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Bavaria is a region in what country?

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Try the Podcast "Over Here, Over There" on Youtube and search for the episode "I, Claudia - Welcome to Rudeland", that hits the nail on the head.

What 3 Southern states were admitted to the union between 1810 and 1820?

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Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Louisiana (18th state) - April 20, 1812

Mississippi (20th state) - December 10, 1817

Alabama (22nd state) - December 14, 1819

What are the disadvantages about a covered wagon?

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Personally, I think that there was little to no room which made it uncomfortable. Crossing rivers could tip the wagon over which mean valuables where prone to get lost.

What do you call one who sells provisions?

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The name of person who sell provision

What is the BUS charter?

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Why did Spain help Americans during the revolutionary war?

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no. Actually the French sided with the Americans.

What was the disadvantages of moving west?

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There were a lot of problems people moving west faced:

-Running out of supplies

-Running out of water


-Attacks from Indians

-Getting held up by bandits

-Natural Disasters (rain, harsh winds, snow, etc.)

-Natural barriers (huge mountains, valleys, and canyons)

Why did Truman support civil rights?

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President Truman did the following to further civil rights in the United States:

1946: issued Executive Order 9808 which established the President’s Committee on Civil Rights

1948: issued Executive Order 9980 which established a fair employment board to eliminate discriminatory hiring within the federal government

1948: issued Executive Order 9981, which desegregated the U.S. armed forces.

These were steps forward, but Truman's record was not perfect. During the Lunch Counter Protests, Truman supported the notion that these were "orchestrated by the Communists" and not protests demonstrating racist practices. Later, Truman also stated that “If anyone came into my store and tried to stop business I’d throw him out. The Negro should behave himself and show he’s a good citizen,” souring his relationship with leaders like Martin Luther King.

Civil Rights have been a long and complicated road of steps forward and backwards. Truman was complicated. Although he was openly racist when among his Senate peers, he lobbied for an end to legalized racial discrimination because it violated basic American ideals.

How did Winfield Scott contribute to the civil war?

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Scott was General-in-Chief of the Union armies at the outbreak of the war.

He was a man of immense power and prestige, unmatched in the annals of American military history. But he was far too old for the job - a consequence of the reluctance of the American people to pay for a large standing army, and offer good prospects to young potential commanders.

Scott's original sizing-up of the war situation was remarkably accurate. Like very few others, he knew it would be a long war, and he planned accordingly. The idea was to blockade the Southern ports and squeeze the life out of the Confederacy before invading the South.

This plan was immediately ridiculed as the 'Anaconda' - far too slow for the short, glorious and almost bloodless war that most people on both sides visualised.

In fact, Congress eventually put into effect a plan very similar, with Grant ending the system of prisoner-exchange - slowly strangling the South as it ran out of manpower.

As an aside, Winfield Scott was a candidate for the US presidency in 1852. He ran as a Whig.

What was the worst major event in US history?

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There have been several major events in US history that have had devastating consequences, making it difficult to pinpoint one as the worst. Events like the Civil War, the Great Depression, the September 11 attacks, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all had significant impacts on the nation's history. Each event brought unique challenges and had far-reaching consequences, making it subjective to determine which was the worst.

What is the bowie knife made from?

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Bowie knives can be made from various types of steel, and the choice of steel often depends on factors such as the intended use of the knife, the preferences of the maker, and the desired performance characteristics. Here are some common materials used in the construction of Bowie knives:

High Carbon Stainless Steel:

Bowie knives made from high carbon stainless steel offer a balance between corrosion resistance and edge retention. Popular stainless steels for Bowie knives include VG-10 and others.

Carbon Steel:

Carbon steel Bowie knives are known for their toughness and ease of sharpening. Steels like 1095 are commonly used and favored for their durability.

Damascus Steel:

Some Bowie knives feature blades made from Damascus steel, a type of steel with a distinctive layered pattern created through the folding and forging of different steel alloys. While Damascus steel can be visually striking, the specific performance characteristics depend on the types of steel used in its construction.

Tool Steel:

Bowie knives made from tool steels, such as 1095 or O1 tool steel, are chosen for their toughness and resistance to wear. These steels are suitable for heavy-duty use.

Powdered Metallurgy Steel:

Some high-end Bowie knives utilize powdered metallurgy (PM) steel, such as CPM S30V or CPM 154. PM steel is known for its fine grain structure, which can enhance edge retention and overall performance.

Stainless Steel Alloys:

Various stainless steel alloys, including AUS-8 and 440C, are used in Bowie knife construction. These alloys offer corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance.

High-End Stainless Steels:

Premium stainless steels like CPM S30V, CPM S35VN, and others are employed in high-quality Bowie knives. These steels provide excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and overall performance.

Carbon Damascus Steel:

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What is a slogan for the southern colonies?

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Asked by Wiki User actually working on that. i so far have:

· Southern Colonies' Superb Surprise

· Seasonal Southern Colonies' Satisfaction

· Southern Colonies Secures Satisfaction

i hope this is good enough...

Which sentence captures the essence of the quartering act of 1764?

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The Quartering Act of 1765 was one of a series of measures passed by the British Parliament that required the American colonies to provide housing and provisions for British soldiers stationed in the colonies. It contributed to growing tensions between the colonies and Britain leading up to the American Revolution.

Who are Brazil trading partners?

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Brazil's major trading partners include China, the United States, and Argentina. China is a key market for Brazil's commodities like soybeans and iron ore, while the U.S. is a significant partner for manufactured goods and machinery. Argentina, part of the Mercosur trade bloc with Brazil, is important for regional trade, particularly in automotive and agricultural products.

How many people were in the Klondike gold rush?

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how many people trekked to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush?

Trading without the use of money is called?

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Trading without the use of money is called bartering. In bartering, goods or services are exchanged directly for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange like money.

What describes the fair deal?

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There was already a square deal and a new deal. so Harry Truman came up with "fair deal" as a title for his proposed program. It was only a name for Truman's idea of what was needed .

In actuality, a fair deal is an agreement that benefits parties in proportion to what they gave up.