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Lizards are a type of scaled reptile that can be found worldwide except in Antarctica. There are approximately 3,800 subspecies, including chameleons, geckos and Komodo dragons. In this category, there are questions and information relating to lizards.

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Do lizards eat termites?

Lizards' diets range from meat to insects to flowers to leafy greens to eggs, etc. However, most lizards are rather specialized in diet. In order to correctly and completely answer your question, we'd need specificity on which type of lizard we are talking about. Further information on specific lizard species that eat termites: Geckos are known to feed on termites, as do skinks and legless lizards. Lizards in the dragon family, such as frill-necked lizards and bearded dragons, also eat termites. ...
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How do Monitor lizards kill their prey?

Monitors have very sharp teeth to tear their prey, and even if the prey gets away initially, they may die from the wound. For many years, it was believed that the many bacteria which monitor lizards harbour in their mouth were responsible for these deaths: after all, according to the National Geographic, the saliva of monitor lizards such as the Komodo dragon carries between 50 and 80 different types of bacteria. Other species were also known to carry bacteria. However, scientists were...
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What are some bright things?

Bioluminous things include glow worms, the sun, stars, the moon, fire. Non luminous things include books, tables, contrasticly painted street signs, light wear, bright orange rooms, bright yellow rooms. Luminous things include Light bulbs, lamps, cell phone screens, computer screens, tv screens, las vegas, light - up sreet billboards, street lamps, stoplights, car headlights, car taillights, flashlights, bicycle lights, candles, iPads, iPod nanos. ...
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Do lizards have external ears?

Not as such - they usually just have a 'hole' on either side of the head which leads down to the inner ear. They don't have physical external ears like a cat or humans. ...
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Are alligator lizards poisonous?

No - they're a non-venomous species. I couldn't find that much info - but I DID find something on Wikipedia - See related link the real alligator lizard are not the most venomous it is not the mostcommon lizard in living with people No. Only two lizard species [Heloderma suspectum (Gila monsters-2 subspecies) and Heloderma horridum (Mexican Beaded Lizards-4 subspecies)] are venomous. ...
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Where can you find lizards in your backyard?

you should have the best luck catching lizards by trees, bushes, plants, near houses, buildings etc. etc. you would have better luck on a sunny day just under plants and things. ...
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How do you know if an alligator lizard is a boy or girl?

If it has small pores that look like dots on it's tail, then it is a male, if it has no pores on it's tail, then it's a female. ...
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How do people interact with Komodo dragons?

They don't. Komodo dragons are very dangerous. I remember reading somewhere that a man was ripped from a tree picking fruit by a Komodo dragon. The lizard mauled him to death. Again, don't even go near them. ...
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Can lizards eat frozen meal worms?

Only if they've been thawed out properly - even then they might not eat them, as they prefer live food ! ...
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Do all lizards lay eggs?

yes they do EDIT: NO! Not all lizards lay eggs. I will provide just a few of the many counterexamples: Oscillated skinks, Blue tongued skinks, Greater Short Horned lizards. Not all lizards lay eggs. ...
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Why do some lizards have horns and spikes?

In some cases to attract a meal. Sometimes these are also just a physical feature and may serve no purpose. ...
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Do lizards eat bugs?

Lizards such as Uromastyx are almost completely herbivorous. Lizards of the genus Sauromalus are also herbivorous along with most iguanas (excepting the smaller Ctenosaurs). Lizards range in diet. Large monitors are mostly carnivorous. Aforementioned lizards are herbivorous, and lizards such as the ever-so-common Bearded Dragon are omnivorous. There are a multitude of lizards that are insectivorous. There are also some species of gecko that are omnivorous, relying on a variety in diet from fruits and saps - insects and small arachnids. ...
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Lizard species on nim's island?

Bearded dragon is a unique reptile that is very suitable to adopt as pet. By understanding this animal in the wild and its origin, it is beneficial as a pet owner. After knowing its background, taking care of bearded dragons is much easier as vivarium habitat may be easily mimicked as close as possible to the natural environment. If you knowing your bearded dragon's behavior, you are better in handling this pet. This reptile is one of the family members of Agamidae,...
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Are basilisk lizards endangered?

They are currently not endangered.
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Do aboriginals eat cooked goanna?

Yes, Aboriginals eat cooked goanna lizard. They place the dead goanna on the ground, then bury it under hot ashes. Once it is cooked, the Aboriginals will eat the goanna lizard plain. This is a very old tradition that the Aboriginal people still use today. ...
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Do household lizards eat bread?

No they don't ! Their diet consists primarily of insects !
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How do you Armadillo Lizards get there water?

Get warm paper towels and wrap it around them it works thts wat i do every few days. ...
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Can you cremate a pet lizard?

Absolutely. Just take the body to any veterinary surgery - and ask them to cremate it for you. ...
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Can a Corn snake eat a blue belly lizard?

Um yeah it can but if it is wild it may contain parasites so don't catch one in your backyard you can buy similar lizards called anoles at the pet store. It also depends on how big your snakes is. Make sure that the thickest part of your snake is bigger that what you are feeding it or it can cause damage to your corn snake. People! There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding mice! They are the perfect feeder so...
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How do lizards see?

with their eyes at the front of their head
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You found in your garage a lizard?

Don't kill it. Lizards that are black with yellow spots, leave them alone if not just scare it away. if its too big call animal control ...
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Can lizard kill a man?

Yes. A Kamodo dragon is a large lizard whose saliva is poisonous. It uses its saliva to hunt and kill animals but if a human threatens it, it will attack and can kill. there are also different types of salamanders that are poisonous to humans. ...
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How do lizards cope with heat?

lizards should be fine no matter what temperature other than really cold:D because they are cold blooded they absorb the heat and they need warmth to keep them moving ulike humans which are warm blood we produce our own heat ...