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Chickens and Roosters

What is the feminine of cock?

A cock is a male bird. The female counterpart is called a hen.

Commonly the terms are applied to chickens, but they can be used for a variety of birds. They are usually not used for aquatic birds.

Chickens and Roosters
Synonyms and Antonyms

What is the opposite gender to cock?

a cockerel is a male chicken at the age of 4months up until they reach 12months and then become a rooster. the opposite to a rooster is a hen. the opposite to cockerel is a female chicken from the age of 4months to 12months that is called a pullet.

Chickens and Roosters

How long do you leave eggs in the incubator for?

Incubation Times for eggs

Poultry incubation duration can vary from species to species but is generally about 3 weeks (21 days).

Chickens......21 days

Ducks (most).....28 days

Muskovy ducks..35 to 37 days

Turkeys.......28 days

Goose.........28 to 34 days

Guinea Hen.....28 days

Pheasant........23 to 28 days

Peafowl .........28 to 30 days

Quail...............23 to 24 days (some exceptions)

Grouse............25 days

Pigeon............17 days

Partridge........ 23 days

Chickens and Roosters

Can eggs break inside a chicken?

Yes, eggs can break inside a hen, and it can actually be quite dangerous. Egg yolk peritonitis is a serious condition that can occur when egg matter is trapped inside the hen’s body, causing a bacterial infection. Hens suffering from this condition usually slow down egg production or stop completely. They may also be less active, have difficulty breathing, and exhibit abdominal distension. It’s usually treated with analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics, although sometimes surgery is required.

Chickens and Roosters

When do you kill your chickens to eat?

Many small farms slaughter hens no longer producing eggs. This is usually at about 2 years old. The hens at this age are best used for stewing and braising since the meat can be a little tough. If you are raising older hens for meat, then a finishing diet (high fat) can be given for about 6 weeks and when desired finish weight (3.5 to 6 lbs) is achieved then it is time to slaughter and process.

When laying hens become less productive sometimes it's best to keep a few of the older hens to improve flock dynamics.

Chickens and Roosters

Why do roosters strut?

They got attitude dude. Roosters strut to bring attention to themselves, both from the girls in the flock and from any predators that may be lurking around. Truth is, it is a roosters primary job to protect the flock and he will be the first target noticed by the predator. While the predator is fighting the rooster, the hens have a chance to escape and hide.

Attitude aside, all chickens (roosters and hens) jerk their heads while they walk because of the way they see. They leave their head still for as long as possible, then move it to its new position while walking forward. This helps them spot any tiny hint of motion that could be a predator (or a tasty insect).

Chickens and Roosters
Care of Snakes

Can you feed your baby corn snake breast of chicken?

no it is better to feed it baby mice.Because without any bones to eat it will those calcium.

A mouse has all the right nutrients for your baby Corn.

Chickens and Roosters

What animals are small and slow?

Sloths, snails, turtles, worms, slugs, caterpillars, different bugs .

Chickens and Roosters
Cows and Cattle

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification for Domestic Cattle?

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Subclass: Cleria

Infraclass: Theria

Order: Artiodactyla

Suborder: Cetruminantia

Infraorder: Pecora

Family: Bovidae

Subfamily: Bovinae

Tribe: Bovini

Genus: Bos

Species: Bos primigenius

Subspecies: Bos primigenius taurus and Bos primigenius indicus

Collectively, cattle are classified as Bos primigenius, with sub-classifications or subspecies being Bos primigenius taurus for the Temperate or European-type cattle and Bos primigenius indicus for the Tropical or Asian/African-type humped cattle. In the past the Aurochs (a true wild descendant of the domesticated bovines of today), Temperate and Tropical cattle were classified as three separate species: Bos primigenius, Bos taurus and Bos indicus, respectively. As new evidence is revealed about the history of the domestication of cattle and what their ancestors really were as well as how genetically close Bos taurus and Bos inidicus cattle are linked together, it is more proper to define them collectively as Bos primigenius as the species, and Bos primigenius primigenius, Bos primigenius taurusand Bos primigenius indicus as the subspecies of the Aurochs, European-type and Asian/African-type cattle, respectively.

Chickens and Roosters
Eggs (food)

What are the market forms of eggs?

The market form of eggs is as follows:

Shelled eggs grades A and B (fresh)

Bulk whole eggs (fresh and frozen and dried)

Bulk egg whites (fresh and frozen)

Bulk yolks (fresh and frozen)

Chickens and Roosters

Can chicken feathers be used in the production of automobiles?

it is true that they can

Chickens and Roosters
Food Safety

Is it ok to eat frozen cooked orange chicken after expiration date?


It should not do you any harm but the taste will go


You should have no problem, I would not let it go 1 month past the date, how i cook it is have it in a Pyrex dish and bake it at the temperature. instead of adding the Orange sauce at the very end, I have the time a few minutes shy and add in the sauce and put it in for the last few minutes so it gets that candy like crunch, but don't have it in too long or in a oven too hot the sugars will burn and turn bitter.

Chickens and Roosters

What is opposite gender for a rooster?

Hen. A rooster is a chicken of the male gender, so the opposite (in gender) is the female, or hen.

Care of Rabbits
Chickens and Roosters

Can chickens eat rabbit pellets?

Rabbit food pellets don't have the correct nutritional balance that a chicken needs. Though they can survive on rabbit food if absolutely necessary, I highly advise against it. It is best to feed chickens a food the is specially formulated for them as rabbit food tends to have too high of a protein content which often make the chicken's feathers coarse, also, rabbit food tends to lack the correct calcium content that is essential in egg production. Granted these are only a couple examples, there are many more things in rabbit food that are not fit to feed chickens. Again, I highly recommend feeding chickens a food formulated for them at all times.

Chickens and Roosters

What is the feminine of rooster?

the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu c k

Chickens and Roosters
History and Origins of Foods

What is the growth rate of a chicken on a farm?

a chicken will reach near full size in 20 to 22 weeks unlike production barns were a bird will hit full size in 6 to 8 weeks

Chickens and Roosters

What is a drake duck?

A drake is simply what male ducks - of any breed - are called.

Chickens and Roosters

Can you cut your chickens talons?

They are called spurs and yes, it is not a difficult thing to do and there are several methods.

Trimming must be done very carefully otherwise you can damage or even kill the rooster from latent infection. Dog nail trimmers can be used to cut the last 1/4 of the spur being careful not to cut the blood vessel that feeds the nail/spur. If you cut too close it will bleed and you should apply pressure until it stops or apply a silver nitrate stick to the wound to help it stop bleeding.

Another method is using hot baked potatoes. This is done by grabbing 2 medium sized potatoes and cooking them as if you were going to eat them yourself. Using gloves, insert the rooster's spur into the center of the potato and keep it in there for a couple of minutes while being careful not to touch the rooster's leg as burning will result. You can also wrap the birds leg with cloth first leaving only the spur sticking out. Remove the potato and gently twist the spur with a pliers. There will be a small amount of blood but do not be alarmed as this is natural.

The third method is to use a rotary grinding tool such as a Dremel. Much the same as using dog nail trimmers, you grind away only the last 1/4 inch of spur. A file will also work but it will take two people. One to control the rooster the other to do the filing.

Chickens and Roosters
Bananas and Plantains

Egg is to shell as banana is to?

Peel. Banana peel.

Chickens and Roosters

What is the body covering of chicken?

Chickens are covered in feathers. These help the chicken to keep warm. They also help a chicken to fly, or at least to slow its fall if it happens to be dropped or fall from a height. Chicks have more of a fluffy coating while their feathers have not developed. It functions mainly to keep them warm. Chicks can easily die of cold, hence they are raised in an area with a heat lamp that they can sleep under, and out of any draughts.

Chickens and Roosters

Will a duck sit on unfertilized egg?


Chickens and Roosters

Why do chicken lay less eggs in winter?

Chickens lay according to the amount of light available. Late spring, all summer and early fall, there is usually about 14 hours of natural daylight available and that is what triggers the birds ovaries. If you provide the chickens with the extra (artificial) light to make up for the lack of natural light, they will keep giving you eggs all year.

Cardiovascular Health
Chickens and Roosters

How many breaths per minute do chickens have?

At rest and not under stress a male chicken (rooster) has a rate of between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. The hens rate is higher under the same conditions averaging 20 to 36 breaths per minute.

Many factors can influence these rates including ambient temperatures, stress and activity.

Chickens and Roosters
Cows and Cattle

Chicken is to grain as a cattle is to?

Hay. Or Silage. Or Grass. Or Grain. Take your pick.

Chickens and Roosters
History and Origins of Foods

What culture does lemon chicken come from?

Lemon chicken is typically associated with Chinese cuisine.

In addition, a number of Italian dishes are sometimes referred to as 'lemon chicken'.


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