bully) DON'T LOWER YOUR HEAD and say nothing! Sometimes this method works and sometimes it doesn't.

It is tough on kids today to report bullies to their counselor or teachers at school and especially their parents because reporting a bully always gets back to the bully and things can become worse for the victim (even the bullie's gang can come after the victim.) Parents need to take this very seriously. The bullies of today just don't give you a black eye or split lip, but they can maime a victim severely and it can lead to death in some cases.

Not too long ago a gay man in Vancouver, B.C., had gone to a straight bar and simply had a drink. A group of bullies didn't particularly like a gay in the bar and followed the victim out the door and beat him to death. British Columbia has a zero tolerance for this behavior and the law comes down heavy on bullies and it should be this way. The educational system is also picking up the pace.

Some people list "bullying" as pecking order related. Meaning the stronger survive and the weaker lag behind. I disagree with this theory and find bullies are simply bullies and must be stopped! If bullies were so fearless and strong then they wouldn't be picking on the smaller kids or the kids they know won't fight back. In Canada bullying is taken seriously and society and government is making the parents more accountable for their bullying children. It's quite surprising what one can find out about a bully:

Bullies are frustrated individuals that are angry inside. They may come from split-up homes, to abusive parents or no parents at all or parents that don't care and simply let the bully run wild in the streets. I was quite surprised that some fathers will belittle their sons (especially) by saying, "There are only winners in this world, not losers" or, "quit being a baby and stand up for yourself. Get the first punch in! Do what you have to do to win!!!" Apparentely some fathers feel winning is everything and in 50% of these fathers have indeed failed miserably in their own lives and are living through their son(s). Some fathers were jocks or over-achievers and expect their children (especially sons) to be the same.

When I was 12 years old there was a bully that picked on all of us smaller kids (I am a girl) and I was terrified of him. He was 3 years older than me and of course about 60 lbs. heavier. He would punch me on the arm, steal my bike, pull my hair and threaten if I told my parents he would finish me off. I never did tell my parents and often got heck for "losing my bike." I put up with this terror for 2 years. I would often walk with a group of my girlfriends which seemed to help, but every so often this big bully would find me walking to the store or to school. My brother was 5 years old at the time and my mother told me to take my brother with me and walk 2 blocks to the corner store for milk. I dreaded it, but, of course had to do as my mother said and she knew nothing about the bully. Sure enough, just out of sight of my parent's house out came the bully and pushed me to the sidewalk. I laid still on that sidewalk and was terrified. Suddenly a chubby little 5 year old flew through the air and bit this bully right on the leg like a rabid dog! LOL I was stunned and then this bully made the biggest mistake of his life ... he kicked my brother over on the grass and he hurt himself. I don't know what came over me, but I was going to get this bully or die trying. I hardly remember what I was doing, but the long and short of it is, I gave him a black eye, split his lip and was screaming curse words a sailor would have blushed at (all those pent up emotions coming through) and it took the lady from the store to get me off of this bully. Every day after I saw that bully I would shake my fist at him and he steered clear of me. Odd, but it took him picking on someone I loved to get me to act on it. Ever since that day I have not been afraid of anyone, but, I am smart and know when to stay clear of troublesome people or places and don't take any risks I don't have too.


Depends on the reason, but generally kids get bullied because the kid may have done something wrong to the kid that was met before. There may be a problem with the bully or the targeted kid either way.


Bullying is sadly a global problem. In many cases those who bully others have problems thst stem from poor parental, outright neglect or have taught their children to uderage and violence to handle roblems. Children may just see this behvior as acceptable. Many young ones who are in pain just want to lash out and dish it out. They get what they want, power, status and attention. Each time a bully picks on someone his power is enforced. So intervention is crucial if someone is bullying or has been bullied. Parents, school teachers and administrators as well as the police have to be contacted. Awake magazine article on bullying

a global problem


How do you get riddance of a boy?

Be polite but firm and tell him to please not to contact you again.

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How does cyberbullying affect adolescents?

Teenagers are very easily led to believe things so cyberbullying can be very stressful for them.

They are beginning to turn into adults and find arguing a way of expressing themselves over another. This is common on social websites and can be upsetting when one person picks on another without really thinking about what they are trying to achieve. Teenagers take comments to heart and they don't necessarily know what to do so they fret about it and let it blow up out of proportion sometimes.

Most of the time any threats of violence are said without real malice, but the one on the receiving end will not know that, so might become scared to go out or go to School. They may be worrying all the time and making themselves sick. They feel they cannot tell anyone or that they will be told back to sort themselves out and get on with it.

Bullying on the internet, texting or in person is wrong and not nice at all, it should not happen, so if you have been told of or know someone it is happening to please believe them and offer your help in getting it stopped. Always report any bullying to the Head Teacher at School and let your parents know too.

It is a stressful thing going on in live that often is the result of sucide or sucidal thoughts. So everyone should only post on the internet what they wouldn't mind wearing on their shirt.

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Should you commit suicide?

You should Never commit SuicideIf you feel depressed and hopeless you should talk about how you feel and what you can do about your situation.

Call the Suicide hotline 24 hours a day/7 days a week

1-800-suicide1-800-784-2433Below is a link to the National Suicide Hotline

Other Contributors have said

Before you consider suicide, think of these things:

What one might think are Pro's to suicide:

1) you will not hurt anyone anymore

2) you will be free of your terrible life

3) you will never again have to do something you don't want to

Con's to suicide:

1) you will never love again.

2) you will never experience a sexual relationship again.

3) you will never again eat your favorite food.

4) you will shatter the hearts of those closest to you.

5) you will never again make a friend.

6) you will never again be able to experience your favorite thing

7) you will never hear your favorite music again

8) you will never see those close to you grow old

9) you will never have children (or you will wound the hearts of children you have)

10) you will never again be pleasantly surprised

11) you will never share another special holiday with your loved ones

12) you might satisfy enemies you have.

13) you will lose everything close to you

14) you will never again be able to dance

15) you will never again be able to enjoy anything

16) you can no longer laugh with people

17) you can no longer fulfill your dearest dreams

18) and much, much more.


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