Forest Fires

Forest fires have caused devastation and regeneration all around the world for thousands of years. Forest fires may be devastating when out of control, but they are also necessary from time to time in order to keep forests healthy and regenerate new life. This category explores the effects forest fires have on our world.

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Forest Fires

How do forest fires help in germination?

some seeds found in the Chapparal have adapted their outer coat (Testa) to be able to be penetrated only after scorched by fire. after a forest fire, the protective layer may weaken, making it easier for the Radical (future stem) to puncture it and begin to grow.

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Forest Fires

Is the Deciduous Forest prone to natural disasters?

Forest fire is the only big and fairly common natural disaster that afflicts forests.

Forest Fires

Who pays for forest fires?

the government


Essentially everyone pays for forest fires.

Typically the government foots the up front bills for water bombers and manpower to put out the fire. Residents pay for destroyed homes and cottages. Companies pay for lost lumber and paper production. Builders pay for more expensive wood products due to wood scarcity, same as paper producers and users. If the person causing the fire is found and prosecuted he will pay heft fines. Tourism dependent businesses pay for lost income.

Forest Fires

Why are forest fires related to geography?

Because its a natural disaster

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Forest Fires

How many animals die a year from forest fires?

about 5,000,000,000

Forest Fires

How high can a forest fire get?

Depends upon what kind of fuel, how much fuel, how dry the fuel is, what the weather is, how steep is the terrain, among other things.

Most fires are quite low and spread along the forest floor or in low brush. Where the lower fuels encounter a dead or down tree, the fire may "ladder" into the upper fuels (the canopy), possibly creating a much larger fire.

Fireline handbooks for fire management include safety-zone tables for forest fires that have flames up to 300 feet high.

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Forest Fires

What causes fire?

Fire is caused by oxygen and CO2

Without oxygen it can't burn...

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Fire is very dangerous and can kill millions there was no cure to fire done by izzyfor4reel

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Forest Fires

Why is it useful to cut down trees to form fire breaks?

BY making a wide gap between try that will burn and those already alight the flames will be forced to stop when the reach the gap. The gap (fire break) is normally made down wind of the fire.

Forest Fires

Is Smokey the Bear dead?

I'm really awfully sorry to tell you this, but SmokeyBear went on to his greater rewards on November 9th, 1976. His remains are interred at the 'Smokey Bear Historical Park' in the small town of Capitan, New Mexico.

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Forest Fires

What are the main facts about penicillin?

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Penicillin side effects: activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged, alanine aminotransferase increased, anaphylactic reaction. Penicillin reviews: patient, 27 years of age, was diagnosed with bacterial

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Forest Fires

What are the main causes of forest fires in Manitoba?

lightning about 60% humans about 40%

- 45% that caused lightning

- 55% that caused people

- 15% that caused companies and other industries

Forest Fires

What is the importance of forest?

A thick patch of trees or cluster of trees is known as forest , forest are useful in many ways, such as they

  • Taking in CO2 and releasing oxygen;
  • Releasing carbon and mineral elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus (important in plant growth) as they decay;
  • Absorbing moisture for growth and releasing it as vapor through transpiration
  • Preventing erosion by reducing the force of rainfall at the soil surface and by intercepting and absorbing water, rather than allowing it to run off directly;
  • Harboring a diversity of wildlife;
  • Acting as windbreaks;
  • Providing us with shade and beauty on a largely agricultural and urban landscape

it is important to have forest in one's country , it is because forest supplies raw materials that help us build our houses , furniture and forest shelters wild animals . forest also serve as a watershed. if there is no forest in a certain country it may affect the economic growth in that place , there would be a slow, i mean very slow economic growth , if that happens people will suffer from poverty and people will be homeless.

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Forest Fires

What motions can be filed as legal defenses for tenant in eviction?

Typical motions: to dismiss for failure to state a claim or for lack of jurisdiction; motion for summary judgment on the pleadings because there is no dispute of material facts. You may also consider filing a detailed answer with clarification of any twisted or incomplete facts alleged in the complaint, and denials of any exaggerations or misstatements, as well as putting forth arguments for other defenses (breach of contract, breach of warranty of habitability (privacy, health code, etc), warranty of quiet enjoyment, equitable defenses (laches, unclean hands, balance of hardships...)); and even counterclaims, in a proper situation (torts by landlord such as negligence, nuisance, infliction of emotional distress, theft/conversion of your personal property, fraud, unfair business practices, false advertising, etc), and regulatory violations (failure to follow local statutes that protect tenants).

Forest Fires

What are muck fires?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or is ignited by lightning strikes.

This happens during the dry season as the vegetation begins to dry out. Because heat is not transferred well in these conditions, areas that are still moist will produce heat from the process of decomposition. The heat accumulates to the point where it can ignite dryer material adjacent to the area of decomposition.

These fires can burn for weeks, and are extremely hard to extinguish. Most of the time they don't cause any problems, but occasionally the work their way to the surface, and can ignite material above the ground. But the majority of them just smolder under ground, and create a horrible odor that lasts for weeks.

Forest Fires

What causes forest fires?

Forest fires are started by lightning, by carelessness in the use of fire or of a heat source (like failure to clear well back from around a camp fire, the use of metal cutting or welding equipment near flammable materials, or even the unsafe operation of a motor vehicle in a hot, dry, fuel laden area) and - so sadly - by the deliberate setting of a fire (arson).

There also needs to drought conditions to the point that forest becomes 'tinder' as is easily ignited by and fuel for a raging fire. It could also be as simple as a glass bottle or a peice of reflective material in a coutry like Australia summer and phhhummm...up it goes like a house on fire. High winds also spread fires more quickly making it harder for firefighters to get them under control once they start.

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Forest Fires

How many fires does the US experience in a year?

Forest Fires

Are forest fires a bad thing?

they are killing most of your trees and that takes away our air so if the forest fire keeps going we are not goin to have trees or plants to give us air so we die.

Forest Fires

Which country has the most forest fires per year?

The countries with more forest fire are Spain and Portugal in europe.

between from 10-20 forest fires per year.

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Forest Fires

Examples of mutualism?

The bee and a flower

the bee gets food from the flower and the flower grows.

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Forest Fires
Fire Extinguishers

Why is carbon dioxide good for putting out fires?

Carbon dioxide is good for putting out fires because it displaces air (oxygen). The fire then cannot breathe. With the whoosh of a CO2 extinguisher comes a cold white cloud of carbon dioxide that rushes out of the nozzle and covers the target area like a fog. It pushes air (and the oxygen the fire needs to continue to burn) out of the way. Presto! No more fire! Carbon dioxide can be produced by baking soda and vinegar.

Forest Fires

Why nitrogen preferred over carbon dioxide as propellant in DCP fire fighting system?

Carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Nitrogen is used by the plants. When you use carbon dioxide as a propellant,it adds more pollution or makes greenhouse effect worse....

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Forest Fires

How many deaths occur in forest fires?

I am sure that around a total of 1200 people were killed in the Peshtigo, Wisconsin forest fire, which is considered to be the worst forest fire in Americas history.

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Forest Fires

How do flame retardants prevent fires?

Flame retardants reduce the spread of fire on a material by raising the temperature at which it will burn. There are several physical chemistry approaches to reducing flame spread, but see the wikipedia article for more details.

Forest Fires

What are the Factors that affect the environment?

Factors that affect the environment include, but are not limited to, toxic pollution, visual pollution, noise pollution, and traffic congestion.

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Forest Fires

1991 Isuzu Trooper 2.8 will not start It is getting fire and fuel and cranking over like a champ but will not start any ideas?

Possibly a plugged catalytic converter? Or Base timing is way off, air fuel mixture is incorrect.

My Tooper was doing the same, get some throttle body (fuel ingector) cleaner and put it in with a full tank of gas. After about a 1/4 of a tank of use, it starts right up no prob.

Check your crank and or camshaft position sensors. If your camshaft position sensor or circuit is bad your car will turn over, you will bet power to your plugs if you test them and your fuel system will be pressurized but your car will not start.

You need to check that your timing chain is stil intact. Get someone to help. Take the oil filler cap off and look down in the hole. Have your faithful assistant try to crank it while you watch to see if the cams are moving. If they don't then the chain has most likely given up the ghost. If there is gas and fire and the chain is good it should at least crank, might not run long but it will crank.

Make sure you're getting a strong blue spark, not dull orange. The ignition module is a common culprit, especially when the heat sink grease on them starts to get old and they overheat.


Don't forget that it will also not fire if there is no oil pressure. (faulty oil pump or clogged filter or otherwise)


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