Types of Grasses

Did you know that corn and wheat are actually grasses? This particular group of plant distinguishes itself from those that have woody stems or trunks and bear colourful flowers in that it is the dominant type of plant that is grown for you to eat in the form of bread and corn-on-the-cob. Found all over the world--even in the Arctic--grass is the most dominant family of plant on the terrestrial landscape.

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Types of Grasses

What is the best grass seed for Indiana?

Tall Fescue, Red Fescue, Ryegrass/Annual/Perennial, KY Bluegrass, KY-31, and Bentgrass are a few good choices. Late summer/early fall planting of grass is considered better than spring planting. Fall planting gives new grass two complete growing seasons before it goes through the hot, dry summer of the following year.

Types of Grasses

Do frogs eat grass?

do frogs eat grass?

yes they do

They prefer bugs.

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Types of Grasses

Whereabouts in shropshire is green green grass filmed?

The outdoor scenes are all fimed in a two/three week period in the spr/summer in Shropshire. Some scenes are filmed at The Horseshoe Inn in Bridges near Ratlinghope, in the Shropshire Hills. Indoor scenes are filmed at Teddington Studios in front of a live audience.

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Types of Grasses

How does grass decompose?

Microbes and insects are involved in the decomposition of plant matter.

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Types of Grasses

What is a simile for grass?


Types of Grasses

What is mesquite grass?

Mesquite isn't a type of grass. It's a type of tree. Mesquite makes good BBQ wood. Other than that, the actual tree itself has thorns and a bluish gray moss like fungus growing on it.

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Types of Grasses

How do you kill Bermuda grass in Zoysia grass?

Isn't Zoysia grass supposed to choke out everything, including Bermuda?

Use Ornamec over the top by PBI/Gordan. It can be used on Zoysia or Tall Fescue. Zoysia is a very thick growing grass, but Bermuda can "jump" in a thin area & take off quickly.

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Types of Grasses

Why is the grass green?

Sunlight gives off UV rays, which plants absorb to turn into energy. This energy is called ATP. In order for photosynthesis to occur, ATP must be present. Because light comprises of all the colors of the Visible Light Spectrum, or Rainbow, all colors EXCEPT green are absorbed into the chlorophyll. Green is the color reflected and transmitted back, and that is why we see green in plants. (There's a whole lot more, but that's the basics).

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Types of Grasses

Where does grass seed come from?

Grass seed comes from grasses that have been able to flower and produce seed. Yes grass flowers and produces seed just like your average garden and flower-bed plants are able to. Corn is a grass, and we commonly let it grow big enough to generate seeds (which are also called kernels) which we eat. When grass flowers, a stem erupts from the base of the grass plant and elongates, and at the top of this stem emerges a green seed-head. The way these grasses flower is by releasing anthers which, like "normal" flowers, are the male parts that spread their pollen to other seed heads or provide pollen to pollinate the stoma within the individual inflourescence (or flowering structure). After the period of flowering is complete, the seeds harden and turn to a golden color. Wheat, barley and rye are grasses as well, and have the same physiological abilities as wilder grasses do. Once the seeds are hard, they are ready to be harvested, either by hand or by animals who help spread the seeds on the ground to different areas.

You can purchase grass seed by the bushel in sacks at your local garden store or at a seed specialist.

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Types of Grasses

What is mahayana grass?

I think it's actually Bahia.. I have for years thought people were saying Mahayana or Maheya.

Recently I found out it was actually Bahia grass. Google that and you will find your answer. :)

Types of Grasses

Is bulrush a grass?

yes it is

Types of Grasses

How do humans eat grass?

Im pretty sure your appendix helps you eat grass and dirt and rocks and stuff.

Types of Grasses

Is grass a decomposer?

Sort of. While it uses nutrients that are derived from dead organic material, a lot of this organic material is actually decomposed by soil microbes, and those microbes allow those nutrients to become available to the plant in exchange for carbon that the plant puts down into the soil from the roots. But, grass does aid in decomposition by giving the food that those decomposer organisms need to function and to help build soil. Thus, in a way, grass, being a plant, actually helps build soil.

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Types of Grasses

What is the bristle on a blade of grass called?

That "bristle" you're referring to could be the one found at the top of a flowering grass plant, which is called an awn. But there are no bristles on the blade or leaf of a grass plant.

Awn is a stiff bristle, especially one of those growing from the ear or flower of barley, rye, and many other grasses.

Types of Grasses

Is grass a consumer?

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Types of Grasses

How do you clean wet grass off a grass trimer?

I keep an old table knife and an old scrub brush in the shed, for cleaning grass clippings off the trimmer and the lawn mower. I brush what I can, and scape whatever is really stuck on. before using the trimmer, spray inside the trimmer head housing with Pam- it speeds cleaning up afterwards considerably.

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Types of Grasses

Is dwarf pampas grass invasive?

No. the root system is shallow and extends only as far as the plant is big. However if the irrigation system is installed poorly and the pipes are too shallow any plant will seek out the moisture and cause problems.

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Types of Grasses

What is quack grass?

Quack grass (Agropyron repens) is a European grass that is naturalized throughout North America as a weed and spreads by creeping rhizomes.

Some other names are:

couch grass




creeping wheat-grass


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Types of Grasses

How do you kill goose grass?

Spread table salt on and around base of plant and let it stay there until goose grass is dead, not just wilting - usually 4 to 6 days.

Types of Grasses

What is cat grass?

Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass are cereal grasses. The oat grass is widely cultivated for its edible seeds. Our popular breakfast oat cereals and wheat cereals are made from the seeds of these plants! The wheat grass is also widely cultivated for its commercially important grain. Athletes and other health conscious people have made juicing the wheat grass very popular. They drink the wheat juice for its high concentrated levels of vitamins and minerals. However, there is yet no scientific proof that a cat is capable of extracting nutrients from ingesting plants, while there is extensive proof that they are purely carnivorous and derive all of their necessary vitamins from eating meat.

When the oat seed or wheat seed is planted it produces beautiful, healthy green blades rich in chlorophyll (a natural breath freshener), antioxidants (helps fights cancer), vitamins, minerals and amino acids. While this may be healthy for humans, it is not known or proven whether it has any benefit for cats. It is also known that certain plant products can be very harmful to cats; in the case of cat grass, it may be better for a cat to avoid eating mature cat grass, because the oats it produces can damage their digestive tract. Immature cat grass seems to pose no harmful effects.

Among the possible explanations for why cats enjoy eating grass, here are a few that are commonly postulated, but as yet unproven (except perhaps for the fourth one):

1.) Aids in a healthy digestion, and helps move hairballs along. Instead of coughing up the hairball, the hairball is more likely to be passed through your cat's digestive system.

2.) Great source of fiber (roughage) in your cat's diet.

3.) Contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural substance that makes grass green and acts as a natural breath freshener for your cat.

4.) Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass taste great to your cat.

Best of all, Cat Grass Seeds are very easy to grow.

Types of Grasses

What are different types of grass?

The different types of grasses include the following:


brome grass


orchard grass


rye grass

buffalo grass

Bermuda grass


needle grass

little/big bluestem grass

blue grama grass

saw grass

crab grass

Bahai grass









indian grass


elephant grass

sugar cane

Types of Grasses

What african savanna animal eats elephant grass?

Mostly elephants and grazing creatures. It grows on the savanna but is very thick and large so is only fit for large animals.Like rhinoes

Types of Grasses

What does grass eats?

grass eats soil .....and well that's all

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Types of Grasses

What is a metaphor for grass?

A metaphor for grass is the grass is like an itchy sweater.

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Types of Grasses

What herbicide kills Johnson grass but not Bermuda grass?

Drive, I am guessing

MSMA or DMSA ( monosodium methanearsonate, disodium methanearsonate).

These herbicides are very effective in such control. Unfortunately, the federal government has seen fit to ban their production. As I understand, homeowner applications have already been banned, and this will be the last year for commercial use.


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