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Famous People are those whose names are well-known by scores of people. Questions about historical and present-day's most influential people; be it scientists like Nicola Tesla and Isaac Newton, celebrities like Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, philosophers like Aristotle and Francis Bacon, politicians like John F. Kennedy and Tony Blair, philanthropists like Bill Gates and Andrew Carnegie, and other famous people, will be answered here.

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Who is your role model?

Taylor Swift, for her artistry, compassion, generosity, and openness.

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Who is regarded greater in Indian History Swami Dayanand or Swami Vivekanand?

Both Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand have a great place in the Indian rather World History in the fields of spirituality and philosophy. While Swami Dayanand (1824-1883) was a Revolutionary Reformer and a Vedic Sanskrit Scholar, Swami Vivekanand was a disciple of Ramakrishna who appeared on the Indian scene much later (1863-1902), was a philosopher who spoke for Hinduism and worked for infusing energy into the youth of India. Dayanand had sown the seeds for the Indian freedom (Swarajya) in 1876 which were furthered by Naroaji, Tilak, Gandhi and millions of freedom fighters and revolutionaries by their sacrifices. And as such viewed from historical angles and the contribution to the Nation, Swami Dayanand is regarded as senior or greater and is regarded as Rashpitamah.

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Mohandas Gandhi

Who can be described as tallest amongst Mahatma Gandhi Aurobindo Ghosh Swami Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand in Indian history?

Mahatma Gandhi had reaped what Dayanand had sown for the Swarajya movement. Arvindo Ghosh regarded Swami Dayanand as the tallest amongst all who fought for the Swarajya. Swami Vivekananda infused energy into the sleeping nation telling Arise and Awake, while Swami Dayanand Saraswati, who had founded Arya Samaj much earlier, generated the spirit of Freedom i.e. Self Governance or Swarajaya. That is how Swami Dayanand Saraswati stands tallest and is revered as Rashtrapitamah of India.

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How did Jackie Robinson die when and where?

Jackie Robinson died on October 24,1972(age 53) Stamford,Connecticut

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Who are some famous people with three names?

James Earl Ray.

Sorry if offensive.

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Are there any pictures of Vin Diesel's Brother?

yes, there are

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Is Nancy Leigh DeMoss married?


The Twilight Saga
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Famous people named Rene?

The Eclipse casting director Rene Haynes and the artist Rene Magritte.

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Who is the richest pastor in the world?

The richest Pastor in the world is the President and Founder of the world's largest Church Building according to the 2008 Guiness Book of Records - Bishop David O.Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, A.K.A. Winners Chapel, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria.

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Did Curtis Willard die on The Walton's?

As of this writing, Tom Bower is still alive.

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What are the names of Dorothy Day's grandchildren?

Martha Hennessey is the 7th of the 9 grandchildren of Dorothy. Martha is very much involved in the Catholic Worker movement. She lives in Vermont and has a website - she gives talks about Dorothy and the CW movement. If you go to her website you can email her and get the names of her eight brothers and sisters.

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Jackie Robinson

When did Jackie Robinson Jr die?

Jack and Rachel Robinson had three children: Jackie Jr., who died in a car crash after time in the Army and in a drug rehab program at the age of 24.

History of India
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Who is called the Rashtrapitamah of India?

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati is obviously the only person who is called as Rashtrapitamah of India.

A vedic scholar philosopher a visionary who wrote Satyarth Prakash in 1873 and founded Arya samaj proclaimed Swarajya (freedom for self governance) in 1876 .

The Father of India Mahatma Gandhi learnt the lessons of freedom from Lokmanya Tilak while Tilak called Dada Bhao Naoroji his political Guru who in turn held Maharishi Dayanand as his political guide for the Swarajya movement.

One day Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak saw to his amazement the reknowned Parsi patriot Dada Bhao Naoroji turning over rhe pages of Satyarth Prakash. He asked Dada Bhao if he had become Arya samajist. To this Naoroji had replied," No I got inspiration from Swami Dayanand's work in my struggle for Swarajya"

Such was the impact of Swamiji's messages

Maharishi Dayanand's follower Shyamji Krishan Verma established India House in London that created revolutionaries and freedom fighters like Veer Savarkar, Madam Cama, Hardyal, Madan Lal Dhingra and Bhagat Singh. All were from Arya Samaj background.

80% of freedom fighters who fought for the freedom struggle were from Arya Samaj founded by the great visionary Maharishi Dayanand and as such he is called the RASHTRAPITAMAH ( grandfather) of India

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What is Steve Backshall scared of?

Morgan Freeman

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What is Tricia Macke's Middle name?

Nicole is Tricia's middle name.

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Who was Ivan Cousins?

Ivan Cpusins met Dorothy D. McWilliams (sister to Julia Childs) at Bennington College in Vermont, later courted her in France, and married her on June 23, 1951 in New York. He served in the US Navy during WWII and rose to lieutenant commander. He piloted a PT boat in the Pacific.

He was an actor and worked for the Economic Cooperation Administration, which administered the Marshall Plan. He was the proprietor of an English and American antiques business at 310A Caledonia in Sausalito.

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What famous people had initials ad?

Angie Dickinson Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates oh and also GWB

The Twilight Saga
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Where was Billy the exterminator born?


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Who is MB Ray?

His name is Ray Ray and he is a 13 year old boy in the group Mindless Behavior.

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Was Joe DiMaggio a switch hitter?

No, he was a righthanded batter.

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When did Abraham Lincoln stop being a lawyer?

Abraham Lincoln entered politics, and left the practice of law in 1846, when he was elected to the US Congress. Then in 1849, he leaves politics to practice law. He then in 1854, he re-enters politics but does not leave his law practice, when he's elected again to the Illinois legislature but declines the seat, hoping to run and be elected to the US Senate, for Illinois. In 1859, he loses the Senate election to Stephen Douglas, and the same year, Lincoln makes his last trip through the 8th Judicial Circuit, as an Attorney.

The following year, he is nominated as the Republican Candidate for President, and wins in November, 1860.

His last appearance as an attorney was in 1859, though it is likely he never let his license to practice law, lapse.

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Is Bristol Palin working with Michelle Obama?

Apparently Bristol was invited to be a part of the public service council on anti-teen pregnancy.

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Where is the actor Richard Burton buried?

In Celigny in Switzerland.

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Who was Josh Elliott of GMA married too?

As of January 2012, Josh Elliott is currently single.

Josh Elliott of GMA and formerly of ESPN? No. He is a single father. He is not currently dating a woman even though he is 40 and very handsome. There is another Josh Elliott. However he is an actor with BelAmi Porn studios, and he is NOT married.

Josh Elliott was married long enough to cheat on his wife with many ESPN interns and leave her shortly after the birth of his daughter. Not the guy ABC News wants him to be or how he represents himself.

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Who were all the suspects for Thomas Becket's death?

King Henry II was the untimate person responsible for the death of Thomas. He would have been the person to order, or approve, his execution.


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