This section is for questions about those who were born with a body that does not match who they are. They often use hormones or surgery to correct this condition.

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Why do boys want sex transplants?

"Sex Transplant" doesn't exist. However...

Sex reassignment surgery is usually done because the person feels and believes that he or she was "born in the wrong body." They genuinely feel like they are the opposite gender than they were born physically, like their sex and genitals are birth defects and they want to correct them. Often, their sexual orientation stays the same; so a person previously presumed to be a straight man is really a lesbian woman, and someone assumed to be a gay man is a straight woman. Of course, not all transsexual people have sexual attractions to others, and some even believe homosexuality is wrong and won't have sex until after sex-reassignment surgery.

The surgery changes nothing about who you are. Someone doesn't get the surgery to become a woman, but to make the body match who they already are in their innermost being. Saying a transsexual woman is a man who becomes a woman is degrading and inaccurate. Instead, at least from their perspective, they are a woman who corrected their body to match who they already were. If a person is not a woman before surgery, they won't be after surgery, since the surgery doesn't change who you are.

You should never refer to a transsexual person as a "hir" since that is a TG-only pronoun. Only TS persons get the surgery, and the goal is to stop being TSs and be seen as fully male or fully female. If complete assimilation is not the goal, the person is transgendered instead.

Celebrity Sexual Orientation

Is Jaye Davidson a transsexual?

No he's gay


Is there a link between aspergers and transsexual?

Asperger's Syndrome doesn't discriminate. But TSism is probably more common in Aspergers .

That said, there is some evidence that children with autistic spectrum disorders (including AS) go through periods of gender confusion more often than kids from a neuro-typical spectrum. Thus, around puberty, an AS child may suddenly declare that he is gay, for example, and 6 months later "change his mind." Given that homosexuality and other gender issues are presumed to be biological and not emotional states, we see the issue of gender confusion more often in those kids who have issues with socialization in general, such as AS kids.

Then there is the diminishing of Asperger's syndrome in general and the new concepts of autism spectrum as being a more vague classification in our new awareness and the DSM-V.

There is good evidence to suggest what we see as social miss cue reading might be contributed to a transsexual's brain, that often cannot parody their assigned gender which develops comorbidity of autistic like symptoms, ADD, dyspraxia.

Depending on demands of strong social interactions, effect how well a transsexual masks and adjusts to social interactions and recognition of social cues.

Its pretty obvious true transsexuals are not finding discomfort simply on masculine or feminine object, but on cues, and more to the point micro-cues that are gender specific. This parody demand we see in social groupings of acting and playing with boys or girls, also require a transsexual to construct a self model of parody with their assigned gender, we see this as sometimes hyper-parody or rejection entirely.

If the latter is the result, anti-social distancing can occur, causing even more problems in emotive processing of more articulate social cue recognition leaving someone with what seems autistic. Lower social demands, or a more gender neutral environment, allow a transsexual to interact with less stress, allowing the emotive development of articulate social cue recognition.


Can a cat be transsexual?

In most likely worlds, no. Cats likely do not have a gender identity, only their sex. Cats are driven directly by their hormones and cannot perceive themselves as anything but what they are. It takes a thinking mind (self-aware) to be transsexual: it is a state of perception.

There is, in fact, a surgery that changes a male cat into a female one, of sorts. However, the surgery doesn't have anything to do with how the cat feels about their role in society. It is actually to correct a medical problem with cats that is becoming more and more common. The urine of a cat who has this disorder has a very high pH and so struvite crystals form, blocking the urethra and causing pain and bleeding. To correct this issue when there is continued blockage, they will do a surgery that shortens the urethra and reforms the organs into something similar to a female.


How does a boy become a girl?


What is Lewis' surname from My Transsexual Summer?


Celebrity Sexual Orientation

Is Pete Burns a transsexual?

No. He is a musician and seems to be rather androgynous. He is presumably bisexual as evidenced by being in both a heterosexual marriage and a gay marriage.


What is a pre-op transsexual?

Pre-op refers to the fact that a person with transsexualism has not yet had surgery to change their sexual organs from what they are presently to what they will be when they are done. Surgery costs a lot of money, and psychiatrists require a year of living as a person of the opposite sex BEFORE getting the reassignment surgery, so there is always a period of time where they are caught between worlds: male parts but female appearance or female parts and male appearance.

A pre-op transsexual person is someone who hasn't undergone sexual reassignment surgery. They still have the genitals they were wrongly born with.

Post-op is after the reassignment surgery (they now have the parts of the sex opposite to what they were declared at birth). Most of the time, the person doesn't consider themselves transsexual anymore and simply wants to assimilate into a gender binary world.

Medical Insurance

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover transsexual mastectomy surgery?

No. Most insurance companies do not cover sex reassignment surgery. Now Aetna apparently covers the first $50,000 of transsexual-related costs, so I believe mastectomies are covered. If you have a medical reason like breast cancer, insurance should cover the removal of the cancer. You might be able to get BCBS to cover it if the reason is stated as cancer prevention (if, for example, you have a family history of breast cancer).


Can a transsexual man get arrested for hitting a woman?

Yes, of course they can. Your sex and gender identity are not excuses for assault. If the transsexual person is male-to-female preop (not had surgery yet) or female-to-male postop (had surgery), they may even get a sentence enhancement.

ANY person, regardless of gender, can assault another person. Physical violence against another person is illegal, regardless of the genders of the parties involved.


Can you find a transsexual mail order bride?



What is it when a trangender is passable?

it mean in a public setting u would not be able to tell that they are a transsexual


Is it legal anywhere in the world for a man to marry a transsexual or have 3-way marriage?

First of all -- we're talking about civil marriage, not religious marriage.

In the United States, some states require a couple to file as "husband" and "wife," so only opposite-sex couples can get married. In other states, the couple are simply "spouse" and "spouse", and same-sex marriage is allowed. Civil marriages among 3 or more people are not legal anywhere in the U.S.

I'm not sure people realize that when a person surgically corrects his or her sex, that change is also reflected on their identification (driver's license, passport, etc.). Therefore, when a person who was born a man becomes a woman, legally speaking, she is then free to marry a man, even in states where same-sex marriage is prohibited.

As far as the rest of t he world is concerned I really do not know. In Mexico City, same sex marriages are allowed, and people who are transsexuals can marry either people of their new sex, or different sex, since their identity, is changed, and all their documents need to be changed according to their new sexual identity.

In some countries, polygamous marriages are traditional and common, so they are legal. I believe Nepal is one such country. I've heard that it is traditional for two brothers to marry the same woman.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Will womb transplants or embryo implants for transsexual women be carried out soon?

After much research, I have found that it is possible, but risky. Sarah Luiz, a transsexual woman (though incorrectly called a transgendered person in the press), is a recipient for the womb transplant but even if she does get a transplant her baby is still in risk because her immuno-suppressants (to keep her body from rejecting the womb) may harm the baby. I do hope she gets the womb transplant; it will be a break through for all the young TS women wanting to give birth.


Can someone be born a transsexual?

Yes. Most with transsexualism are born that way, they usually knew they had it before age 6, and they get the surgery to stop having transsexualism. The condition of transsexualism is not the same as the lifestyle of transgenderism. Transgender is mostly a choice and is a fairly recent concept. Transsexualism is a diagnosis while transgenderism is mostly a self-identity.


Does a male to female transsexual woman still produce sperm?

Yes if she hasn't had surgery yet. No if she had corrective genital surgery (her testes are removed).


Can individual transsexuals adopt children?

It depends on the state honestly. Most states allow for individuals to adopt. Some will not let you adopt if you are in a cohabiting relationship. It just depends.

Check discussion for more info.


Can an FTM transsexual who still has a vagina get pregnant?

Yes, a FTM transsexual person can get pregnant if they have all of their female parts. They will need to have a uterus, womb, and ovaries.


What does fully functional transsexual mean?

The term "fully functional" as it pertains to preoperative transsexuals, generally means whether or not she can maintain an erection and/or ejaculate.

During a 'male to female' transsexual's transition process, hormones are are administered to feminize their body, which generally causes a lack of male sex drive and/or ejaculation.


Can a male to female transsexual get a girl pregnant?

Yes, they usually can before their surgery. A postop/former TS woman will not be able to get another woman pregnant since she lacks male reproductive organs.


What are transsexuals like before they know they're transsexual?

First of all, I am transsexual. I was very quiet and reserved as a child... usually lost in thought. I was always wondering why little girls got to have long hair and dress the way they do and I didn't. My parents said I was a blessing to raise because I never acted out and pretty much stayed quiet. From middle school through high school, I was a terrible student, yet still very quiet and reserved. I hated life... stayed depressed and had no real idea why. At that time, I didn't know what a transsexual was or that they had a surgery to change genders. I've heard similar accounts of childhoods from my transsexual friends. Later in life, unknowing transsexuals often engage in overtly masculine activities in order to make themselves feel better for wanting to wear women's clothing. One of my friends was a body builder, another stayed in her room playing counterstrike and rarely ever spoke to anyone. I know some that have been in the military and worked on farms. Often closeted or unknowing transsexuals will act very anti-gay around friends. I first realized I was transsexual when a former girlfriend brought it to my attention. One evening she wanted to dress me up with her clothes and makeup. I never hesitated to agree to this and wanted the scene to last longer. I began to ask to do it more and more and she grew tired of helping me. She and I had a discussion and I told her I wish I could switch bodies with her for a day... no a week.... nevermind, I think I just want to be a girl. That's when she said, "I think you're transsexual".

Answer:Like all people, transsexuals come in many forms: I was one that learned from society to overact 'male' to avoid being hurt and picked on. Shortly before I understood that I actually am transsexual I was frustrated, scared and short-tempered: I took out my frustrations on the people around me. I 'walked the straight and narrow' only to find out later it was straight and narrow alright, just headed the wrong direction. Before you realize why you tell people you'd love to be a person of the opposite sex, you are tortured because society teaches "boy parts = boy, girl parts = girl", well society is wrong and Forrest Gump is right; girl is as girl does, boy is as boy does. So if you are asking because you think you are here's a couple of pieces of advice:

1. No one can tell you who you are, your sex is what you are and you can choose to be true to it; in fact it is insane NOT to live as you feel you are

2. Make no life changing decisions without considering all ramifications: a TS (male or female) almost all the time loses any partner relationship they were in, most often loses family and always loses friends. Before you go to therapy to get a 'sex change' consider this idea (as it happens), imagine everyone on your life turns their back on you; ALL OF THEM. You are not welcome in their houses anymore, you are not wanted at social gatherings. You are going to have to change jobs and live on between 10-50% of what you make right now. You are opening yourself up to society sanctioned persecution, even death. And finally

3. If you can't stand yourself now (not genitals, yourself) nothing will change when parts are painfully moved. GRS or SRS is not a magic wand to fix your mind; take how unhappy you are now and multiply it 100, even 1000 times, and that is possible after your change. If you are willing to gamble your health on being happier because you have different parts then you can now ask "Am I transsexual?"

I personally recommend that you don't do it. If you have any question about it, DON'T DO IT! Get counseling and help but hold off on anything gender or sex related, especially if it is permanent in nature or difficult to undo.

Parenting and Children

How do you tell your parents you want sex reassignment surgery?

First of all, are you out to them as having transsexualism? If not, you shouldn't be talking about SRS yet. This is not something you should just spring on them all at once; they need to process the fact that you have transsexualism before even considering surgery/hormones.

If you are out, they should already know a bit about transitioning, i.e. that it can include hormone therapy and/or SRS. Since you have transsexualism, you know infinitely more about TS issues than your parents, so you need to educate them. I think this should be done in stages/over time. For example, talk about common steps in transition rather than first relating it to yourself. This might help them see the logical procession of steps in transitioning and they won't be so shocked when you bring it up in relation to yourself.

Find a time when they're not busy, and it's quiet. Then tell them you're uncomfortable living as the wrong sex and that you want the operation.

However, you may want to note that, after the operation, people may be insensitive, rude and cruel if they know your birth sex, and treat you like some kind of sex offender.


Which football player publicly dated a transsexual?

After these events, Paul had a successful career for 7 months, before he fell over and broke his toe. His astoundingly handsome brother Anthony was then brought in to replace him while he recovered. However, with almost divine skill and charisma, he played much better than his brother. When Paul recovered, he found he was no longer needed. Paul had stored no money for the future, and decided to move in to the cubicle next to Christopher, along with his lover.

Of course, that's not nearly as mad as the story of what happened after they eloped.

It turns out that Chris' brother Paul was exceptionally jealous, and, having failed to seduce Alan Shearer, went on a tragic mission to "bag" Pauline.

When he finally succeded, he discovered the awful truth that it had been a set up all along, designed to expose his marriage to Audrey Tautou as a sham that only went ahead so he could get a french passport.

Chris went on to be the most successful player Chelsea had ever known, and Paul, whose public profile was destroyed, was never heard from again.


What is the difference between a transsexual and a shemale?

Transsexual people are people who deeply believe they were born into the wrong body, and need surgery to correct their physical sex. They can start living and dressing like what they believe is their true gender and eventually have operation to complete that. Not all transsexuals get the operation though, and transgender people typically don't want sex-reassignment.

Transgender people are mostly people who live at least somewhat as the other gender or a third gender and never get surgery. However, some do use the term to include transsexual persons as well, though most transsexual persons find this lumping to be offensive to them.

Shemales are mostly pornographic performers who are generally happy to have male genitalia, and female breasts as well. Most of the time however they will associate with female pronouns. The term "shemale" is considered offensive when used outside the adult entertainment industry.

A shemale is according to wiki:

Shemale is a term used in sex work to describe trans women with male genitalia and augmented female breasts from breast augmentation and/or use of hormones. Using the term she-male for a transsexual woman would be considered highly offensive, for it implies that she is working in the sex trade. The term she-male has been used since the mid-19th century, when it was a humorous colloquialism for female, especially an aggressive woman.


Where can you buy female hormones online?

This could be very dangerous. Please consider speaking to a doctor before you purchase hormones online.


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