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Science Experiments
Elements and Compounds

How much does one gram of antimatter cost?

62.5 trillion USD

Space Travel and Exploration
Science Experiments
Sound Waves

What is the speed of ultrasound waves in the air?

The 'normal' speed of sound is 340 m/s in dry air at room temperature and pressure.

From your question, it appears we should differentiate the terms "ultrasonic" and "supersonic".

Ultrasonic relates to sonic frequencies higher than 20 KHz, i.e. beyond audible range. For a given gas, the speed of sound is independent of the frequency of the sound measured and also independent of the density of the gas.

Supersonic relates to a speed of an object greater than the normal speed of sound (340 m/s in air at STP) and usually the phenomena associated with it.

The speed of sound is also a functionof the medium through which it's passing. For example, the speed of sound through water is 1,500 m/s, and is slightly over 5,000 m/s in iron.

So to answer your question, the speed of ultrasound in airis340 m/s for the reasons given.

Science Experiments

Procedure in remedial material in science?

"Remedial" material is material intended for an individual that is at a middle point between extraordinary and horrible.

Laboratory Testing
Science Experiments

What is control group in science?

The one not experimented on.

The control group is used to compare results to, to check that the changes you made during the experiment were responsible for the results seen in those groups.

In other words, you use the control to confirm if the results shown in the experiment were caused by the independent variable (the variable that you change and are trying to investigate).

Graduate Degrees
Science Experiments

What is adiabatic calorimetry?

Adiabatic calorimetry is used primarily for the study of thermal hazards and the consequences of a maloperation

during a process, for instance a misfeed

or loss of cooling. This is because on larger scales the effective natural cooling rates are negligible in comparison to heat generation, and many large process vessels can therefore be considered to be adiabatic.

An adiabatic calorimeter is designed to simulate the thermal behaviour of larger scale chemical reactors, especially when studying uncontrolled and run-away


Weight and Mass
Science Experiments

What weighs 1 gram?

A pen cap is around 1 gram.

1000 mg can weigh 1 gram.

1 mL of water weighs 1 gram

Meteorology and Weather
Thunderstorms and Lightning
Science Experiments

What is a byproduct of lightning?

The byproducts are:

- thunder

- ash (trees hit)

- fulgurites (strands of sand glass)

- ozone

- Buckminsterfullerenes : minute quantities of the fullerenes, in the form of C60, C70, C76, C82 and C84 molecules, are produced in nature, hidden in soot and formed by lightning discharges in the atmosphere

Earth Sciences
Science Experiments
Skeletal System

What bones are roughly cubed shaped?

The cuboid.

or phalanges

Science Experiments

What are some good science fair ideas?

1.Will bananas mold faster in light, little light or no light?

2. Which brand of soap will have the most suds?

3. Which cereal has the most raisins?

4. Which brand of bread will mold the fastest?
5. A good science fair question is how acids and non acids react
6. Vertical farming was really fun and really easy.
7. A model of the solar system
8. How electricity works
9. Building a clock using a potato battery
10. Investigate whether the colour of the paper on a test affects the students' score.

Science Experiments

Can you strike a safety match on glass?

Yes! Safety matches contain sulfur, an oxidizing agent, and powdered glass (along with wood and glue etc.) and the strike-on-box strip contains powdered glass or silica sand and red phosphorous (and glue etc.). The friction of the glass on the match head with the glass in the strip is enough to ignite the red phosphorous which does a whiz-bang reaction which lights the match. While striking on a window isn't as easy because it doesn't have the added phosphorous whiz-bang, it's still possible for the glass-on-glass friction to provide enough heat to light the match anyway. You can see it on youtube or try it yourself (just make sure to rub out the marks on the glass & keep things safe).

The Moon
Science Experiments

How is the gibbous moon and gibbous monkey alike?

That's a misspelling; gibbous is a phase of the moon (more than half but not full), and Gibbons are a species of ape.

Science Experiments
Organic Chemistry

What is the atomic number of CH4?

Methane is a compound and therefore does not have any atomic number. It is composed of carbon with atomic number 6 and hydrogen with atomic number 1.

Science Experiments

Would salt water cool faster then fresh water?

Salt water does cool faster than pure water.

Nuclear Energy
Science Experiments
Energy Conservation

What is the synonyme of nuclear fissure?

You mean nuclear fission I think

Science Experiments

Write few lines on Sun -The Ultimate source of energy?

The ultimate source of energy was probably the energy which made the big bang. Everything since, galaxies, stars, planets, comets, expansion, seems to have come from that. A tiny part of that energy created our solar system. Most of the solar system energy is stored in the Sun, our star. The energy stored in our star, largely in the form of hydrogen gas, is slowly being released as sunlight radiation by the conversion of the sun's hydrogen to helium via the process called fusion. Four hydrogen atoms fuse into one helium atom. The helium nucleus masses a smidge less than the four hydrogen nuclei (which are protons) and the difference in mass appears as energy according to the equation E = mc2. {The Hydrogens mass 1.008 each, or 4 for 4.032. The helium masses 4.003. Thus 0.029 atomic units have been converted to energy.} Of course, this is per helium nucleus, and there is a lot of gas on the sun, and there is that multiplication by c2.

All the energy we have or receive, except possibly nuclear, comes from or came from our Sun.

Science Experiments

How much force is needed to accelerate a 3kg skateboard at 5 m s2?

The force needed in this situation is 15 newtons. The formula appears below.

Force = (mass) times (acceleration)

F = 3 x 5 = 15 newtons

Science Experiments

Why does CO2 turn from gas to liquid when it it compressed?

CO2 turns from gas to liquid when compressed because the CO2 molecules are forced closer together, which forms a liquid.

Science Experiments

What does data mean in a science fair project?

A data analysis to a science fair project is like summing up your project/experiment to a small paragraph or two i hope this made sense to you :)

Science Experiments

Why does boiling syrup produce more severe burn?

Because it stick's to your skin, and keep's burning instead of burning you once and running off. It also has a higher melting point ( I think it is 140 degree's, but I am not sure on the exact temp.! )

Science Experiments

What is an ecological barrier?

biotic barriers to dispersal/establishment (ex. competition, pollination vectors)

Science Experiments

What is sieving used for in everyday life?

Getting weevils out of flour. Also helps aerate the flour.

Removing contaminants from a process fluid.

Science Experiments

Does rice paper dissolve in water?


Yes, rice paper will dissolve in water. If you do a quick google search you will see many people saying it will and some saying if you get it wet, it dissolves. Previous person who answered is incorrect.

Science Experiments

What are some examples of corrosion?

Iron and steel rusting is an example of corrosion. Copper pitting or the green patina one sees on copper roofs are also examples of corrosion. Stress Cracking is also considered an example of corrosion.

Science Experiments

Why do people slow down when they see accidents?

Well that's a random but good question. People sometimes slow down at car accidents because they just kindof realized that they saw death. Their life flashes and they feel for that person that passed. And what their family mst be going through. So instead of yelling they slow down and be nice.

Science Experiments

Does land heat slower than water?



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