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Menstruation is the routine discharge, or release, of blood and mucosal tissue from the uterus. This process occurs about once a month from the time a female reaches puberty until menopause. During pregnancy, the monthly menstrual cycle is absent while the womb nourishes the growing fetus.

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What are the symptoms right before your period?

Reasons for Menstrual Period Symptoms Studies indicate that almost 80% women suffer the effects of menstrual discomforts. The world over women experience some typical symptoms of menstrual period flow. But we first need to know the mechanics behind the activity to understand why these symptoms appear and what makes them such a problem. Every month a woman's ovaries release one egg into her uterus. This egg stays there , waiting to be fertilized, and after a few days, is discharged from the uterus...
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Can the birth control pill cause a missed period?

You usually get your period when you start taking the sugar pills, but you can miss your period on the birth control pills for a number of reasons: Bleeding is supposed to be lighter when you are on the pill and last for a shorter period of time. Sometimes bleeding can be so light that it's absent or unnoticable. Some women find this helpful, and others find it disturbing. It is not dangerous, but if you find it stressful, talk with your...
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Does an illness make your period late?

Some illnesses can in some people, especially those illnesses that involve the endocrine system and hormone production, such as diabetes. If you have other symptoms and have a late period, you may need to have an exam by your gynecologist. ...
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Can stress delay your menstrual cycle?

Yes it is possible to get late periods due to stress. Due to weakness and unhealthy diet our body hormones get changed that causes changes in period cycle.Stress is an essential factor that causes delay in monthly cycle. ...
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How do you find out what day ovulation occurs if your period is not regular?

My advice is to buy the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and or ovulation predictor strips to detect the LH surge. The LH surge is a hormone that surges about 36 hours before your egg pops out. Intercourse on that day increases chances of pregnancy dramatically. On average a women ovulates about two weeks before her period starts. I ovulate about 20 days after the start of my period and I think all women should know. I have ovulated as early as the 16th day. I...
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Does a brown blood period while on the pill indicate pregnancy?

no i would say not. i was on the camila pill, a pill with only progesterone in it, and i got the same thing. i was on the pill for about seven months and that happened starting after about a month. my doctor said that might happen due to hormonal changes in my body/ More input from FAQ Farmers: * Nah... I wouldn't worry about it. I was on the pill for about 10 years and would occasionally have this. My...
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Are periods contagious?

your periods can be influenced by the people around you........ but this is hormonal .......periods are not contagious like a cold or the flu ...
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Can the Atkins diet affect menstruation?

YES. It's hard to find answers to this question online, but I have experienced menstruation changes myself on Atkins and have found a scarce few forums where other women also verify this. Basically, it's common for it to make you get your period when you aren't supposed to, early mainly. No one seems to know why, and Dr. Atkins never even touched the subject in any of his books, but it happens. My thoughts are that it could be the hormones...
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How did women handle the menstruation in ancient and medieval times?

The last one to answer this was so wrong. Women were smarter than to just "sit in a hole for a week." So here's an improvement. Ancient Egyptians used a compress of linen with a sponge on top, like a pad. They also had internal menstrual protection of rolled cotton or papyrus. Yep, that's right: tampons! If the woman had strange pains of other indications that the bleeding was unnatural, there were many herbal remedies a doctor would blend, wrap in linen, and...
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What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge a few days off and on before your period mean?

Brown vaginal discharge can also be a symptom of some serious medical conditions. Answer You have some spotting when you ovulate and before and after your period. This is pretty normal. This pinkish/brownish color is blood and there is so little that it just tints your discharge. Spotting is very normal for both of those times during the cycle. Also it could be implantation bleeding where the egg implants into the uterus, that is if you are sexually active and have not been using protection. It...
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What would having brownish spotting in between periods mean?

Brown vaginal discharge is most often associated with old endometrial tissues. If your period is late you might get a brown, rather than red, discharge. It could also mean that for whatever reason during your last menses the entire uterine lining failed to make a timely exit. Brown Discharge may happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your vagina. Old blood looks brown. This may occur when you are ovulating in the middle of menstrual cycle. Brown vaginal discharge can also...
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Does drinking vinegar an water stop your period?

No. Please go learn some basic biology, drinking vinegar/water will have no effect on your menstrual cycle whatsoever ...
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Can you get an STD from sucking a breast?

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) by nature require sexual contact to be transmitted. Someone may get herpes or syphilis from someone sucking their breasts, and then may pass it along to someone else. Breast milk may include HIV, although an adult drinking infected breast milk may be at lower risk than an infant. Overall, the person with the breast is more likely to get an STD from this activity than the person whose mouth is on the breast. Absolutely not! ...
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What is the world's longest menstruation period?

I'm 17 and due to the contraceptive implant I had a period that lasted from the 5th November 2011 until July 31st 2012, believe it or not. I bled every single day non stop throughout those dates. On the 31st I got the implant removed and I was period free until August the 2nd(today) So only 2 days and now it's back. I just want to crawl into a cave. I believe I deserve some form of world record. I used 2...
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Why am i cramping but i haven't got my period i was supposed to get my period on sep 26 and i still havent got it i had sex like almost 2weeks ago but we used a condom?

I feel ya, im suppose to have my period and i have cramping as well but no period, i have been off depo for 2 months...i'm so worried about being pregnant, i was on birth control in Sept. but dont know when to start it again, because no long have you been off Depo? ...
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Does Eating Disorder stop your Period?

sometimes. It stopped mine. it happens when your body is malnourished, so your body tries to tell you that something is wrong, so the period is the first thing to go. Your body knows that if you are malnourished, there is no way that you'll be able to carry a child ...
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What are the side affects of using tampons?

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is rare but still thought to effect 1 in 700 women. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is caused when certain strains of bacteria multiply and start to produce TSST-1 toxins, these toxins enter the bloodstream and if the person lacks antibodies then the TSST-1 toxins overwhelm the immune system - this leads to something similar to septic shock, initial symptoms include high fever and low blood pressure but long-term it can result in organ failure. Tampons account for 75% of all...
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What might cause frequent irregular periods?

Frequent Irregular Periods I am not a doctor, but this is from a website - can I recommend that you see your doctor? Abnormal bleeding (either heavy bleeding or bleeding between periods) can have many causes. Bleeding can occur from the vagina secondary to trauma, infection or cancer, and can be diagnosed with cultures, pap smear or actual visualization of a lesion. The cervix can bleed abnormally also secondary to fibroids, infection, polyps or cancer, as is the case with the uterus. Ovarian...
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Are there any exercises to get your first period?

No, there is nothing that you can do to reach menarche (first period) earlier. You will only start to menstruate once you reach an age where your body is mature enough to start ovulating. You can't force your body to mature any more than you can force your body to grow an extra foot in height overnight. Your body will mature in time as it's supposed to, you can't change that. ...
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Can pneumonia cause late periods?

Not usually, since the reproductive system and the respiratory system are fairly well separated in your body physically and physiologically. But, anything that disrupts normal body function in one body system could potentially cause problems in other systems, which could then allow for opportunistic infections if you are exposed to bacteria or viruses while you are "down". Possible, but not probable. ...
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Can you carry a baby without fallopian tubes and ovaries?

You cannot become pregnant but you could carry a baby.
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Can a woman ovulate twice before her next period?

Yes, a woman can ovulate twice during her menstrual cycle but it would still be during the ovulation phase of her menstrual cycle. A woman cannot just randomly ovulate, her menstrual cycle controls when she ovulates - typically women will ovulate two weeks before menstruation. To correct a previous answer: Orgasm does not cause ovulation, that's not biologically possible. ...
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What causes hot flashes in feet?

Why do i get red all over when i have a hotflash