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The preservation of food has been a major challenge throughout the history of man. Much has been learned about keeping food fresh and edible, and our Food Storage and Spoilage category is the place to ask and answer questions about keeping food healthy.

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Will it hurt you to eat freezer ice?

Best not. If you have a freezer with old-style freon, it could make you sick. Also it hurts you teeth and can harshly crack them, it can make your mouth sore also.. just suck on the ice. Don't crunch it. ...
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Can you eat turkey breast after expiration date?

It is extremely dangerous to eat any fowl (turkey, chicken, duck, etc) after its expiration date. E. coli bacteria grow more readily in bird flesh than in mammal flesh....
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How long Keep cooked Egg Foo Young?

Three days is the longest you should keep Egg Foo Young leftovers, as the eggs and other ingredients are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause foodborne illness. As with other leftovers, when you DO reheat them, make sure it's reheated to 165 Degrees F, to kill any bacteria that may have started to form. ...
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How long does opened bologna last in the fridge?

Generally deli products can last for a few months if they're not open from their original package. Once opened, the items can easily spoil in a matter of a week or less. I would say you have approximately 3-5 days depending on refrigeration. ...
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How long do cooked pierogies last in refrigerator?

You shouldn't keep them in the fridge for longer than 2 days as the filling doesn't taste good anymore. It's better to freeze them uncooked and then boil them on the day when you want to have them. They are the yummiest when eaten fresh, either boiled or boiled and then fried lightly. Hope my answer helps. ...
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What is the shelf life of baby oil?

Baby oil is scented mineral oil. The mineral oil portion will last virtually forever, so really the only thing to worry about is the scent; as long as it still smells okay, it should be fine. ...
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How long Raw shrimp room temp?

You should keep foods out of the temperature danger zone to prevent bacteria from forming on foods. Bacteria can form on foods in the danger zone after just an hour. The danger zone is under 145 degrees and over 45 degrees. ...
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How long do eggbeaters last after expire date?

ConAgra Foods recommends that you don't consume that product after the best by or sell by date. ...
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Why do vacuum sealed food packages swell up?

Generally vacuum-sealed foods swell due to microbial growth in the food.
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Materials of cogon grass cardboard food packaging?

1.Set up an inclined tray below the blackboard resting freely at the upper end and hinged at the lower end. The chalk dust will fall in the tray and start sliding down into a waiting bin. As the chalk dust may not always slide down into the bin you will need to jiggle and shake the tray a bit from time to time 2. So set up a low powered electric motor with a slow speed reduction gear attached to an...
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What animal does saltpeter come from?

Historically, it was derived from bat guano but now it's primarily created by oxidizing ammonia made by the Haber process. ...
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How long will cooked white rice last if kept warm?

keeping it constantly warm i would say about 12 hours. Caterers do this a parties ...
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Can eating brown lettuce make you sick?

It's a possibility, but as a preventative measure, you should never eat it. You can remove the brown parts and still eat the parts of the lettuce that are still green and crisp. Lettuce turns brown due to oxidation; water will usually collect at the bottom of the bag during this process. When this happens, it becomes food for mold and that in turn can make you sick. Of course a little browning is natural and is unrelated to mold. When preparing...
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Will gravy go bad if not refrigerated?

Yes, gravy will go bad if not refrigerated. The pH and water activity are not low enough to make it shelf stable without a canning process. ...
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How long does an unopened jar of miracle whip last?

All salad dressings/miracle whip products have expiry dates printed on the container. It's probably best to go by this date. I have extended the shelf life of these types of condiments for a couple of months...but never beyond that. ...
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Does vegetables soup spoil if left out over night?

It might not appear spoiled, but it should not be eaten.
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How do you freeze chess pie?

To freeze chess pie, leave the pie in its pan, and cover tightly with plastic wrap, wrapping the plastic entirely around the pie to seal completely. Then seal the entire pie in a plastic pie keeper, which will prevent the frozen pie from being crushed. The next best choice would be a cardboard box, or construct a "pie keeper" from two aluminum pie pans that are bigger than the chess pie. If nothing else is possible, seal the wrapped pie in...
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How long does homemade mayonnaise keep?

about 3 -4 days i think okaii :)
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How long does it take egg white to spoil?

It actually takes a good part of a week.....about 5 to 6 days even
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Can you freeze a hero sandwich?

You can freeze just about anything. A sandwich should freeze OK as long as there are no fresh veggies (tomatoes, lettuce) on it. The fresh veggies would be soggy when it thaws out. ...
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What is the best way to thaw frozen haddock filet?

The best way is to make sure you have the time to do it this way. This way you can reduce the risk of bacteria getting into your food. Thaw it out in the refrigerator. You want to keep it in the refrigerator under 40F while thawing. I typically will take a fillet directly from frozen to cooking if possible. The fillet is thin enough to thaw right in the pan while cooking. ...
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How long do cooked spareribs stay good for?

Cooked meats should be frozen if not used with in a few days. Storing meats in the refrigerator will only last 3 to 4 days. Freezing cooked meats is a better way to store it. ...
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What causes food to spoil?

If it was kept in the fridge for a while, it would start to have mould on the actual skin or if it was kept not in a fridge it would do the same process as above; it would eventually start to have mould. ...