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A geographic area characterized by a dense growth of trees and underbrush.

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What are people living in forests called?

Tribal, forest dwellers, aborigines, bush people, indigenous people, rainforest people. (depending on the location) ...
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How do forest help in conserving soil and preventing floods?

The roots of trees are playing a important role in conserving soil and preventing flood ...
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What are the abiotic factors of a pelagic zone?

Water, Salt, Sunlight (near the top in the epipelagic zone), sulphur (near the bottom). ...
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Does a gray wolf live in the forest?

Gray wolves usually live in forest type areas where they can get food like meat and raise their young. ...
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How do forests provide shelter for wild animals?

Trees are those "things" that provide shelter for animals from the wind and rain. ...
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What is the difference between mineral and forest wealth?

mineral is found below the earth while forest is above the earth
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Ground fire vs Crown fire?

Ground fires occur when the fire front is burning within the duff or organic soils. These fires are characterized by smoldering as this substrate is limited in oxygen necessary for combustion. These are a concern, especially in northern climates, as these ecosystems have historically been net CO2 sinks. Fires may reverse this process, leading to overall carbon emissions. Crown fires occur when the surface fires (fires burning in the litter, shrubs, and grasses) release enough energy to bridge the distance between the overstory...
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Do camels live in rain forests?

yes, it's rare but they do.
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What do you think autumn smells like?

well the things i associate with autumn probably are the best way i can describe what autumn smells like... the smell of a wood fireplace on a crisp, fall evening, or the smell of old leaves on the ground, or maple trees, pumpkins and such. that's the best way i could describe what autumn smells like. ...
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How many floors does Deep Mystifying Forest have?

Mystifying Forest has 14 floors and can be unlocked by defeating Dialga at Temporal Tower. As far as I know there is no Deep Mystifying forest. ...
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What are some major uses of forest products in the US?

Wood- for lumber to build things- and wood pulp- to make paper. There are other products, such as turpentine, mulch, compost- but lumber and paper are the largest portion. ...
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Do some rabbits live in the deciduous forest?

Only if Connor O'Leary allows them to.
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How do you find information on the Battle of Hurtgen Forest?

Info on the Battle of Hurtgen Forest Here are suggestions from FAQ Farmers: You might try reading this web site, BATTLE OF HURTGEN FOREST, then after that go to Google.com and type in Hurtgen Forest. There are also several very good books about about that battle. One being "Forest in Hell" by Paul Boesch. Visit the following website about The Battle of the Hurtgen/Huertgen forest: tiscali.be/huertgen I am a WW2 researcher and I found this about the hurtgen battle (sorry for the bad English). First,...
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What can you do in a deciduous forest?

you can bird watch, hike, rafting and fishing A: Enjoy the deciduation
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How does forest bring rainfall?

Forest transpire in humid conditions for rainfall to precipitate as it reaches higher cold altitude. ...
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How do forests benefit people?

Life.They are essential for humans to live as they provide oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. We provide the carbon dioxide through cellular respiration. Environmental Benefits. Trees moderate the climate and conserve water by harboring wildlife. It helps us Social Benefits. Give a sight of pleasure. it is proven that people recover faster when they are provided in a place where they feel home. Trees provide that kind of sense. Economic Benefits. production of lumber can lead to profits. indirect benefits. ...
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What is deforestation?

Deforestation is people cutting down whole forests of trees, and making it even less likely for humans to survive. Trees supply oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and hold down the soil from washing away or making landslides. The destruction and cutting down of forests is often done to clear land for farming, mining, roads, and grazing of cattle. That causes increased atmospheric CO2 levels, a factor in global warming. The Cutting down and clearing of trees The action or process of clearing forests_ also _The...
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Why did people start cutting trees?

they start to cutting trees because they want to sell it, then they got money. ...
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Where can I find Azalea wood to make furniture?

Check with a local lumberyard - one of the places that only deals in wood and not a combination place that sells bathtubs and hardware. - - - - - Azalea is hard to find because the azalea plant is a shrub, not a tree. Your option is to go out in the woods, find some azalea shrubs of large size, and harvest them. ...
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How do you get a spouse and children on forest story?

In order to get a spouse and children on Forest Story you have to complete certain missions. ...
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If a big tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?

It should. Put a video recorder there and you'll see. There are three aspects of this question. 1) Although physically, we can "assume" a sound will be created, there would have to be evidence of some sort to actually prove that it happened. 2) Although we define the vibrations the falling tree makes as "sound," its existence as sound would have to be perceived by humans, or by other animals. 3) Philosophically, the existence of the sound cannot be absolutely posited, but then neither...
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Why do trees make cracking sound?

trees make crack sound when they are lacking water or about to break.
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Number of leaves on a tree?

On a mature healthy tree there are about 200,00 leaves
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Can fire burn on mars?

nope, no oxygen.