Beets are the roots of the beet plant. They are available in several varieties and are considered one of the healthiest foods in the world.

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Are beetroot leaves poisonous?

No, they are not poisonous.


How long Pickled beets?

a week

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How to beet a ticket for dog running at large?

Go to trial with proof that you do not own a dog, or that your dog was not out at the time that the citation was issued.

Fruits and Vegetables

How deep to plant beet seeds?

the rule is normally double the depth of the diameter of the seed.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

How long can you keep beet juice?

12 to 16 days from fresh with juicer


What is more healthy sugar beet or sugar cane?

The have the same molecular structure, that of sucrose. However, sugar beet may have additional benefits to sugar cane.


Why are Harvard beets called Harvard beets?

It seems that the origin of the name "Harvard beets" is still unknown. There are theories though (Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink by John F. Mariani) that the dish was created three centuries ago at an English tavern called Harwood's. Presumably, one of its customers, a Russian emigre opened a restaurant up in Boston under the same name in 1846. But since he kept pronouncing his restaurant's name like "Harvard," so the dish he brought from England became known as 'Harvard beets.'

Fruits and Vegetables

What is the ANDI score for beets?



Are beets fruit or vegetable?

they are not fruits it is a root plant

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How do you beet grow valley the game?

Grow Valley

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Fruits and Vegetables

What is the brix degree for beetroot?

The brix reading for beets, like all foods, vary according to the health of the beet plant. On a refractometer that is calibrated in % Sucrose beet roots have a range from poor, average, good, and excellent. The brix readings for these are 6,8,10, and 12 respectively.

As the brix reading goes up so does the flavor and nutrient density. For more information on this concept see:

For a more complete listing of other fruits and veggies here is a free chart:


How do honeybees mate?

Only the queen bee mates, and only the drones service the queen.

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Should beet pulp be fed wet or dry to horses?

always feed wet other wise the horse/pony will get colic which could lead to death Beet pulp is most commonly fed wet. I would think that this is the best way to feed it because, if fed dry, the beet pulp would expand in the horse's stomach. This could potentially cause colic; colic that could be severe enough to cause death if you don't feed properly. Ask your local veterinarian the proper way to mix beet pulp for your horse. Beet pulp is a good supplement for your horse, especially in the winter months when it is often hard to keep weight on them. And they love it! Not Exactly! However if you read the bag on beet pulp you will find out that you should always feed it wet. Dry beet pulp not only expands in their stomach, but also, if fed dry scratches their throats. Over time it starts to wear away the inner layers of their throats which can be potentially deadly if severe enough. Dispelling Myths Beet pulp can be fed either wet or dry. Feeding dry beet pulp doesn't damage the throat, increase the risk of choke or increase the risk of colic. There have been studies performed where up to 45% of the diet was dry beet pulp and no increase in incidence of choke or other adverse reactions.


How do you steam beets?

Steamed foods have the water boiling beneath the food and the steam rising all around and about the food. Any steamer is based on that type of cooking. Your beets must be washed, stems removed, peel the beets, and place them in the inner pan of the steamer. Always cover the pot when steaming your vegetables, and check the water level periodically to ensure you will not burn it up! Every steamer I have seen has the three (3) parts: the interior pan or pot that holds the vegetable being steamed, the exterior pan or pot that holds the boiling water and the interior pan of vegetables, and the lid of the pot. The vegetables must not be in the boiling water, but above it, with the steam encircling the vegetables. The vegetables should also be in a single layer so the steam is moving around each beet, steaming it evenly over, under, and around each one. A really full pot of beets will surely steam the beets done, but it will take much more time, and most cooks over-cook the vegetables while trying to get them done evenly. Your goal should be to cook the beets, but retain the firmness and flavor of the vegetable. I test for done using a fork, piercing the beet until I can tell how well done it is. I'll guess the cooking time, from the time the water is at a full, rolling boil, to the time you declare the vegetables done, to be about 15-30 minutes. Your amount of time will be determined by the beets (whether they are large or small, new spring crop or stored awhile, and how many you put in the pot to cook), the amount of water in the pot, and how well-done you want them to be. That is the basic information about steaming beets (and other vegetables). I hope this is what you were asking for!

Guinea Pigs

Are guinea pigs allowed to eat silver beet?

yes they are allowed to eat it


Is beets bad for diabetes?

Beets (sugar beets) are very low in any redeeming food value. They are not as good a choice as many other vegetables.

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Can rabbits eat beet tops?

Yes, rabbits can eat beet greens. Beet greens are a good plant to include in the rotation of daily "salad" greens. See the related question below for more details about a healthy rabbit diet.

Another answer: They can but it will probably cause gas. Don't give rabbits lots of them at one time.

A response: Beet greens (also known as chard) is not commonly known to cause gas in rabbits. Too much fresh food is unhealthy, though.


Can beetroot juice dye hair?



Need to correct this sentence you wont eat spinach and beets for dinner shouted maurice?

''I won't eat spinach and beets for dinner!'' shouted Maurice


What happens when lemon juice is added to crushed beetroot?

it turns red[first it was purple

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What is the price for sugar beet pulp?

beet pulp is sold for animal forage prices vary shreds here in Texas are 14.00 for 50 lbs

In Ontario Canada 24 dollars a tonne


How long can you store Beets?

you can store beets about 3 months.

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What is the name of beets in Tamil?


Sugar and Sweeteners

Is domino sugar cane or beet?

I emailed the company a few weeks ago, and the representative responded that Domino only processes cane sugar.


How many grams does a whole beet weigh?

Beets are not all the same size, but you can weight them in the store (if they are fresh, although they will have the greens on them) and most of the store scales have both ounces and grams listed. If you are buying canned, believe it or not metric (grams are metric) is the official measuring system of the USA and all goods sold commercially will have the metric weight listed. So, just check the side of the can.


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