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African-American History

African-American history is the part of American history that discusses the Black American or African-American ethnic group. African American refers to black people from the Caribbean who migrated to the U.S. and celebrated their history during Black History Month.

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What was Dred Scott v Sanford about?

Quick Summary Dred Scott and his family (except for his younger daughter, Lizzie) had lived for a significant time in "free" territory, which should have automatically guaranteed their right to emancipation under the "once free, always free" doctrine. Unfortunately, Scott didn't attempt to exercise this option until he and his family were living in Missouri, a slave-holding state. Scott attempted to purchase his family's freedom for $300, but Irene Emerson refused the offer, so Scott sued for their freedom in court, a strategy that...
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How did Jackie Robinson die when and where?

Jackie Robinson died on October 24,1972(age 53) Stamford,Connecticut
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Why was the Dred Scott decision important?

The Dred Scott decision effectively ended the Missouri Compromise, hardening the political rivalry between North and South and paving the way for the Civil War. It determined slaves were not citizens of either their state of residence or the US, and therefore couldn't bring suit against their "owners" in court. According to Chief Justice Roger Taney, slaves were property, not humans. The Supreme Court's ruling resulted in major violence, stirring the deep‐seated emotions in the already heated battle of race relations in the United...
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Why is Frederick Douglass famous?

Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) is famous because he became one of the greatest anti-slavery leaders in US history. Also he put great effort into the rights for women (women's suffragist movement). He supported women's rights because he thought everyone should be treated equally. He was also famous for the books and autobiographies he wrote. ...
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What does red on the rap sheet mean?

********** A "RAP Sheet" is a Record of Arrests and Prosecutions. In most cases color (i.e. Red) is used to draw the terminal operator's attention to a specific area of the report. There is no standard color coding… and a recorded printed on a B&W printer wouldn't show colors anyway. The idea that red means a criminal background makes little sense, since the entire record is a "Record of Arrests and Prosecutions". ...
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What high school did Aurora pearl go to?

Pace High School, Pace FL. Had a couple classes with her ^.^
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Where did sharecropping start?

Sharecropping began in the US Southern States after the plantation system was destroyed by the civil war. The white southern land owners hired the newly emancipated slaves to cultivate the land and grow crops in return for a place to live, usually a dilapidated shack and half of the the crop's earnings. Of course, it never worked out this way. Sharecropping was simply a quasar form of slavery. ...
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Is FW de Klerk still living?

Yes. Frederik Willem de Klerk, former president of South Africa and the last white leader under Apartheid, was born in 1936; as of 2013, he is still alive and sometimes makes speeches about how he and Nelson Mandela worked together to change the country. ...
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How did former slaves react to freedom?

Many thought that it would be like heaven. But, while working as slaves they had no real idea of what freedom would be like. A free person from a less-developed, less-educated background, when captivated, wouldn't know what freedom meant. However, after gaining their freedom, many migrated to the cities, looking for work. Others remained on the farms where they had been slaves, and received wages for the work they performed, using those wages to pay for food and clothing, etc. In many...
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Who was the tallest actress to win an Oscar?

Geena Davis, who won the 1988 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "The Accidental Tourist," is listed as 6-feet tall. ...
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What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 get rid of?

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 got rid of the literacy tests which needed to be passed before being able to vote. By the end of 1965, 250,000 black Americans had registerd to vote (one-third had been assisted bu the government monitors who checked that the law was being followed). A further 750,000 registerd by the end of 1968. Furthermore, the number of elected black representatives increased rapidly after the act ...
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Who made alpha and omega?

It is made by lord God, The Alpha and The Omega.
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Lambda chi alpha ritual?

A deeply spiritual and meaningful experience that is meant to be experienced, not heard. Associate and become a Brother, you won't regret it! It asks nothing of you that a man of faith or virtue would not do, or should not do. ...
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What did you learn about Martin Luther King Jr.?

I learned that he was a man that fought for his rights and stood for what he believed in.i i was inspired by his courage and fought for rights for black people,which for most of black people is a light up their life.he is a man who have strive for the rights. ...
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What is the meaning of 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'?

It speaks of the hard times of slavery, and how we all have learned from it; and praising God for bringing them through those times; and asking God to help them to stay on the right path (with God), and not stray from it. ...
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What did Martin Luther King Jr feel about believing?

He felt if you believe in yourself you can make the world a better place and make yourself better too. One day we just might all come together and be happy people. R.i.p dr. King and i will always believe ...
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Which fighters did Sugar Ray Leonard lost to?

Roberto Duran in 1980 (first fight) Terry Norris in 1991 and Hector Camacho in 1997 (his last two fights). Although he got a draw in his rematch with Thomas Hearns in 1989, even Leonard admits Tommy deserved the decision. ...