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Music comes in many styles, from rap to metal, jazz to classical. This category is for questions about the various genres.

Asked in Music Genres, Pink (musician)

What is the singer Pink's real name?

The famous singer Pink's actual name is Alecia Beth Moore. Although some people think the name P!nk is used as a tribute to Cancer, it is actually a dedication to the character Mr. Pink from the film Reservoir Dogs. ...
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What are the band members names in Sleeping With Sirens?

Kellin Quinn - Vocals Jesse Lawson - Guitar Jack Fowler - Guitar Gabe Barham - Drums Justin Hills - Bass ...
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Who sang the wanderer?

Dion and the del satins Also, different song by Donna Summer There is also a version of this song by U2 and Johnny Cash. ...
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Where can 'Vampire Academy' be read in e-book form?

Reading any of the Vampire Academy books without purchase of rental is considered a breach of copyright and an illegal act. I suggest purchasing or renting the book from trusted retailers such as iTunes, eBay, Amazon and Waterstones. The Library is free. You can purchase the Vampire Academy books in an eBook format. See the related links. ...
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Who originally sang hooked on a feeling ooga chaka?

Blue Swede-1974 The song was originally done in 1968 by B.J. Thomas, reaching Number 5 on the charts. ...
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Who is Taylor MacFee?

bass player in nevershoutnever
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How many kids does rapper Lil Wayne have?

Lil Wayne has four children. His first child, his daughter, Reginae was born November 29, 1998 to mother Toya Carter. His second child and first son, Dwayne Carter III was born October 22, 2008 to mother Sarah Vivan. His third child, second son, Cameron Carter was born September 9, 2009 to mother Lauren London. His fourth child, third son, Neal Carter was born November 30th, 2009 to mother Nivea Nash. ...
Asked in Music Genres, Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

What musical group starts with the letter C?

musical groups C: * Coldplay * Cheap Trick * The Carpenters * The Clash * Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) * The Cure * The Cult * Counting Crows * The Commodores * The Cars * The Climax Blues Band Coldplay Cadacross, Cadaver, Cadaveria, Caesars, Cake, Calhoon, California, California Instant Replay Band, Callenish Circle, Calexico, Caliban, Camel, Camouflage, Camper Van Beethoven, Camp Galore, Cancer, Candlebox, Candlemass, Caninus, Cannibal Corpse, Canyon, Capercaillie, Capharnaum, Capitalist Casualties, Capricorn, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Carbonized, Carcariass, Carcass, Cardinal Sin, Caress, Carnage, Carnal Grief,...
Asked in Music Genres, Latin and World Music

Where did flamenco originate?

Although most people think Spain, it really came from the Berber invaders from northwest Africa. The folk music of Mali still sounds like flamenco. It did not come from the Gypsies from India, they merely became its major proponents and performers. ...
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Who sings back jack do it again?

Steely Dan (Do It Again)
Asked in Music, Music Genres

What are the types of music that appeal to teenagers?

I find that with alot of us, its really alot of pop, electric, dance, rap and other stuff like alternative, but like rock is almost dead. theres station like 92.3 and 105.3 that still play it, but its all the most mainstream stuff. hope this answers your question. ...
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Who sang Ain't nobody's business if I do She had a gap tooth?

Billie Holliday sang this song; Yes, that's true but we are talking about the "gap-tooth" singer here and the correct answer is: Ardis Fagerholm, a female singer from Sweeden, who was active in 90's but no longer is. She indeed had a gap in the front teeth but I can tell you she is a babe even without a tooth! Check this out: Wiki entry: ...
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Who sang my foolish heart in the 40s?

The song "My Foolish Heart" was introduced by singer Martha Mears in 1949, in the movie of the same name. The song was a major hit song by several artists in 1950. Versions by Gordon Jenkins, Billy Eckstine and Mindy Carson hit the national Top Ten. ...
Asked in Music Genres, National Anthems

What genre is the American national anthem?

That would fit under Patriotic or Nationalistic Anthems
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Is the band Septic Flesh a demonic or anti-christ band?

I don't think so. Some of their earlier albums have the "T" in septic shaped into large a cross. I'm not sure if it actually is for christianity, but I don't know why else they would have made it. . . it takes up a large portion of the logo, and is much bigger than any of the other letters. They used to be signed with "Holy Records" I'm really not sure whether Holy Records is truly "Holy" or not, but Orphaned...
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What song goes yeah yeah yeah oh oh?

Ho… O0…H0..O0 H0…O0…H0…O0 H0…O0… Kaise Mujhe Turn Mil Gayeen Qismat Pe Aaye Na Yaqeen Ho… O0…H0..O0 H0…O0…H0…O0 H0…O0… Utar Aayee Jheel Mein Jaise Chaand Utarta Hai Kabhi Houley Houley Dheerey Se Gungunati Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Tarannum Mein Turn Chhookey Mujhe Guzri Ho Yun Dekhoon Tumhe Ya Main Sunoo Tum Ho Sukoon Turn Ho Junoo Kyun Pahle Na Aayeen Turn Kaise Mujhe Turn Mil Gayeen Ho… O0…H0..O0 Qismat Pea Aye Na Yaqeen Ho… O0…H0..O0 H0…O0…H0…O0 H0…O0… Main To Ye Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal Oopar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi Phir Bhi Tumhe Banake Woh Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya Aa…aa…aa… Aa… Aa… Aa… Ho…...
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What album cover shows a woman licking a lollipop?

Kelis' single "Trick Me" (2004). Click on the link below for the cover.
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Who wrote candle on the water?

al kasha and Joel hirschorn, I don't know if spelled their names right.
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Does the band A Day to Remember smoke weed?

Hell yeah they do, if you find a specific picture of them on google, one of them has a big bong in his hand! xD ...
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What instrument did Mike Love play?

Mike Love played the saxophone in his younger years but then he joined the band ...
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Where did ville valo and aimee todd meet?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private! ...
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Who was awarded the very first gold record in music?

Perry Como's hit "Catch a Falling Star" was the first OFFICIAL gold record as noted by the RIAA, in 1958. ...