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Islam is a monotheistic faith and the world's second largest religion. Followers of Islam, called Muslims, believe that God revealed His will to Muhammad and other prophets, including Moses, Abraham, Adam, and Jesus.

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Why are people Muslims?

Anyone who is submitting fully to Allah (or God in English and same God worshiped in Judaism and Christianity) as the one and only one God with no partner, no companion, no father, no son, no associate, and no equivalence is considered Muslim. All God prophets since Adam through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon, Moses, ..., Jesus, and Muhammad called for submission to God (that is Islam). However, Islam per the Bible revelation to Jesus is called Christianity and Islam...
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What are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Answer A The Five Pillars of Islam are the five things Muslims must adopt as part of their religion. These things are: Shahada [testimony that there is no god except Allah (God) the one and only one God and Muhammad is His messenger], Salah (praying), Zakah (specific compulsory charity), Saum (fasting during Ramadan) and Hajj (pilgrimage) for those who can afford it. Detailed Answer: 1)Shahadah or Declaration of Faith~ "There is none worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is the messenger of God." It means in...
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What is the place of worship in Islam?

The temple of Muslims is called Masjid (or Mosque in English). Muslims are encouraged to go to Masjid for praying five times a day if they can afford it. However, on Friday, it is required for Muslims to go to masjid for Friday praying including listening to the Friday sermon. As a hint on answer above: No saints per Islam religion and praying to saints or getting saints as mediators when praying to God is strictly forbidden. Muslims; or followers of Islam per...
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What is christiane amanpour's religion?

It sounds of a intercaste marriage so she could be either a Muslim or a christian. ...
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What colours are offensive to Muslims?

there are no offensive colors to us Muslims
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What is modesty in Islam?

Modesty in Islam is one of the principles of faith. It is freedom from vanity and showiness. It is decency and moderation in speech, manner, dress and total attitude and behavior towards life. It is shyness, simplicity and humility about our abilities and accomplishments. Modesty is for both male and female. It isn't only for women as many people have the misconception. The sphere of Modesty in Islamic morality is so vast that it encompasses all aspects of human life. Imran bin Hussain narrated...
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What are the Muslim holy books called and in which languages?

Answer 1 Qur'an is the only holy book of Muslims and Islam although Muslims believe in the divinity of all other God holy books (including the Torah and the Bible) as well as all other God prophets (since Adam through Noah, Abraham, Moses,..., and ending with Muhammad; peace be upon them all). Refer to questions below to know about Quran; about the Islam morals as extracted from Quran; and about the fundamentals of Islam. Quran was revealed by God to prophet Muhammad (peace...
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What is the term or name given to followers of Allah and people who follow the Islam religion?

A follower of Islam is a Muslim (مسلم‎ in Arabic). People who follow the religion of Islam are called Muslims (plural). Muslim, sometimes spelled Moslem. Plural: Muslimeen Muslims are further divided into Shia and Sunni Muslims. Men are Muslims and Women are Muslimahs.. Islam means literally "one who submits"(to God). Islam (also with a soft 's' like in Muslim) means: One who acquires inner peace through obedience to the will of the One God. Saying that Islam means peace does not mean that...
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Did Jesus commit blasphemy by claiming Himself as the Son of the God?

Answer 1 Jesus calls himself God's son in Matthew 11:27; John 5:23 and John 5:26. When Peter calls him the son of God in Matthew 16:16, Jesus tells Peter that God revealed that to him. But when Jesus calls himself God's son, he is not identifying himself as divine, he is identifying himself as a descendant of David, just as the scripture uses the term in Ps 29:1. The coronation hymn in Ps 2:7 declares that the king of Judah becomes God's son...
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Is tahir ul qadri bound to enter madina?

No one in this world can stop Dr. Tahir ul qadri to enter Madina exept ALLAH & His Prophet (saw). He is teaching the whole world their Love, No government can prevent a Muslim to enter Medina. There was no need to ask this question. Any Muslim can visit Madina Munawara if he is permitted by the Saudi Government and a visa is given to him. There is no restriction on the Muslims to enter Madina Munawara. Only the Non-Muslims are...
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How many Muslims are there in the world?

As of October 2009, there are about 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today (in more than 200 countries of the world). This represents 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion people. (per study done by Pew forum). Refer to related link below. 60% of these Muslims live in Asia, mainly Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. 20% of these Muslims live in North Africa and the Middle East, from Morocco to Iran. This shows a person how...
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How many wives did Prophet Mohammed have and what were their names?

Answer 1 The Prophet Muhammad is reported to have had 12 wives in total from 9 years of age up to 45 years of age at the time of marriage. He was married to only one - Khadijah - from the age of twenty-five, until his wife died when he was fifty. The others he married after her were all part of maintaining tribal ties and ties between himself and his closest companions. Though the number of wives is limited to four for...
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Why did Islam split into Sunnis and Shiites?

Answer 1 It is not Islam splitting. It is just different view points on non critical issues. Both Shiites and Sunnis believe in: one and only one God; with no partner, no companion, no son, no father, no associate, and no equivalence. all God prophets (from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Isac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, ..., Jesus, and the last Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon them all) all God angels Hell and Paradise (or Heaven) all God holy books including Torah, Bible, and Qur'an destiny,...
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How is woman as widow viewed in Judaism Christianity Islam?

Answer A: From Muslim perspective: * For purposes of clarity, there is no old testament in Islam. Islam has since its inception preached one word or rather one book which has never been edited. The Old Testament recognized no inheritance rights to widows. Accordingly, widows were among the most vulnerable of the Jewish population. The male relatives who inherited all of a woman's deceased husband's estate were to provide for her from that estate. However, widows had no way to ensure this provision...
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What is Al-Shahada?

Shahada (شهادة) in Arabic means "testimony" or "witness statement". The term is often used to refer to the Muslim declaration of faith wherein Muslims say that they bear witness to God's existence. It can also mean "certificate" like a bachelor's degree or similar. When Muslims refer specifically to ash-Shahada (الشهادة), they are referring to the Muslim declaration of Faith. Ash-Shahada is to witness that no God except one and only one God (Allah in arabic) and that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger. The...
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What makes a mosque different from a church?

Church worship place for christians Mosque Worship place for Muslims okay since that is said, since i am Muslim, i will say some of the less obvious differences mosque is the English word for where a Muslim worships, most, if not all, Muslims call it a Masjid. This is an Arabic word that means a place where prostration (you know when ur touching your head on the floor) takes place. This is one thing that is different, i have never heard of people in a...
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Why is Qur'an spelled Koran or Quran?

The original language of the Holy book Quran is Arabic. The Arabic meaning of Quran is the readable or recitable. Its name in English may be spelled: Quran, Qur'an, Quraan, Koran, Kor'an. Koraan, Kuran, Kur'an, or Kuraan ...
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Why do Muslims have prayer beads?

They must say certain sentences a specific number of times the beads help keep track Answer II It is not essential to have beads as counting can be done on digits but beads make counting easy . ...
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What is the translation of Surah Hamim Sajda?

Hi The below site will give a translation for each sura of the Holy Quran. Sura Al Sajda has the number 32 in the Quran list. Also, you can listen to the recitation for each sura. Good luck ...
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What do you do when you have a bad dream and tell people about it then later you read that you should not tell anybody about a bad dream or harm could come to you what do you do islamically?

In Islam or any other faith tradition, no harm can come of telling someone about a bad dream. Dreams occur within the dreamer's mind, just like one's thoughts. Islam is about submission to the One, not about superstitious fears. Answer 2: You can do nothing about the past, from now on don't make the same mistake. If you saw a bad dream or a nightmare then you have to say " O Allah (God)! I seek refuge with Thee from the Satan". Don't tell...
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What is kafara?

Kafara is the Arabic word for the verb disbelieve but if you mean the word Kaffara, then it's the Arabic word for expiation which is the compensation for a sin or a wrongdoing. kaffara is found also in Islam. ...
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What are some similarities between Judaism Christianity and Islam?

All are teachings of God/Allah that were revealed to us once again through their respective Prophets/Messengers. On careful study and understanding of each/all these religions one can see that all share common values and teachings. Prophets of the three religions are descendants of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim). The three religions call for the same God worshiping They also follow the basic ten commandments The three religions call for practicing same basic ritual worships (although differently in the rituals) as praying, fasting, alms giving, etc. The three...
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How is Islam a force of good in the world?

yes it is a force of Good because it teaches us about God and the path of right and righteous living. Unfortunately, this religion has been hijacked by violent extremists, and moderate Muslims have done little or nothing to stop groups like ISIS. ...
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Concept of Taxation in Islam?

The concept of taxation is quite different in Islam. Islam doesn't tax Income, it tax saving. Hence what ever you left after your expenditure or what ever you left as saving after your expenses are taxable in Islam. This would be significant impact on economy. Your expenditure is someone's income. So if your savings are taxed, you tried to expense out more. Hence more you expense ,more income is generated for other society members. The process doesn't stop here. It would be an...
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What do you read in asr namaz?

Assalaam Alaikum Asr namaaz is the third prayer in the day. There is an optional 4 rakah's of sunnah and then 4 rakah's of fard [mandatory]. Since you specifically asked for asr namaaz I'm assuming you already know how to pray the other four. If not, do ask and I will help you answer your questions. After you make the intention and say allahu akbar, you start the first rakah. You first read Surah Sana, followed by Al-Fatihah and then a surah of...