Sufism is a mystical branch of Islam, eschewing the dogmatic approaches of traditional Sunni, Shiite, and Ibadi Jurisprudence for a love-based relationship with God and meditations on that connection. Most Sufi Elders lived in poverty and closely with the people, leading to many of them being called "saints" by the communities in which they lived. The most famous Sufis are the Mevlevi Order (commonly known as the Whirling Dervishes of Anatolia).

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Who were the sufis?

Sufism is a kind of Islam and is organized in brotherhoods. In Senegal there are three main sufi brotherhoods, of which Mouride is considered to be the most powerful. They have had a great impact in both politics and economy in Senegal, mostly though their groundnut farms.


What is a sufi?

A sufi is a person who believes or adheres to 'Sufism', a branch of the Islamic religion. Another name for Sufi is Dervish, though this second term must be used in a non-racial sense to remain accurate. it should also be noted that some Islamic scholars define Sufism as simply the name for the inner 'spiritual' or esoteric dimension of Islam.

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What is Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi's birthday?

Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi was born on December 7, 903.

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Women's Rights

Does Sufism believe in women's rights in Islam?

Sufism is part of Islam . All true sufis practice Islam and shariah . Hence they have no other view , their view is same as is islamic view . Women have rights as mentioned in Qu'ran and Hadith .


What is the world's Muslim Sufi population?

2 to 5 million practicing


Teachings of bhakti?

1. God is one

2. All men are equal in the eyes of God

3. One can reach god through true devotion and love but not through rites and rituals

4.Caste system should not be there

5. All the religions lead to one and the same goal that si God salvation. So one should respect all religions

6. There is a need of a guru because a guru can only lead a person to god salvation

English to Arabic

Some people believe that Sufi derives from the Arabic word safa meaning?


United States of America
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United States

Why are so many Canadian Muslims traveling to the USA to attend the Sufi Majid in Waterport NY?

Truth of the matter, is that sufi is a branch of Islam which preaches an almost Buddhist approach to Islam. Sufi masjids are not as readily available as Sunni & Shia masjids. That might be a reason why they would cross the border in order to attend the sermon and prayer.

As well there is a little matter called "Freedom of Movement" which allows someone to travel from one country to another in order to attand such events.


How is does the Sufism think the world will end?

It seems to indicate if not an end a rebirth or reconstructed world.

Barack Obama

What does senator Barack Obama and the Unofficial Sufi Majid's Mosque have in common here in the US?

This question was asked prior to Barack Obama becoming president. Because Mr. Obama had Muslim relatives on his father's side, there were rumors even then that he was a Muslim. He was not. He was raised as a Protestant Christian by his maternal grandparents; but he always had cordial relationships with the churches, temples, and mosques in Chicago, and counted priests, ministers, rabbis, and imams among his friends.

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In Islam is it permissable to click snaps or photos according to iman ahmed raza khan and other sufis it is not permissible even the present sajjada akhtar raza khan shares the same view but scholars?

Before you start worrying about pitures , start asking yourself if Islam allows you to access the internet?? lots of pitures that were taken and are uploaded to the internet and the internet was created by a an American who is a christian, so basically you are using something that was created by an "infidel" , shame on you, don't access the internet,this is a place that has a very dark side. It is a place where anyone (including women and people from other races and religions) can say what they want, freedom of thought is the theme of the internet and I doubt you guys are allowed to think of anything other than the laws of Islam, so why are u using somthing which will allow you to think in un-holy ways???

Come to think of it, why do terrorists use the internet which was created by the west?? ask your imam that.


What is a whirling dervish?

In the realm of religious fanaticism a whirling Dervish was somebody who spun round and round until they got so dizzy they entered a prophetic state. It is interesting to note that many means of altered consciousness have been considered as valid means of communicating with the unseen: starvation, marijuana, peyote, oxygen deprivation, mushrooms, hyperventilation.
A Whirling Dervish is a Muslim who has taken a vow of poverty and austerity. These people were named Whirling Dervishes due to the howling dances and and whirling displayed according to the practice of their order.

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Sunni Islam

What is the difference between Sufi Sunni and Shiite?

sufism is only paying more attention to spiritual aspects of Islam.

original sufi can not be found today or rare.

today Sufism have mixed many false beliefs in Islam.

Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs and both believe in fundamental beliefs of Islam. Today there is up to 260 sects in Islam that are in two main categories of shia and sunni.

the conflict of shia and sunni has been always amplified by world Imperialism to prevent Islam from gaining power.

Shia believes in Allah, prophet and all fundamentals of Islam.

Shia pray 5 times a day but usually do the 2, 3 and 4, 5 pray together and so may seem they do only 3 pray a day. there is some differences in details of pray like genuflect (for shia should be on a stone or part of earth and for sunni on carpet or floor ).

shia believe after death of prophet God selected the successive for prophet who is the political leader of Muslim community and people can not and does not the right to selected it.

Shia believes the Caliph (Representative of God in earth) is selected only by God and can not be selected by people because God said in Koran: "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority" (Quran 2:30) or "O David! We did indeed make thee a vicegerent on earth" (Quran 38:26) also other verses.

Shia believes such verses means only God can select an Islamic political leader (Caliph).

In Shia Islam Caliphs after prophet are 12 Imams and all of them are the same and have no mistake and have the knowledge of everything (not absolute knowledge like knowledge of God) and they hear all sayings and even thinks of all humans after even after their death by permission of God and they are intermediates between God and human Shia Muslims always support them and forgive their lives for them.

Shia Muslims do not consider selection of Abubakr as Caliph by people valid because God did not select him. They believe God ordered prophet to declare people that Ali is selected as successor of prophet and prophet did this mission many times during his prophet-hood and mainly in Ghadir event after last Hajj of his life at a 3-4 hour speech in front of 120,000 Muslims at Ghadir in hot desert after 2 days stop of long caravan for gathering and 3 days after speech for congratulations and homage of Muslims to Ali. Islam at that time had high power in world and Some companions had high interest in leadership position after prophet. Muslims knew that it is the final Hajj of prophet (predicted by prophet) and were going along with prophet to hear what prophet says at end of his life. Shia believes Ghadir event is the most important event of Islam and is mentioned in Koran in many verses like "Today" (اليوم) in verse 5:3 of Quran is the day of Ghadir. Or Verse 5:67 (O Messenger! proclaim the (message) which hath been sent to thee from thy Lord. If thou didst not, thou wouldst not have fulfilled and proclaimed His mission. And Allah will defend thee from men (who mean mischief). For Allah guideth not those who reject Faith) is revealed at Ghadir day and is about declaring political leadership of Ali after prophet.

Both Sunni and Shia Muslims accept happening of Ghadir event But different interpret. Some Sunni writers tried to reject the event of Ghadir as declare of leadership of Ali and said at Ghadir prophet only wanted to say Ali is my friend and no one should bother him. Ali had 3 different missions to Yemen by prophet during 10 years and in 2 of them some companions of prophet had some conflicts with Ali and and prophet said some sayings about Ali to solve conflicts and some sunni writers have mixed stories of missions of Ali to Yemen with story of Ghadir to prove Ghadir event is not about Leadership of Ali and is not important.

Shia scholars believe some Sunni writers have changed and deviated historical evidences about political leadership of Ali in old historical books and republished them to destroy evidences of leadership of Ali from old Sunni books.

The famous Shia book Al-Ghadir (الغدير) by Allameh Amini is a collection of evidences and proofs for Ghadir Events written after referring to 100,000 Sunni books and full reading of 10,000 sunny books. Allameh Amini is a famous Shia scholar and spent 40 years of his life in travelling to access original old Sunni books in libraries in different countries to write this 20 volume book only from Sunni books and not using any Shia book. Some Sunni scholars tried to reply this book but then said if we want to reply this book we should first destroy all books of ourselves.

Shia doctrine have root in Karbala tragedy. When tragedy of Karbala happened most of Iranians understood there is two different kinds of Islam and after happening of Karbala tragedy most of Iranians became followers of "Ahl al-Bayt" and forgive their lives for them like what they did in Iranian Revolution and Iran-Iraq War. Shia Muslims have at least 120,000 Hadith (saying) from The Fourteen Infallibles that is the base of Shia Islam along with Quran. Shia believes according to " Hadith of the two weighty things" The Fourteen Infallibles are the only valid interpreters of Quran and sayings of them are from God because they are Representative of God in earth and they do not say anything from themselves. Shia believes 12th of them (Mahdi) is alive and because people have killed all 11 Imams before him, he is in hide like Jesus and will come out of hide toghether with Jesus when people become ready and want to accept his leadership. All 11 Imams have been killed and during their life thy all have been in prison or under hard control of government to not have any political action. They never had enough serious followers to can get political power. Among them only the sixth Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq was relatively free in his life to have only scientific activities (but banned from any political action) and so only he is known in west because he established university and had students from all over the world. Westerns know him as a polymath: an astronomer, alchemist, Imam, Islamic scholar, Islamic theologian, writer, philosopher, physician, physicist and scientist. He was also the teacher of the famous chemist, Jābir ibn Hayyān (Geber), and of Abū Ḥanīfa, the founder of the Hanafi school of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence. He never wanted be a famous man and only shared his knowledge with who wanted to learn. Some researchers consider his teachings the root cause of renaissance.

Sunni Muslims also accept Mahdi and his worldwide leadership as Caliph of God in earth at end of world. There is a famous Hadith from prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Mahdi at hide is like sun behind cloud, he is hidden from people but people receive his benefits. Shia Muslims say some faithful believers have connection with Mahdi and use his knowledge. Shia Muslims believe that it is proved at least 1000 persons have had connection and talk with Mahdi during his hide period but Any one having relation with Mahdi keep it and does not declare it in public until is alive.


Do Sufi Muslims circumcised?

Yes, all Muslims circumcise their male children to commemorate Abraham's covenant with God (Sufis included).


Who were the main practitioners of Sufism?

The main practitioners of Sufism were Sufi Muslims and individual Muslims who prayed and confided in their regional Sufi leaders.

Mughal Empire

After which Sufi saint did Akbar name his eldest son?

Akbar named his eldest son Salim (later known as Jahangir) after the Sufi Saint Shaikh Salim Chishti. Akbar went to this Sufi Saint seeking a male heir to his throne. Sufi blessed Akbar and soon the first of his three sons born. Hence he named after his eldest son in honor of Salim Chishti.


What were the main teachings of the Sufi saints?

God is supreme and should be worshiped through love and devotion.Meditation and chanting of gods name[zikr] is very important.Respect all religions.


Who mainly practices Sufism?

Sufism is mainly practiced by the Muslims. But the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Christians also practice Sufism.


Compare and contrast sufism and bhakti?

Sufi is a Muslim mystical sect, while Bhakti is a Hindu mystical sect.


What are the differences between bhakti and sufi movement?

The Bhakti movement was embraced by the masses while the Sufi movement was mostly followed by Muslims. Both movements helped to achieve harmony between Hindu people and Muslim people.


What is Sufism all about?

Sufism is not something different from Islam. It is all about seeking the the Goodwill and Pleasure of Almighty Allah. In fact, it is putting the teachings of Islam into practice with extreme devotion. The Sufis teach to be kind, helpful and charitable to all human beings irrespective of their caste, creed, color, religion, country etc. They don't hurt the feelings of human beings even if they are sinners. The sinners may repent anytime and become better Muslims and better humans than those who consider them inferior or sinful. All human beings are the off-spring of a single couple - Hazrat Adam (as) and Hazrat Hawa (as). Allah Almighty has created all and He loves all His creatures. Nobody has the right to insult, maltreat or murder anybody. The Sufis welcome anybody who wants to sit in their company. They don't hate any person. They teach to practice tolerance and love. They follow the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit.


What are the 5 main sufi saints?

There are a lot of muslim sufi saints .H. Awais qarni , H Hasan Basri , H . Shah wali Ullah , ,H. Mujadid Alif Sani . , H . Shah Abdul Aziz , H . Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir maki , H .Ali Hajveri , Hazrat Molana Allah Yar Khan and H. Molana Abdullah Bahlavi (R.A. for all )

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Why the teachings of bhakti and sufi saints are still so popular today?

Ans: Both required Trust ( Sharadhaa) and when person take deep jump in soul than body will disapear and soul existence will expereance. But same trust in living Guru will be The fastest way .

Shiite Islam
Sunni Islam

Which sect of Islam is the largest Sunni Shiite or Sufi?

Sunni sect is the largest sect of Islam. Shia are in very less number. Sufi is not a sect. It is a way of life for some of the Muslims who seek pleasure of Almighty Allah by excessive prayer and devotion.

Similarities Between

What were the similarities between bhakti and sufi saints teaching?

I think that here the similarities should be given in a detail form and in a proper way.


bhakti and sufi saints both taught us to be close to god by loving them and doing good deeds.

bhakti and sufi saints both did the right thins and taugt the people to always do the right things in their lives


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