Halal and Haram

Halal and haram are terms for what is and is not permissible under Islamic law. These terms are commonly associated with foods, but also apply to objects and behaviors. Halal means something is permissible, and haram means it is forbidden.

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Halal and Haram

Din se roshan hai raat se andhari hai khao to haram hai peo to halal hai aurat sari zindgi you use 1 bar use karti hai aur mard din you 3 bar use karta hai quran you uska 5 dafa zikar hai?

Sawaal Galath hai.

Yeh sawaal sms se fel gaya,

aur saath hee saath Bigad gaya....

Sahi sawaal:

Wo kya cheez hai Jo :

Din se roshan ho saktha hai,

aur raath se kaala,

Bulao tho haraam hai,

aur piyo tho halaal,

Mardh ko din me paanch marthba yaad karta hai,

par aurat ko zindagi me ek baar,

Quran me iska paanch marthba zikr kiya gaya hai,

aur ye paanch alfaaz ka lavz meem se shuru hota hai .........

Aur iska javaab hai:

Mukbrah ( kabr )

^ Din se roshan ho saktha hai:

> Agar amal achche hon tho kabr din se roshan hoti hai

^ aur raath se kaala:

> Agar amal boore hon tho kabr sabse kaali raath hai

^ Bulao tho haraam hai:

> Suicide karne se kabr haraam ban jaatha hai ( i.e., kabr ko bulaana )

^ aur piyo tho halaal:

> Jaam-e-Shahaadat noosh karna

^ Mardh ko din me paanch marthba yaad karta hai:

> Mardh ka kabr use din me paanch baar yaad karta hai

^ par aurat ko zindagi me ek baar:

> Aurathon kon kabristhan jaana mana hain, aur mauth ke baad hi jaana padtha hai

^ Quran me iska paanch marthba zikr kiya gaya hai:

> Quran me 'Mukbrah' lavz ka paanch marthba zikr kiya gaya hai

^ aur ye paanch alfaaz ka lavz meem se shuru hota hai:

> 'Mukbrah' ke alfaaz hain:

-> meem, khauf, bah, raah aur ahlif.

Is lafz ka pehla alfaaz hai meem .......

yaa fir

Halal and Haram

Is ginger beer halal?

No, Ginger Beer is not halal, because it contains alcohol. Even the slightest amount of alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam.

It says in the Qur'an, in the 5th Surah Al-Ma'idah, verses 90 and 91:

O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful. (90) Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist? (91)

Halal and Haram

Is analsex halal in ISLAM?

Asalaam-u-Alaikum - السلام عليك

No, unfortunately it isn't allowed according to majority of scholars. If you don't believe me ask any scholar they will all give you the same answer. The reasons vary.

There are several hadith that tell that this is forbidden, and one that is classified as sahih, or authentic, by At-Tirmithi, goes:

"On the day of resurrection, Allah will not look at a man who had intercourse with his wife in her anus"

- Narrated by Ibn Abi Shayba, 3/529; narrated and classed as sahih by Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 1165

Halal and Haram

Is job in conventional banking Halal?

Yes. Conventional banking involves giving and receiving interest payments which as per Islamic laws is not acceptable. Hence it is Haram or not Halal. However there are a number of banks that provide Islamic banking facilities to the customers who follow Islam as their religion. If you work for them then it is Halal.

The preceding response is terribly misleading and self negating . First, it is not permissible to lend money and charge interest in Islam . Anything which is not permissible is therefore NOT HALAL . If you work for these banks you are not complying with Islamic law (HALAL) . Islamic banks cannot charge interest . If they do, they are also in violation of HALAL . Therefore, the answer you are seeking is an emphatic NO ! Conventional banking is not HALAL because money is loaned for profit .

Answer -2

Borrowing/lending money for prophet/interest is one of the most despised activities in Islam. Whatever or whichever label you put on it, it will remain Haram. Labeling a dog as goat can't make the dog Halal. Putting 'Islamic' on alcohol bottle will not make the contents Halal. The so-called 'Muftis' who give fatwas declaring Islamic Banking halal are, in fact, at war against Almighty Allah and beloved Prophet (SAW). May Almighty Allah bless us with the wisdom that is required to understand the holy Qur'an!

Halal and Haram

Why do Muslims do not do halal with fish?

All fish and sea food types are halal and are allowed for Muslims to eat unless any of them proved to be poisonous.

Halal and Haram

Is feta cheese halal?

Yes it is halal, as long as it doesn't include any alcohol, pork, or animal enzymes/mono and diglecerides. That's all I can think of for now.

Halal and Haram

Why is smarties not halal?

it is halal =D x

Halal and Haram

Is the food in Jordan halal?

Yes, food in Jordan Halal, it is an Islamic country

Halal and Haram

What kinds of fish is halal in Islam?

All kinds of fish are Hallal (Lawfal); the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) had said regarding the sea "it's the one that its water is purifying and its dead is lawfal" also the Noble Quran mentions in 5:96 that the fish in the sea is lawfal.

According to Imam Abu Hanifa, from among the marine animals that are fully aquatic, only the fish is allowed to eat. Here, fish refers to everything that falls within the definition of fish. As defined by marine scientists, fish is 'an aquatic, cold blooded, gill breathing vertebrate with a two-chambered heart'. Based upon this definition, whale, shrimp, lobster, sea crab, crayfish, squids, octopus, oyster, sea snail etc. are not 'fish', and will not be permissible according to Imam Abu Hanifa. Imam Abu Hanifa does not allow the consumption of everything from the sea. Only the fish is allowed (all types). The reason for this is that all animals of the sea die on its own. Due to this, they are known to be carrion (maitah), and from among the carrion which are allowed to consume, the fish and locust have been made permissible. About this, the Prophet (SAS) stated, 'Two types of dead (carrion-maitah) are lawful for us …. They are fish and locust'. (Ahmad, Ibn Majah). The hadith clearly establishes that from among the dead (carrion) of the sea only the fish is allowed, and this is the verdict of Imam Abu Hanifa (AR).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan (Darul uloom Trinidad)

Halal and Haram

Is ethyl alcohol halal or haram?

Usually I would say it's haram but since I don't know what the use of this type of alcohol is I'll just say stay away from anything that has the word alcohol in it.

Answer II

Persons who are ignorant of organic chemistry don't understand chemical nature of alcohol .Remember wine contains ethyl alcohol , its chemical name is Ethnol .It is only type of alcohol that is haram , All other types of alcohol eg. methyl alcohol , propyl alcohol , butyl alcohol , etc are non drinkable chemicals used for various purposes and are not haram .

Halal and Haram

Is Red Bull halal?

Red Bull contains no meat of any sort, and is an 'energy' drink loaded with caffeine and sugar.

Halal and Haram

Is it halal to keep a dog?

yes it is ok to keep a dog, but make sure it doesnt go near your prayer room or touch your prayer cloths or any cloths you pray with, a dog is to be called 'najiss', also if you touch a dog it is acceptable but make sure to wash your hands, to wash the 'najasseh' off. A dog is perfect to guard you, but maybe not inside the house, maybe kept outside and take good care of the dog, it is harram to abuse animals or neglect their health and ect.

Halal and Haram

Are Halal beef cattle grass fed?

Not always - Halal is the religious dietary law for Islam, which describes how to confer the blessing of Allah upon the meat. Grass fed is a production method unrelated to Halal slaughter rituals. You can purchase any of four combinations of the two: grass fed Halal beef, grass fed but not Halal beef, Halal but not grass fed beef and neither grass fed nor Halal beef.

Halal and Haram

Is frog halal in Islam?

Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) forbade the killing of the frog, that why Muslims don't eat Frogs.

As for Pigs, it's not halal, because it was forbidden to eat in the holy Quran just like blood and dead flesh, and any meat that was not slaughtered In the name of Allah.

If it is necessary however, muslims are permitted to eat what would be considered non-halal meat e.g. in situations of starvation and near death.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Halal and Haram

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

In general, KFC's chicken is not Halal. However, depending on your location in the world, some KFC's have been known to cater for the local Islamic population by ensuring the chicken sold in that individual KFC is Halal.

Normally though, the KFC would advertise if their chicken was Halal.

Fast Food
Halal and Haram

Is McDonald's fast food halal in India?

It is permissible [to eat such food] as long as it is not known that it contains meat, fat, and their derivatives that are forbidden to us.

Halal and Haram

Is aji-no-moto hala or haram for muslims?


Halal and Haram

Is the brand trolli halal?

Some of the products are HALAL and some made of pork gelatin, in there web site you can find a list of the HALAL products: Which are

- Trolli Halal Orange Slices

- Trolli Halal Fruit Salad

- Trolli Halal Gummi Bears

- Trolli Halal Sour Peach Hearts

Also they have some products which are free of Gelatin, which are:

- Trolli Bizzl Mix

- Trolli Sour Strawberries

- Trolli Give me 5

- Trolli Sour surfers

You can find more information at this link


Thank you

Halal and Haram

Where can you get fresh Halal bacon in Malaysia?

Actually all the food in malaysia is halal except some chinese one but not all

Halal and Haram

Do Muslims eat lobster and is it considered halal?

Yes, they do. It's halal (allowed by the Islamic religion)

Halal and Haram

What is a Halal meal?

Halal Meal & FoodMEAT: Muslims are only allowed to eat meat of domestic animals (Cow, Goat, Sheep, Chicken, Camel, Deer etc.) properly slaughtered in Muslim manner (without jerk).

Kosher and Halal

There is a great deal of similarity between the laws of Dhabiĥa halal and kashrut, and there are also various differences. Whether or not Muslims can use kashrut standards as a replacement for halal standards is an ongoing debate, and the answer depends largely on the individual being asked. However, most Muslim authorities believe the terms are not interchangeable Kosher and Halaal.

VEGETABLES: All vegetables are halaal (other then poisonious)

FRUITS: All natural fruits are considered halaal.

Fish: All fish is also halaal.

I found this related on the following website:


A Halaal meals should be made with Halal certified ingredients. It should contain Halal meat, poultry or fish; fresh vegetables; rice or other grain; should not be over-spiced but just seasoned to taste; should include a Halal dessert; Halal bread; and a Halal salad with dressing on the side, etc. It should be sealed in a way to prevent contamination during handling and serving.

Barack Obama
Halal and Haram

Does Barack Obama eat halal meat?

Not exclusively, but of course. Everyone does except vegetarians. Most meat except pork is halal. And it should be noted that since Michelle Obama's cousin is a rabbi, sometimes the president also eats Kosher food.

Halal and Haram

What is the trade mark of halal meat in iasi?

We are a community of Muslim students studying at G.T Popa Lasi , we are loyal Carrefour customers in Romania. Recently we all were very disappointed when Carrefour stopped selling Halal meat and chicken.

We all shocked when such a prestigious store like Carrefour would not be able to caters for the communities dietary needs .

We would greatly appreciate if Carrefour restock their freezers with Hala food.

Please consider our request as high priority.

All efforts would be gratefully appreciated and looking forward to hearing from you soon ,

Halal and Haram

Why is it haram for Muslim men to date girls?

dating includes being alone with a boy, which is Haram in Islam, and mostly incudes physical contact! you have to wait until marrige

Halal and Haram

Is halal good for you?

Halal meat is killed in a specific way that Muslims require. I don't fully understand it, but as far as I know, halal meat is just the same as any other meat. It was just slaughtered by either the Islamic Halal or Jewish Koshta (sp) code.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

My Answer :-

Firstly, halal in the Arabic language means permissible or that which is allowed, that which has been granted.

The primary reason that Muslims slaughter in the halal method as they believe the Allah through the Quran has revealed divine instructions in all matters of life including the slaughter of animals, to attain purity throughout the physical and spiritual nature of man.

Halal meat is animal friendly as it is less harmful to the animal than electrocution or stunning . Studies done in Germany, where EPC levels confirmed, that slits to the 2 veins gives a quick death whereas stunning is more of torture than other ways of killing an animal.

Also, halal slaughter requires the animal cannot die thirsty nor see how their end will be. A razor sharp knife has to be used. Its not permissible to use a blunt knife that would cause torture to the animal.

The name of God (Allah) is pronounced before slaughter for obedience to Allah and to purify the spiritual nature of the animal for the person to consume.

more info can be found http://www.mustaqim.co.uk/halal.htm

and that means any meat you buy from a halal or Arabic store is halal.


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