India, said to be God's own country, is a huge subcontinent with a rich and vast cultural heritage. Feel free to ask questions about this mystical land.

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Which distance university is better LPU or sikkim manipal?

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LPU is a high tech university with quality education and a good faculty, here many schemes of scholarships and financial aids are offered , the best companies recruit the students, check its web site for its facilities in research, library etc

What is the caste of surname kambli in India?

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whate is tha cast of name of the surname kambli

Where can someone send a free sms to India?

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The long code is a 10 digit number that is designed in such a way which is easy to remember and can be highly used for premium services. More and more websites are now asking customers to verify their accounts using a mobile phone number. We provide free India temporary phone numbers that can be used to receive sms online. It is perfect for sms verification and OTP account activation on platforms like GMail, Telegram, Discord, Tinder and many more. You can use these phone numbers instead of your real phone number on the Internet. Another key benefit is that you won't have to worry about your own number being spammed or having it leaked online.

MsgClub is offering long code services with different programming long code API to make communication fast, easy and pocket-friendly. It allows you to flexibly manage inbound messages either by setting up automated replies, or by forwarding them to your email/application/mobile.

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What country is at 20N and 80E?

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20 N 80 E is Kunghada Raiyyatwari

Maharashtra 442605 India

Who is the most trusted sms service provider in India?

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Bulk SMS services involve the dissemination of a large volume of text messages to a targeted audience simultaneously. These messages are a concise and direct way to convey information, promotions, alerts, or updates. In the context of Delhi's diverse and expansive market, businesses turn to Staticking's Bulk SMS Company in Delhi and Bulk SMS services to ensure their message reaches a wide demographic promptly.

Staticking's is a digital communication platform that facilitates the seamless sending of SMS/text messages by companies and businesses to their customers, suppliers, and partners. It simplifies the process for companies to engage with their customers, delivering timely updates about their products or services effortlessly.

In the bustling metropolis of Delhi, where businesses thrive and competition is fierce, effective communication stands as the linchpin for success. Among the myriad tools available, Staticking's Bulk SMS services have emerged as a potent force, enabling businesses to connect with their audience swiftly and efficiently. In this dynamic landscape, we, as a Bulk SMS Company in Delhi, play a pivotal role, facilitating seamless communication and contributing to the growth of enterprises across various sectors.

What does the Bulk SMS India website sell?

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Bulk SMS works in India in the same way that it does in other nations. Here's a quick rundown of how bulk SMS works in India:

Select a Bulk SMS Service Provider

Register and Verify

Obtain Consent

Prepare SMS Content

Upload or Input Recipient Numbers

Sender ID Registration

Schedule or Send the SMS

Delivery and Compliance

Delivery Reports and Analytics

Obtain proper consent, and follow best practices to ensure successful and compliant bulk SMS campaigns in India.

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Is L.L.M course recognised by bar council of India?

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is the recognized law university the glowel university of Nagaland by bar council of India.

How do you choose a suitable bulk SMS service provider in India?

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When selecting a bulk SMS service provider, various elements must be considered, including Reliability and Reputation, message delivery rates, Features and Functionality, Bulk SMS Pricing and Billing, customer support, Bulk SMS API integration, User-Friendly Interface, Compliance and Security, Analytics and Reporting, scalability, Trial and Testing, Integration with Other Channels and the capacity to customize messages.

By considering these factors and assessing the compatibility with your specific requirements, you can choose a bulk SMS provider that best suits your needs and helps you achieve your SMS marketing goals effectively.

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Did India have a decentralized government or a centralized government?

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It had a decentralized government.

Is institution of civil engineers India is AICTE approved or not?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Your Question wether Institution OF civil Engineers India is AICTE approved or not , so th eanswer to your Query is YEs it is AICTE Approved.


Ashutosh Dixit

When mca course started in India?

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The MCA programme, started in 1983, is the first ever such programme offered by University of Hyderabad(C. U.) in the country. Today it is recognized as one of the very best course in the country. University of Hyderabad is awarded A***** rating(highest rating ever given to any university of India) by NAAC. The MCA programme is extremely popular and attracts nearly 5000 applications from all over the country for the available 40 seats.

How many shopping website in India?

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Some of the well-known shopping websites in India include:

Flipkart: is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India, offering a wide range of goods and services.

Amazon India: The Indian arm of Amazon, offering a wide range of merchandise and global brands.

Snapdeal: An Indian online marketplace offering a wide range of goods and services.

Myntra: Mainly focus on fashion and apparel.

Jabong: Focus on fashion, footwear and accessories.

Paytm Mall: Operated by Paytm, it offers various goods and services.

FashionTIY: Offers a wide range of merchandise, including electronics, clothing, home furnishings, etc.

Where to buy online Best modular switches in India?

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There are many different make and vendors are available all across India, even online.

Which are the medical degrees recognized in India?

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There is a list of recognized medical colleges of each country with the Medical Council of India (MCI), Before you proceeding for any medical degree study out side India, you must apply and get clearance certificate from MCI and then on completion of your degree course, you must come back to India and sit for SCREENING TEST conducting by National Board of Examiners Once you pass out at least 150/300 marks then you will be given mark sheet. With this mark sheet you have to go to MCI and apply for provisional registration.

What is the Scope of banking and finance in India?

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MBA finance and Marketing Professionals are in great demand by Banking Industry to market investment and saving products. MBA with specialization in Banking helps a person to understand the job responsibilities of a Bank with respect to customer. The scope of banking and finance in India is great as many multinational firms have invested lot of money in Indian capital and financial markets.

Which year MBA program started in India?

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When started in mba program in india

MBA in India is highly overrated?

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I do not think so. It is one of the best degrees to have if you are looking for a job..check out the placement at BIBS Kolkata .

Bengal Institute of Business Studies Gets Best Placement for MBA Kolkata With 100% placement

MBA after bsc nursing or job in India?

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Definitely you can take MBA. It needs any type of degree, if you have nursing degree you are are in a position to do MBA in hospital management.

What is the famous dish of chennai?

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Madras or Chennai is the capital of the state Tamil Nadu in India. People there eat South Indian breakfasts like Idli, Dosa or Pongal and meals that has a variety of dishes along with rice,

famous dishes are dosa, (salted rice crepe) poori(wheat flat bread fried, goes with potato masala!), for breakfast.

there are many varieties of dosas!

curry refers to gravy side dish that is vegetarian or non vegetarian.

You should try them but ask for less spicy side dish. A2B , Sangeetha are some restaurants that serve good food among the many!

Lunch meals consists of rice, with three vegetables, sambar, a lentil gravy, rasam-like tomato soup and ends with yoghurt or buttermilk and a dessert like sweet payasam. Also melas will be served with pappadam and vada sometimes.

if you wish to learn about south Indian food, please subscribe to my channel @Raj-bi7xb

Thanks for your interest in Chennai dishes.

What did the cahokia Indians wear?

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they wear the clothing from the animals they hunt from

What are the jobs in Dharavi?

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Either through legitimate or illegitimate means. They could work one (or more) regular job(s), or they could sell narcotics, prostitute themselves, etc.