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The planting, growing, propagating, maintenance, harvesting, and uses of various herbs, for culinary, medicinal, decorative, and magical purposes.

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What are the adaptations for sage brush?

blahblah sage smage

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What is a young sprout?

A sprout is the start of a new plant, usually from a seed.

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How long does it take for basil to be fully grown?

4-6 weeks

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Is clover an herb?

Red clover, (Trifolium pratense) sometimes called purple clover, trifoil or wild clover is an herb used medically.

Its a mild stimulant, an expectorant, and an anti-spasmodic. The flower heads are part of the plant used and it is most frequently taken as a tincture or tea.

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What is the scientific name for white hibiscus?

Hibisceae (or Hibiscus) Arnottianus is a white hibiscus from Hawaii. For more information please see the related link below.

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Is a sunflower a producer?

yes a sunflower is a producer,it makes its own food

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Which spice is known as yavanapriya?


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When do you plant chives?

Chives should be grown in a sunny location in well drained soil, however these herbs also make an excellent pot herb.

They can be grown from seed (planted early in the spring, after the frost is finished), from starts (purchased from a nursery and put into the ground after the danger of frost is done), or from roots taken from an established plant (planted like starts).

Chives grown in pots can be started at any point in the year if you intend to keep them inside.

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How do you get rosemary branch to root?

Rosemary plants can be propagated by taking a cutting from a not flowering stem in mid summer. Please check the link below.

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Will true lavender grow in part sun?

Answer Yes, it will. It prefers full sunlight, but it will take partial sun. You can use lavender as an oil. Rub some oil on sores and they will heal right up. You can also add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil in your bath. Lavender is said to promote sleep so you can spray it on your pillow case.

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How much sugar water do you spray your plants with?

I usually spray x500

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Is millet seed monocot or dicot?


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How does peat moss look like and feel like?

poo and guii and slimy

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What does thin to 3 inches apart mean?

It means that for best results, the plants should be three inches apart. To thin to three inches apart means to pull out the extra plants, leaving three inches between the desired plants..

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How do you make an essential oil diffuser?

It is not something that is easily made, though you don't have to use a diffuser for essential oils. You can light a candle, and when the wax on the top is liquefied, poor the essential oils into it. You may want to blow the candle out whilst you do this, as the drop are extremely flammable, and you need to avoid the flame.

Pure therapeutic essential oils should not be heated. Heat will destroy the beneficial properties. If you cannot afford a $35.00 diffuser, then simply apply the oil to a kleenex and lay out or put it inside your pillowcase. On the road, I use a napkin and three to five drops of Peppermint and stuff it into my air vent. It keeps me alert for many miles as the oil fills the cabin. It is also effective enough to just put the oil on a standard saucer and leave it to the open air in your room.

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How do you dry dill?

For Drying Seed.

Either dry on the bush or pick when ripe. Either way, harvest the whole seedhead or strip individual seeds and dry under cover for a week or so depending on the weather.
You could hang the entire plant up or just the seed heads. Store in an airtight container.

For Drying Leaves.

Harvest the entire plant ( or however many leaves you want) and hang to dry in an airy place. This won't work in humid weather. Don't bunch too many together or the air won't circulate well. When the leaves are crisp strip them and store in airtight containers.
Another method is to oven dry them although this is a bit more tricky. Place on baking paper on a wire rack in an oven set on low - 90 degrees F or so with the door open. Watch carefully. Remove when dry ( hopefully before they're burnt as well!) and store as above.

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How do you propagate bay leaves?

The easiest method of propagation if you have a tree that has a lot of basal sucker is to dig the sucker growth with some roots attached and transfer it to grow on separately in a pot until large enough to plant. The ideal time to do this is in the spring when growth is strong.

If there are no rooted suckers to take advantage of, the next best form of propagation of the Bay is to take cuttings. It is not the easiest tree to grow from cuttings, so take several them to be sure you have enough successes to serve your needs.

Bay cuttings will fare best with bottom heat. If you have a heating mat (sold through garden supply stores), you will be able to control your heat the best. For purists who have the set-up for it, you can use hot compost under the pots or rooting trays.

Bay is susceptible to fungus and rot which makes it a bit more tricky since your rooting medium (sterilized potting or seed soil, or a mixture of perlite and sand) should not be allowed to dry out. Rooting hormone powder should help as it not only encourages the formation of roots, but has a fungicide mixed in. Dip your cutting in the hormone powder and press the end of the cutting into your moistened medium.

If you do not want to use rooting hormone powder, you can try using a tea made of dried willow leaves and watering with it. It is not fungicidal, but it will encourage rooting. With bottom heat and high humidity (misting will help), your cuttings should start to root from 30 - 90 days in temperatures ideally in the 70's. They can, however, take up to a year, so if they are still green, do not give up on them. You will have the best luck using a propagator.

When you see your cutting actively putting out new growth, you will likely have some good roots started. Wait until the plant has grown a few new leaves before planting in a larger container. Although your tree will grow reasonably fast at this young age, it may take a year or two before it is ready to go into the ground. Overall, Laurel Bay trees are slow growers.

There are two more ways to propagate this tree. You can try growing Bay laurels from seed, but most seed tends to rot before germinating.

Layering is also a way to propagate this plant. Bend a branch gently until it lays on ground. Make a nick in the branch where it touches the ground and hold it in place against the soil with a rock on either side or use garden staples. You can also use hormone powder on the nicked area. It is a hit-or-miss method, but if your layering works, your plant is likely to grow a bit faster than a cutting. It can take 6 months to a year or more to root.

Propagate bay by harvesting semi-ripe side shoots in late summer, or by layering. Plant cuttings, treated with a rooting hormone, in heated propagation trays with high humidity.

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What is the 16 16 16 on fertilizer bags?

I think it relates to the mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium I don't get the 16 as a measure but this is what they represent.

16-16-16 is the relative percentage % of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium(K) (in the form of Potash).

Miracle Gro is 15-30-15 meaning that mixture is 15% N, 30% K2O5, & 15% P2O.

Plants use these nutrients to develop different parts; N builds strong leaves, Phosphate builds strong roots, and Potash promotes root development and disease resistance.

A useful memory device is: "Up, Down, All-Around".

The #'s represent how much of the N-P-K is put out in a 1000 sq ft.

THIS ANSWER IS PARTIALLY INCORECT. Generally correct, but the middle number is P2O5% (not P or P2O) and the last number is K2O% (not K or K2O5). You can convert P2O5 to P by multiplying by 43.7% (there is that much phosphorus (P) in P2O5; the rest is oxygen (O)). You can convert K2O to K by multiplying by 83.3%.

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Is Heliotrope edible?

Absolutely NOT. The plant may smell like cherry pie and is very beautiful but ALL parts of the Heliotrope are poisonous.

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What is the best use for the herb tarragon?

I love using tarragon on chicken. just sprinkle some dried crushed leaves. It's delicious! Tarragon makes an excellent ingredient for infusing through vinegar. Just fill ajar with the bruised leaves, and pour warmed cider or wine vinegar over them. Seal and leave for two weeks, shaking daily. Then strain off the vinegar and bottle.

You can use it in a variety of dishes, although in sparing quantities as the flavor is quite strong. Also, cooking it for a long time can make it taste peculiar. Try it mixed in dressings and sauces, or in a herb butter. Rub it over uncooked chicken, fish or 'gamey' meats.

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How do you make an essential oil distiller?

..on the left for some information on the subject although it may not be exactly what you want. Even if not you will find plenty of other interesting things along the way!

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What is a Russian Sage plant?

Russian Sage is a shrubby, gray-green perennial that blooms in mid-summer. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil and reaches 3-5 feet. It is a perennial in zones 5-9. Adequate drainage is especially important in winter, and for best growth should be cut back to a few inches from the ground in spring.

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How do you grow a licorice tree?

Licorice isn't really a tree, but a perennial about three feet in height. It is the root part that is used as a food.

People often use some hash bubble bags to achieve that.

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Why does your lavender look so dry now plenty of water and rain?

Lavender that has been over watered will grey and die. It needs really good drainage and not a lot of water.

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How much light does chives need?

Chives require partial shade, about 8 hours of sunlight per day.


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