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Water, the liquid of life itself. How do we use it and how do we protect it? All these questions and more are bottled here.

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Human Anatomy and Physiology
Drinking Water

Is drinking too much water toxic?

Yes, drinking too much water can be toxic - except it is very hard to drink too much fresh, clean water to be able to die. Normal healthy people would need to drink on the order of 20 liters per day for it to be toxic but people with some medical problems, particularly the elderly and very young, can get toxic on much lesser amounts. Also people with psychiatric disorders, most notably schizophrenia.

Drinking too much water is called polydipsia. This, as well as several other processes, can cause low blood concentrations of sodium, which is known as (dilutional) hyponatremia.

Drinking Water

When fasting for blood work can you drink water?

Yes, your Dr. should have given you a list of things you could not eat or drink. Water is usually not listed during a fast unless you're having surgery and even then, it is only a few hours.

Drinking Water

Do I really need to drink eight glasses of water per day?

Although conventional wisdom holds that humans need eight, 8-ounce glasses of water each day, the truth is a little more complicated. According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an adequate daily fluid intake is about 125 ounces (3.7 liters) for men and about 91 ounces (2.7 liters) for women. However, keep in mind that these fluid intake guidelines include all sources of water, not just glasses of the stuff. In fact, we get about 20 percent of our daily water from what we eat, especially fruits and vegetables.

The truth is that when it comes to hydration, one size does not fit all. There are many factors that should influence an individual’s daily water intake, including where you live, your activity level, and your overall health. So while there is no scientific evidence that supports the “8x8 rule,” staying hydrated is still important. The best advice is to trust your own body, and when you’re thirsty, reach for water first.

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Skin Disorders
Drinking Water

Does drinking water help get rid of acne?

A healthy diet is a key to improve your skin condition. It is advisable to cut down your intake of oily foods and dairy products. Hormonal changes can also be a cause of acne and a healthy diet can control the changes in your hormones, thereby reducing the effect of acne on your skin. Acne is a chronic condition and might require expert Dermatologists intervention if the condition persists. Although acne scar treatment at home can help you keep the condition in control, top skin specialists are required to keep the condition under check. Reach out the best dermatologists for a quick and permanent cure.

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Drinking Water

How much water should a 170 pound person drink a day?

The more water the better! Most recomment 8 glasses of water a day but if you workout you should drink half a gallon to a gallon of water. The secret is to drink enough water that your urine is clear.

Drinking Water

Checking the bacterial contamination in drinking water by testing sulphide ion?

hi there you you can add a water purefying machine to your taps and filter out bacterial contaminates,cholrine,fluride ect . this will make your water very clean and contaminat free for human consumption if you want to find out more info here

Thanks trevor dye

Drinking Water

Does drinking vinegar an water stop your period?

No. Please go learn some basic biology, drinking vinegar/water will have no effect on your menstrual cycle whatsoever

Food Safety
Drinking Water

Is sterile water for irrigation safe for babies to drink?

Irrigation water may be potable, but it is not sterile. When in doubt, boil the water for baby.

Answer 2: Unless you are in a dire situation such as a third world country or lost in the woods (which I doubt as you are using the internet) Do not give an infant or child any water that is not from a safe potable tap (such as your kitchen water faucet, if the water in your area has been deemed safe for human consumption), or from a factory sealed, drinking water.

Dieting and Weight Loss
Drinking Water

Does drinking almond milk help you lose weight?

Yes it can. The milk is high in calcium, and vitamin D, which is very important to keep you up and running. You don't have to drink it 24-7, but you should add a few extra glasses to your meals.

Drinking Water

Does bottled water boil?

It will if you heat it up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100 degrees C)

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Drinking Water

Why is it a bad idea to freeze water in a plastic container?

If you try to freeze water, juice or other liquids in a closed plastic container without leaving room for expansion, your container will crack or burst. I fill plastic bottles or jugs with liquid, leaving plenty of room at the top for expansion. Once the liquid is frozen, then you can safely tighten the lid and then when you want to take it off use warm water to wash it then take it off.

The reason why it's a bad idea to freeze water in a sealed plastic container is because the container can break. I would say if the water bottle is full and you freeze it then burst open and then it will be an even bigger mess then if you just started with a half full bottle. Which works just as well.

Leave at least a 1/4 of the plastic without water because water expands.

Other notes:

Jugs of ice keep the freezer from having to work as hard to cool the compartment, assuming you don't keep your freezer space full of food. In the event of a power outage the chunks of ice can help prevent the loss of your food for a little longer. It is NOT indefinite, but it does help for brief periods of time. My freezer lasted two days during a summer hurricane.

There is a myth going around that freezing water in a plastic container causes the plastic to release dioxin, and thereby causes breast cancer. This is not true.

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Drinking Water

Why are the EPA's water quality standards useful?

They give communities uniform safety guidelines to follow when assessing their water quality.

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Drinking Water

Do fruit juice count as your 5 a day?

yes , fruit juices retain the same nutritional properties as whole fruit. They are an excellent source of vitamins and fiber and they have a high water content.

Dieting and Weight Loss
Drinking Water

Does drinking warm water empty stomach lose weight?

It hasn't been proven drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps with weight loss. It is good to drink a lot of water, though!

Drinking Water

How much is BOD value of drinking water?

There are generally no standards for an absolute BOD5 value of drinking water. However, a sample with a BOD5 between 1 and 2 mg/L indicates a very clean water

Food Spoilage
Drinking Water

Why does bottled water have an expiration date?

All companies that produce consumables must, by federal law, have an expiration date on it. Since bottled water is a consumable the company must put a expiration date on it.
Also some water becomes impure due to plastic melting or substances released into the water by the plastic.

Expiration Dates on Bottled Water

Here are opinions and answers from WikiAnswerers:

  • So that if you don't drink the water by that date you have to go out and buy a new bottle, thus creating more profit for the company which sold you the water
  • There is a chance that over time (years), the container could cause the water to have a different taste. There is much more information at the website in the Links section.
  • There are two main types of sterilization that all food and drink manufacturers use. The first is the use of peracetic acid that gives an instant kill to most pathogens (bugs that make you ill). The second is the use of steam. Holding a steam temperature of above 120 degrees in the product line for 15 minutes will kill virtually all pathogens. However, some bacteria form spores which are virtually indestructible and can last for millions of years. The only way to make totally sterile drinks would be to irradiate them, which wouldn't make them radioactive, but would make them cost a great deal of money to produce. Thus, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that their product is free of pathogens and gives it a 'use by' to minimize their liability. Packaging deterioration is the other reason for the "Best By" Date.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that "Bottled Water" means pure, sterile, perfect water. It may surprise you to know that there is very little regulation concerning 'bottled water'. For example, it is common practice to label the bottle with such things as " Spring Water" or "Mountain fresh" while the water is actually taken directly from municipal sources! Look for yourself at the fine print and see.

Additional Information:

The information above is accurate and well written. Irradiation is, however, not all that expensive, as all that is required is to expose the water to a radioactive source. It is very passive. The problem is that consumers are less than excited about drinking "irradiated" water. The second problem is planned obsolescence. Water with a shelf life must be replaced whether it is consumed or not, which increases sales.

Bottled water is, for the most part, an ecological disaster. The plastic is not fully recycled--much of it ends up in land fills, or burned in waste to energy plants. Also, municipal water supplies are just as safe, and frequently safer, than bottled water--which often comes from municipal water supplies--as noted above.

Here are additions to the answer:

It is just giving warning that it will taste different from what it did when bottled.

They're is an expiration on water bottles because most of the time companies will put fluoride in water and the fluoride expires so they need an expiration date

Bottled water is pointless, If you had to choose between water that had chemicals put into it or natural pure water, the natural water is better because it has fluorine in it and most of the bottled water won't have fluorine. Plus, how can water expire within a protected container? Because plastic would take a long time to decompose and water wouldn't expire in it.

Water kept in a plastic container is harmful because bottles are made up of toxic substances which are harmful for both animal and plant life.In nature, as per its property water flows which keeps it clean and pure, not allowing any source of crude deposition. But water if kept enclosed for a prolong period allows anaerobic algae and other microbes to grow in it;making it unsafe and unfit for potable use. Hence, pouched water possesses an expiration date on it. The plastic chemicals will get to it. The water can go stale, too.

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Drinking Water

Is Crystal Clear flavored water healthy for you?

Yes it is. All water, no matter what brand or flavor, is in fact good for you.

However, flavored water can often be high in sugar, so best to stick to plain water or perhaps fruit juice.

Dieting and Weight Loss
Drinking Water

Does drinking water make your body lighter?

Drinking water is beneficial for the health. Also it will help in losing the weight.

Drinking Water
Animal Life

Which animal drink water ones in a year and die?

kid of beetles

Units of Measure
Drinking Water

How many kilograms are there in a 3.00 bottle of drinking water?

This can't be answered without determining what the volume is.

Drinking Water

What are some ways that water is used in the US?

Actually, water is used in many ways in the USA, including:

  • drinking water
  • to help swallow when taking medications
  • to make a cloth wet for use on a hot forehead or neck
  • for cooking
  • to freeze into ice or ice cubes
  • washing dishes
  • washing hands frequently
  • to flush a toilet
  • brushing teeth
  • taking showers
  • taking baths (or partial wash-up)
  • washing hair
  • washing clothes
  • cleaning house
  • cleaning objects, for example, to clean eyeglasses
  • to clean windows
  • washing a car / vehicle
  • to water indoor plants
  • to water outdoor plants, or a garden
  • to water lawns (restricted in many cities and States due to water shortages)

Water is also used in the USA for:

  • daily water needs for farm animals
  • daily water needs for domesticated animals
  • certain mills or heavy manufacturing companies
  • other manufacturing (such as a beauty aids manufacturer, etc.)
  • during certain types of construction
  • to mix certain construction or other types of products, for example, to make cement; to dilute a cleaner or personal product
  • for the manufacture of block or chipped ice for later sale (commercial and personal use)
  • waste treatment plants
  • to flush city water or sewage lines
  • as a spray during dry months for street cleaning (limited, and not done in all cities)
  • to leave drip from a faucet during below zero temperatures to prevent a water pipe from freezing
  • in some areas, for the annual "ice sculpturing" done in some cities
  • to use in ice rinks, or hockey rinks
Drinking Water

How does a shark drink water?

They have been known to sculpt glasses out of silt and clay found on the ocean floor, put the cups on their dorsal fin, and swim at the top of the ocean during rainstorms. They then take the cup full of rainwater, and enjoy!

Dieting and Weight Loss
Drinking Water

Can drinking water help you to lose weight?


Water can help in several ways.

As part of a total approach to weight loss, water helps by making you feel full and keeping you hydrated to improve all bodily functions. Water is also an essential nutrient for health and to sustain life.

In addition, the thermogenic effect of drinking chilled water can help.

Water contains no calories, sugars, carbonation, or protein. Even though it lacks nutrients it still puts no unhealthy chemicals in your body. If you drink a glass of water before eating, it will help you feel full.

Therefore, as part of your weight loss plan, the thermogenic effect of chilled water can help. For information about the thermogenic effect of drinking chilled water for weight loss, and how to apply it to burn more calories, see the page link listed below.

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Why isn't your rabbit drinking water?

first answer: Maybe your rabbit isn't feeling well. Tell your Mum or Dad that he/she isn't drinking and ask them to take your rabbit to the vets.

more information: If your rabbit isn't drinking water, this is a serious sign that your rabbit is sick. Look for other signs of illness, and make an appointment with the vet immediately. See the related questions below for more details and links.

Drinking Water

How long will it take from drinking water to passing urine?

The time depends on the amount of water you already have in your body, the amount of water you drink, and how much urine the bladder is already holding when you drink the water. If you're dehydrated and you drink water, you can be sure the body won't throw it out because it needs the water. The kidneys filter between 750mls and a liter of water every hour, so if you're hydrated ok and you drink half a liter of water, you should need to go in less than an hour.


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