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Canning is a method of using heat and vacuum to preserve foods for long term storage.

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Food Canning

What is tri Enzomated zorn jelly?

it is a jelly that is such made of fruit jelly

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How do you make citron jelly?

I found an excellent recipe for a citron jelly on Kraft Foods website. I'll leave it as a Related Link at the bottom of the page.

Note: When you click the link, it will come to a seemingly blank page. Just scroll down a little ways to access the recipe. Enjoy!

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What happens if you pickle a pickle?

You know what a pickle is right? It's like a cucumber but tastes more sour. So, if you PICKLE it again, it get double the sourness and mushy. Perfect for gross experiments!

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Is salicylic acid safe for use in pickles?

Salycilic acid, also known as aspirin, is not recommended for use in canning or pickling because it does sufficiently acidify low-acid foods like beans and is therefore not a safe method to use.

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What is the average weight of a pickle?

It depends how big or small the pickle is.

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Why do you have a pickle craving?

it is actually not the pickle you crave, but the vinegar the cucumber is pickled in. This happens a lot to people, especially girls who are on or near their periods. People have cravings for vinegar because it contains a lot of very healthy vitamins that your body may not be getting anywhere else. If you crave vinegar, eat vinegar! It is apple cider vinegar that is most beneficial, not the rice vinegar. It can do everything from:

1)help dandruff, acne, bug bites, sunburns

2)provide your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber

and has very little fat and sodium. in fact, many people will drink a spoonful of raw, apple cider vinegar a day just to stay healthy! and does it work? absolutely!

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Where can you find Certo?

You can find this at the grocery store in the aisle with the canning products, like Suregel, canning jars, etc. Not all stores will have it, but most Pick 'N Save's sell it.

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How many times can you reset jelly?

I would say almost infinitely. The main problem you will have is the sugars in the jelly. The more often you heat and reheat it, the more likely the sugars are to crystallize. No one likes crunchy jelly.

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What is round up on spoon?

Perhaps the one asking the question is meaning 'rounded.' Countries have different ways of saying or pronouncing words. If you mean 'rounded' that would be a spoonful of an ingredient that is neither leveled off to flat or heaping on the spoon. Rounded is somewhere in the middle of those two.. Trying - sense

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Can tomato skins be left on when canning tomatoes in water bath?

Does not matter one way or the other. They will get just as hot and seal the same way regardless.

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Why didn't my homemade grape jelly set?

I just add a product called jamset to the cooking and my jam sets everytime.

The most common reason for this happening is lack of the setting agent pectin. As grapes are naturally low in this, a sufficient quantity of commercially available pectin must be added. It is possible to go back and reboil the mix with 20 percent more pectin added. Sometimes inadequate cooking time is the problem. In either case, testing a small amount on a cold saucer towards the end of cooking time is helpful. If it does not wrinkle when pushed with a finger or tilted, it isn't ready and won't set.

I made grape jelly,using sur-jel but it didn't. I tried to re cook with more pectin and sugar now it is too sweet and still didn't set up. What now? I hate to throw it out.

Jelly requires sugar, pectin and acid. If your fruit is not sufficiently acid, you need to add a couple of tbs. of lemon juice when you are making it. Don't throw your failed jelly out--you can use it as syrup on pancakes or other cakes.

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Who invented Dill Pickle Chips?

bob smith

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What is pickled fruit?

Pickled fruit is fruit that has been put in a vinegar solution for a period of time. Pickling is a form of preserving foods.

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How many pickles can you eat on an empty stomach?

It depends on how big your stomach is and how long it takes you to feel full. Stomach capacity is not standard; it can be increased by continually eating progressively larger quantities. Also, the taller a person is the larger you would expect their stomach capacity to be. This would mean that challenging someone significantly smaller than you to a "how many pickles can you eat" contest would give you an unfair advantage.

This means that there isn't a "standard amount" of pickles that a person can eat on an empty stomach; it's impossible to estimate an amount without knowing more details about the particular person (height, weight, how much they like pickles etc...)

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How long does canned homemade jam last?

Answer:In short, a very, very long time.

Ideally, jam will be heat sealed into an air-tight container. This means that bacteria will lack the air it needs to reproduce, and it will be in an unfavorable Ph range due to the massive levels of sugar involved. Also, the fact that the jam was heated, very hot for a long period of time, would have killed any existing bacteria. The only bacteria that would be present would have been introduced between the time that the jam was cooled to below 65 degrees centigrade (about 150 Fahrenheit), and the time it was placed into the jar.

So assuming that the jam was jarred properly, this food will be safe to eat and although it may possibly taste unpleasant (and it probably won't), it won't present a health risk.

Answer:Jam can last for years in the right conditions. If home-made, sterilising the jars is very important, so make sure you sterilise everything really well. You need to put grease-proof paper on top of the jam before you put on the lids… directly onto the top surface to prevent any mold forming. The sugar is a preservative!

My Nan used to make jam and chutney for all of us every year. It was never stored in a fridge, just in a cool, dark place. It can be stored for up to 2 years or even more if the sterilizing process and storage is good. Just boil the jars, make the jam, then heat the jars up again and pour the hot jam into the hot jars, lid them and wait till they pop. We haven't had any problems with this way.

Answer:I am currently eating apple jelly which is over ten years old, and is still good. That should give you some idea. I've had strawberry and raspberry jam last five years easily.
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Can sea salt be used in canning pickles?

Yes, sea salt can be used in place of regular table salt as there is virtually no difference between most products labelled "sea salt" and other table salt. Some more expensive and regional sea salts may have certain extra minerals in them which give them a different color, such as pink, or black. These will also have slightly different flavor contributed by the minerals. But most sea salt is pretty much the same as white table salt. Remember, all salt came from the sea, at some point, whether it is mined from salt deposits underground, or from salt flats left over from a salty lake, or from the shores of a sea.

However, most pickle recipes call for canning or pickling salt rather than regular table salt. Picking salt is made without the use of anti-caking agents or iodine. If you use regular table salt or sea salt, the anti-caking agents may make the brine cloudy, and if the salt is iodized, it may make the brine darker. Non-iodized salts are readily available, and although the brine may be a bit cloudy, the pickles should taste fine.
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How long do you have to pickle eggs?

about five days. the egg should be purple all the way thru.

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How many bugs does the average person eat each year of their life?

how many bugs does an average person eat a year?

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How do you skin a pickle?

with a knife

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How do you pickle a floor?

The stain or paint is rubbed into the pores of the wood and then let dry completely. "Rubbed in" not painted on with a brush or roller.

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How do you get rid of the burnt taste when food gets slightly burnt?

If it's rice that you have burnt, stick a fork in the middle of the pot. This will draw the burnt taste out of the rice (some of it anyway) If you slightly burn a sauce add a little English mustard but don't allow it to boil again or its effect will not work

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Your dill is ready in your garden but it isn't time to can pickles what do you do?

That depends on whether you will be wanting to use the seeds or leaves in the pickles.
If it's leaves you will be using then you could try pinching off the seed head to prevent the plant dieing.
If it's the seeds - which is the most common way they are used - then you can leave them on the plant to dry or pick the heads when almost dry and place them under cover to completely dry. Then store in an airtight container. It won't be quite the same as using fresh, but almost as good.

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How do you use an electric pressure canner?

Refer to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) website for basic canning instructions as well a detailed instructions for the use of a pressure canner.

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What happens if you eat out of date food?

It would depend on what you mean by "out of date:"

  • If you eat something past the "best used by date," likely nothing would happen.
  • It you eat something past the "expiration date," likely nothing would happen, but it is possible that the nutritional value of the food has degraded to the point of being worthless.

There are those who believe that food past the expiration date, that is canned food, will go bad. Consider something, a sealed container that has not had the seal broken is still a sealed container. How would the pathogen get in if the seal is not broken? It the food is not contaminated when it is sealed, it will not be contaminated when you open it.

Here's a real world example: In 1983 I served in the Army in Germany. C-rations were still issued and available. I was born in 1963. I ate C-rations canned in 1956--7 year older than me, and canned 28 years before consumed. The food was a little grey and tasted like the can, but it did not make me ill or kill me.

Food that is not canned is another matter. Dairy, with the exception of cheese, should be eaten by the expiration date and within a week of the best used by date. The same with meat.

Refrigerated foods can last about three weeks if the temperature is maintained and it is in a sealed container.

Meat, poultry, and fish can last up to three years if frozen correctly and temperatures are maintained.

Canned foods, however, if processed and sealed correctly can last indefinitely. Provided of course that they remain sealed.

Food Canning

Do you need export license to export pickles?

no!! obviously you dont need a license to export pickles.....where do you come from....antartica.....


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