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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic, absolute monarchy country occupying the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. It is the third largest Arab country by land area. With vast oil reserves, the kingdom is the world’s largest oil exporter.

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Saudi Arabia
Visas - Document

How can a Saudi Resident check his Iqama validity?

An Iqama is similar to a green card in the USA. It is a tiny green booklet that says you are allowed to live or work in Saudi Arabia. Those who want to check the status of their card can visit the MOI government in Saudi Arabia web site.

Download free software from Google, the software name is "HIJRI TO GREGORIAN" enter your Hijri date and will show the date of expiry or validity in Gregorian.

However, actually looking into any individual's Iqama is far beyond the scope of WikiAnswers.

Saudi Arabia

Is tahir ul qadri bound to enter madina?

No one in this world can stop Dr. Tahir ul qadri to enter Madina exept ALLAH & His Prophet (saw). He is teaching the whole world their Love, No government can prevent a Muslim to enter Medina.

There was no need to ask this question. Any Muslim can visit Madina Munawara if he is permitted by the Saudi Government and a visa is given to him. There is no restriction on the Muslims to enter Madina Munawara. Only the Non-Muslims are prohibited to enter the boundaries of Makka Mukarrama and Madina Munawara (harmain Shreefain). Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadari is an honorable Muslim religious scholar.

Saudi Arabia

Where is the cradle of Gold mine in Saudi Arabia?

it is located in western reageon of Saudi Arabia in north of jeddah city about 340km between jeddah and madinah it called "mahd adh dhahab" Arabian meanin of "cradle of gold" and Al-Mahd located in 23.3N - 40.5W

Saudi Arabia
Tropic of Cancer

Which city is closest to tropic of cancer kuala lumpar Bangkok Beijing or riyadh?

Kuala Lumpur

Saudi Arabia
India Colleges and Universities

Is there al-khalid or khalid school in najran?

yes. alhamdulillah, there is an international school at last in najran. it is located near al zafar hospital. its name is khalidia international school.

Saudi Arabia

What is the total number of banks in Saudi Arabia?

i binged it. there are 12 banks in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Who is miss BG?

it's a show on QUBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THE BEST THING ON T.V!

Saudi Arabia

Where to buy LEGO in Saudi Arabia?

You cannot buy Lego in Saudi Arabia because of a Danish newspaper drew the Muhammad cartoons which saudi hate them.

wholesale LEGO toys .anyone have interesting i can help you.thanks

Saudi Arabia

What is the coldest place in Saudi Arabia?

Turaif oo i thought its dubai

Saudi Arabia
Botany or Plant Biology

What is the national plant of Saudi Arabia?

arabian palm نخلة na'khla in arabic which produce dates

Distances and Travel Times
Saudi Arabia

How far is Riyadh from Hofuf?

300 km is the distance

Political Theory
Saudi Arabia

Is Saudi King Abdullah dead?

There is a rumor about it, which is probably true!

If he's alive, he'll show up on tv just to show that he's alive!

If he's dead, the official announcement if his death will take time to be out!

Saudi Arabia
History of the Middle East

Is the king of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah dead?


Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is the current reigning monarch of Saudi Arabia. He is very much alive. Recently, the heir apparent, Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud died (October 2011), but the King himself did not die.

Saudi Arabia
Flight Times

How long is the flight from jeddah to kuala lumpur?

Departure point: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Destination point: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Estimated flight duration: 8 hours, 47 minutes

Saudi Arabia

What is the gold rate today in Saudi Arabia per 10 grams?

For daily gold prices in riyals, see the link below.

Saudi Arabia

Does religion have any influence on the government of Israel Saudi Arabia and Iran?

While Israel is a Jewish country, the laws are secular. Saudi Arabia and it's laws are 100% Wahhabi fundamentalist. Iran is an Islamist republic which ostensibly has civilian courts but in fact, is dominated by ultraconservative Shiite Mullahs who over rule civilian courts at will.

Saudi Arabia
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

When did King Saud of Saudi Arabia die?

King Saud of Saudi Arabia died on February 23, 1969 at the age of 67.

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Saudi Arabia
ZIP Code

What is zip code of Ha'il Saudi Arabia?


Traffic Violations and Tickets
Saudi Arabia

How does a Saudi Resident check his traffic violation fines on the Internet?

Option 1

Go to the website of Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia linked below and enter your Iqama number to find your traffic violation list and amount.

Option 2

Go to the site, select language English, go to eservices tab, in eservices you will find passport and labour services and information.


Finding specific information regarding any individual's records using an Iqama Number (or any other type of personal information) is beyond the scope of Wikianwers.

Saudi Arabia
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Where to buy PS Vita in jeddah?

it is coming in october and it will come in tokyo games

Saudi Arabia
Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Stores in Riyadh?

There is one, as far as I know. And its located at Mamlakah center ( Kingdom tower) in the ladies section.

Saudi Arabia

How do you open an office in Saudi Arabia if you are an Indian and you want to sell your product in Saudi Arabia?

You MUST have a Saudi partner.
The Bible
Saudi Arabia
Arabic Language and Culture

Is the Holy Bible allowed in Saudia Arabia?

Sure, it is allowed in areas where there are Christians.

Saudi Arabia
Oceans and Seas

What gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

The Mexican Gulf is between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Arabs typically call this the Arabian Gulf, but this name is not popular outside of the Arab World.

Saudi Arabia

When does 2011-2012 school year starts in Saudi Arabia?

Saturday 10/09/2011


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