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Are there black salt in Singapore?

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it depends on where in singapore. in most divisions yes, but division 4 and 9 no
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What happens if you eat bay leaf?

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Actually eating a bay leaf is unpleasant, it tastes awful, but its not poisonous to eat. The bay leaf is used in soups and stews to impart flavor into the dish, but should always be removed prior to service so it isn't eaten. If you want to make sure you are able to find and remove the bay leaf from your soup or stew, you can make a sachet out of cheesecloth, tie it off with food safe string, then have the string go over the edge of the pot enough that you can grab it and remove it when cooking is finished. (Its essentially like an herb teabag, the cheesecloth allows the flavor of the bay leaf to come out and mix in with the simmering soup, but keeps the leaf from falling into the soup.) Dried bay leaves remain quite stiff in certain preparations, and so consuming them whole may be ill-advised, as they may cause abrasions in the digestive system. ~ As listed above, it is not a good thing. You may become sick. It can get stuck in the digestive system, since it does not break down. It is not like a leave off your yard tree, which can become soft if it sat in your gut. The bay leaf, no matter the substance it is cooked it, still maintains it shape and a fairly good stiffness. So, if you develop a lingering gut ache, see your doctor.
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What animal does saltpeter come from?

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Historically, it was derived from bat guano but now it's primarily created by oxidizing ammonia made by the Haber process.
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Weight of a bay leaf?

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There are about 12 medium size Bay leaves per gram. 12x28=336per oz This is only an average and by no means exact.
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What is a recipe for Moroccan seasoning?

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most recipes involve some or all of the following: Those starred are essential ingredients coriander, * Cumin * turmeric, * Cayenne pepper * white pepper, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, anise, saffron, piment fort, cardamom, * rose petals, nutmeg, mace, fennel,
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Are vanilla essence and vanilla extract the same?

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No, they aren't the same. Vanilla extract is extracted from the vanilla bean, and the FDA sets standards for the percentage of vanilla and alcohol in the extract. From what I have read, vanilla essence is much stronger, and it can either be derived from vanilla beans or from synthetic sources. Additionally, some forms of vanilla essence are not food grade, not for consumption, based on the method of creating the essence, and are intended more for perfume and scent purposes, I suppose.
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Does paprika go bad?

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Paprika is made from dried red bell peppers. It can be smoked, sweet or hot. It should have a shelf life of 18 months if kept in a dry cool place.
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What soil is good for growing turmeric?

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Soils for Turmeric cultivation should be rich and friable. Soils with a little higher sand content (Loams and sandy loams) are well suited. It is grown in different types of soils from light black, sandy loam and red soils to clay loams. It grows on light black, ashy loam and red soils to stiff loams in irrigated and rainfed areas. It thrives well in a well-drained sandy loam soil rich in humus content or clayey-loam soil. The crop cannot stand water logging or alkalinity. Gravelly, stony and heavy clay soils are unsuitable for the development of rhizomes.In Andhra Pradesh Turmeric cultivation is largely confined to five Agro Climatic zones,
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Is Kummel and Caraway the same spice?

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Yup. Kummel is also an alcoholic drink, a liqueur/digestif flavoured with caraway. Caraway is very good as a carminative (it helps you get rid of wind/gas) hence its use in a digestif.
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How do you use frankincense in a sentence?

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Use it as most other nouns. Examples: "The scent of frankincense is rich and pleasant, but very strong." "Frankincense is heavily associated with Christmas, because one of the noted gifts for the child Jesus was frankincense." "I like the smell of burning frankincense." OR As Rachel walked into her living room, she noticed how her mother had sprayed the room with the rich and pleasant scent of FRANKINCENSE.
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Can you substitute orange zest for lemon zest?

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Yes you will just make a Orange cake/cookie etc instead of a lemon one
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Is vanilla good for you?

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It is neither good nor bad. It is used by the teaspoonful.
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Is honey and cinnamon a hoax?

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Honey is almost entirely composed of different sugars, with water and trace minerals. Excess sugar (and we really get enough carbohydrates of different sorts in our diet anyway) gets stored as fat. So this diet cannot work unless you reduce your food intake to compensate for the excess sugar you are consuming. Certain types of cinnamon may well have useful properties that might influence insulin levels, but probably not at the recommended concentrations. So this diet is more likely to help you gain weight, and has the added disadvantage that you'll be damaging your teeth, suppressing your immune system, and all the other health problems associated with excess sugar consumption.
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Where can you buy fresh peppermint to eat?

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you can get it at almost any grocery store; it will be in the herbs labeled "mint."
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Is spice testable?

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Im currently on probation and got a court orders drug test (I passed) but on the paper the court gave me there was a list of tests that they can give you and one of them was K2/spice test. I believe they test for ghb K2 is the first kind of legal pot they came out with which has been banned however the spice they have now does the same effects but has different chemical in it which is legal atm and undetectable.
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How do you remove the salty taste from rice?

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keep rinsing the rise under cold water, until the water is just a little bit murky. boil water without salt.
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How much celery seed equals 1 rib of celery?

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One rib of celery would equal about 1/4 tsp. celery seed but, be aware that celery seed does not have the exact same flavor as celery stalk so only use it in a pinch.
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Can you get sick eating expired spices?

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no you can not get sick from eating expired spices
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Which spices are used during the Havdalah service?

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Pleasantly fragrant spices are used; often spices such as nutmeg, allspice, cloves, or a combination. Answer: The most commonly used spice is ground cinnamon.
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What is the right way to measure vanilla?

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Vanilla extract is liquid, so use measuring spoons to measure it, or for large quantities use a measuring cup for liquids. Vanilla powder can be measured with measuring spoons or a measuring cup for solids. Whole bean vanilla doesn't usually need a measuring device, since the recipe will say something like "seeds of 1 whole vanilla bean."
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Is eating cinnamon dangerous?

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Cinnamon helps you stabilize your sugar levels. Many diabetics knows this and uses it. It has not been found to be dangerous.