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Arts and Crafts include many hobbies, all done with your own hands using your imagination and skills, crafts that become art, and the art of crafting and/or handicrafts.

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What color is charcoal and white make?

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Depending on the proportions mixed, various shades of grey will be the result.

How can you make your own glitter?

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There are several ways you can make your own glitter,the method you use will depend on the materials you have on hand, and if you want fine or coarse glitter.

Glitter is made from shiny, reflective material that is cut into small pieces. You can purchase shiny sheets of material at your local big-box craft store. If you don't have access to a craft supply store, you can try using aluminum foil. Another option would be to cut sequins into smaller pieces, as sequins are essentially large pieces of glitter.

To cut these sheets into glitter, use what you have. You can use scissors, an electronic craft cutter, or a knife and cutting board. If you use a kitchen knife, cut the material carefully into small irregular pieces, as you would if you were cutting up parsley or cilantro into small slices.

If you would like uniform pieces of glitter, your best option is to purchase ready-made glitter from the craft supply store. It is inexpensive, and comes in many colors.

What is local craft?

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What color is produced when red is mixed with blue?

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This color is called "magenta".